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Ten More Warning Signs For Synastry


Ten More Warning Signs For Synastry

1. Sun square Sun
This would not be a deal breaker, necessarily, if there are other good aspects, such as Moon trine Moon. With Sun square Sun, there are very different ways of approaching life. One person may be like Oscar in the Odd couple and the other may be like Felix i.e one may be very messy and the other “neat as a pin” One person may be like Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men” and the other may be like Alan Harper. Sun square Sun can make for a relationship that can work, if there is mutual respect, though.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant
In this case, the Nessus person will, likely, abuse the Ascendant person. These energies are not the “fault” of either person. In this case, there may be a powerful attraction between the two people. However, the initial attraction, usually, leads to revulsion, later.

3.Casanova Conjunct the North Node

Casanova may be alright in small doses, such as a quick fling with a hot guy. However, one would not want a Casanova THEME to one’s marriage relationship. In this case, the Casanova person would be the cheater and the North Node person would be the recipient.

4. Pluto Square Mars
In this case, fire plays with fire. This aspect is classic for violence in a relationship. Pluto is primal passions and Mars is drive. The square poses an obstacle. Hence, there may be a slow burn and then a BLOW.

5 Uranus Conjunct the North Node
The Uranus person will shake up the life of the North Node person. This could be good or bad, depending on the rest of the chart, but, either way, it will be a wild ride. This would not be a warning sign, per se, but just something to strongly consider :/

6. Chiron Conjunct the Sun

The Sun person may bring his pain to the Chiron person and expect the Chiron person to be his healer. There would be a great deal of pain in the process, more so for the Chiron person.

7. Nessus Conjunct Venus
In this case, I have seen several of these relationships start as a fire and end up as a wasteland. Be very careful of Nessus, wherever you find him. In this case, the Nessus person is the abuser and the Venus person is the recipient.

8. Saturn Conjunct the Moon
This is not a deal breaker, but the Saturn person may be very critical of the sensitive feelings of the Moon person i.e ride his azz.

9. Saturn Conjunct Venus

This is not a deal breaker, either, but the Saturn person may be very critical of the mannerisms and appearance of the Venus person.

10. Uranus conjunct the IC
The Uranus person will shake up the foundations of the IC person. This could be good or bad, but it will be a very deep, revolutionary relationship, which one would be wise to understand from the outset.

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6 thoughts on “Ten More Warning Signs For Synastry

  1. amiannJJ

    Questions for research purposes, I don’t have these:
    What about Casanova conjunct Venus in synastry? Who would be the rotter? Or since Venus is the love object, that Casanova would be attracted to, would it become positive? Like its natural counterpart?
    And wouldn’t Nessus/Venus be worse in opposition, than conjunction, in theory?
    Would Nessus trines and sextiles in synastry just be kinky if balanced by other, classic longevity aspects? Would it be like glue if say, soulmate aspects presented? Is it always abandonment?
    I think Saturn/NN would be more damaging in the long run, for stifling? Would they stifle one another? Or could one die prematurely?
    What if we blended 1 and 4 with Sun square Mars? Hot or hostile?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Casanova/Venus—Casanova would be the jerk to the Venus.
      Nessus/Venus would be much worse–yes.

      Nessus in trine is still abusive but not as bad.

      Saturn/NN could be good or bad depending on if people really love each other. Saturn can be parental in a good way.

      1. amiannJJ

        Would Nessus/Sun be same in synastry? Who’d be the abuser? Since it’s luminary, can’t tell. Opposition, conjunction, any aspect.
        Is it a case of dominance, like if one person has a stronger Nessus in their natal, they’d dominate or prevail instead? Is it like Pluto, who has more power in their own chart?

  2. amiannIsabel

    His Nessus is in Virgo conjunct his Sun, moon and mars. Could this have to do with his parents divorce?

    Our Nessi do not touch at all anywhere near (however, my Nessus conjuncts the sun of my ex husband who gave me cptsd)

    The only one of these aspects we have:

    His Chiron conjuncts my Sun, Mercury, Venus (and my Juno) in cancer

    His Jupiter in Cancer conjuncts even closer almost on top of my Sun.

    Could this or any other aspects make the Chiron-Sun conjunction more healing and optimistic?

    My Chiron, Moon and True Node are all in Gemini.

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