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The 18th Step to Understanding House Rulers

We have finished our review for Houses One through Six. Now, we will go on with House 7 to House 12. Then, there are a multitude of exciting ways to use House Rulers. The pain of learning them will be well worth it. It will take you from a novice to a true devote of Astrology.

House Seven is the House of Marriage. In marriage, one must subsume his will to another, to some degree. One must think of the greater good of “The Other”. In this House, the person goes from a solitary person to a duo, a couple. As such, the 7th House is a new start. The person becomes part of a unit, with all that entails.

When the Ruler of the 7th travels to another house and resides there–Think “I will GIVE this to my partner. I will give examples.

R of the 1st in the 7th–the native will subsume his identity to the partnership, to some degree. In other words, the native will GIVE his identity to the partnership. This person will be the proverbial “giver”.

R of the 2nd in the 7th–the native will GIVE money to his partner

R of the 3rd in the 7th— the native will GIVE communication to his partner

R of the 4th in the 7th–the native will GIVE a home to his partner

R of the 5th in the 7th–the native will GIVE romance and fun to his partner

R of the 6th in the 7th— the native will serve his partner

R of the 7th in the 7th–the native will value marriage as a Life Theme


When the Ruler of the 7th House puts his planet in ANOTHER House, we have a very different twist. It is the opposite. The person wants to TAKE from his partner. This cannot said to be “bad”. Things are as they are, in Astrology. The key phrase would be ” I want to TAKE FROM my partner”. You will TAKE what the House rules FROM your partner.


3 thoughts on “The 18th Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannKristin

    So interesting! I really get a lot out of reading your articles and theknowledge in them 🙂
    I find it true with the houses for my case having all my personal planets plus pluto and saturn in my 7th house, so I guess I give in to relationships.. Which I recognize as I feel that relationships matters so much to me that I often experience an inbalance as I have a tendency to put more into it than my parners. I have ASC in capricorn and Saturn in the 7th house as well..
    I wonder how it is when one house is so dominant in a chart and if there is a way to balance it?

    Autumn wishes..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      thanks for your kind words, Kristen. They truly make my day. Having many planets in the 7th is one of the harder places to have them. I think it tends to being co-dependent( more than we all are, by virtue of being human) I am unusual, perhaps, in that I do not think all things in the chart can be overcome to the point where they are changed. I think we have to live with our chart struggles and try to maximize our good points. I think you will always struggle with this, but what are your positives in your chart. Lets see where you shine!

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