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The 13th Step in Studying House Rulers

I want to stop and review what we have done, to date. I will review House Rulers–House 1 through House 6. I will use key words and simplified concepts so you can understand it. Remember, this you have any of these that look “bad”, it is one level of chart interpretation, only.

House One—Think “Self, Self, Self” When the Chart Ruler(Ruling Planet of the Sign on the Cusp) travels to another House and takes up residence, this house will be a Life Theme.

House One Think “Self, Self Self” When ANOTHER House Ruler travels to the First House and takes residence there, that house enhances the IMAGE of the native. This holds true for all Houses except House 8 and 12. With House 8 and 12, the hidden becomes obvious. The native wears these Two Houses on his sleeve. In the former, the native wears his deepest emotions and passions, as an open book. In the latter, the native wears his mysticism and his spirituality, on his sleeve.


House Two–Think “Money, Money, Money” When the House Ruler of the 2nd House( the Planet which Rules the Sign on the Second Cusp) travels to another House and resides there, this House will be how you make money. This is easy to understand

House Two–“Think Money, Money, Money” When Another House Ruler travels to the 2nd House and resides there, one USES the talents, skills or nature of the house to MAKE money.

Sometimes, these are so close, as to appear not to be different, at all. In such cases, there is a difference, but it is subtle.


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