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The 21st Step to Understanding House Rulers

We are on the 10th House. At some point, the logic of House Rulers will hit you.Then, it will open up to you, as it did to dear Jinan. The 10th House is the House of Career and Society. A person with a strong 10th House cares about his reputation. He is a serious person. He does not waste time in frivolous pursuits. He can set goals and work toward them. He is a leader . He has strong shoulders with which to shoulder responsibilities which would break lesser souls.

When the Ruler of the 10th goes in to another House, that is, always, the easier side of the equation. For this side of the equation, think of the keys word, “One’s Career and Social Position.”

R of the 10th in the 10th will, always, make this House a Life Theme.

R of the 10th in the 11th may make a person who has a global career. He may work in a charity that helps people half a world away.

R of the 10th in the 9th may make a person who uses his career to express his intellect. He may write books on “How to Succeed in Business. He may write books on social norms or social issues.

R of the 10th in the 8th may make a person whose career has an 8th House Theme such as Jungian therapist or undersea explorer.

R of the 10th in the 7th may make a person whose career is a marriage counselor or writes books on relationships


Now, we will look at the other side of the equation.

When the Another House Ruler travels to the 10th House , we will have these key words “I will USE this departing House for my Career or position in society”

R of the 7th in the 10th would marry for social position. This would be the social climbers aspect.

R of the 8th in the 10th may make someone who uses his 8th House gifts for career and financial gain. There is nothing wrong in this, of course. This would be a psychologist, again, This could be an FBI Profiler,

R of the 5th in the 10th may use his skill in romance to further his career. This may be the actress who sleeps with the Producer to get ahead.This may be the man who marries a wealthy woman to advance his social position.

R of the 4th in the 10 may make his home, his career.

I am overlapping, now.


13 thoughts on “The 21st Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannalvin


    Thanks for this article.

    My chart ruler is Venus and she resides in the 10th house – Cancer. Ruler of the 10th house, is on the 6th house… What does this mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chart ruler in the 10th would make career and your reputation very important to you. R of the 10th in the 6th would be earning money through practical service. Your career may be one with hands on service to others like a mechanic, hair dresser or nurse, just for examples of hands on service.

  2. amiannronni

    Hello There!

    I’m learning a lot from your articles so thank you for posting them.

    I have a 10th house Taurus whose ruler is Venus in the first house (Leo)…or more succinctly put: ruler of the 10th house in the first house. Does that mean that my career should be related to beautiful things and/or people or that I will love my career?

    To go a little further, my MC is in Taurus and forms a Grand Trine to my 1st house Venus in Leo and my 5th House Jupiter in Capricorn. Can you provide any insight on this as well?

    Thanks in Advance!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Ronni! I have a Forum where you can post your chart and ask any questions you have but I will try to answer this. Ruler of the 10th in the first will be a person whose identity is very much tied into his career. Venus in the first makes you a lovely and gracious person, so that is very nice!

      MC tribe Venus could be that your career may be in the beauty industry such as modeling or fashion. It may be an industry that brings beauty to the world such as home decorating or even the arts.A 5th House Jupiter would be a great sign for creativity and enjoyment of your creativity i.e finding a lot of fun there and being able to be childlike about it. One’s inner child is the creator imo

      Tell me about yourself, Ronni 😀

      1. amiannronni

        Thank you so much for answering amiann!!!

        I’m going to post my chart for your review but I’m so grateful that you took time out of your life to answer…

        I have a pile of planets in the 3rd house of Libra (Pluto, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Uranus), with Neptune in the 4th in Sagittarius (both parents were drug addicts as were many of my aunts and uncles also my mother had an undiagnosed mental illness when I was growing up) and Saturn in the 11th in Gemini (yes, I am kinda a loner and I get along better with old people or younger people than with people my age. Also, inevitably I wind up being the enforcer in group settings which doesn’t foster warm and fuzzies. I love people but I allow only a few the luxury of getting close to me for fear of being misunderstood, rejected or used).

        I’ve always loved words and books (Mercury in the 3rd?); books were my escape from a very challenging and abusive home life. I’ve always loved music, dance and art also . And I have a genuine appreciation for artistry in others. I absolutely LOVE creative people, especially their quirkiness!

        Since my Venus is in the 1st house, my appearance is very important. I’m a bit extreme sometimes but my hair, nails, clothes, shoes and accessories must be on point before I step out of the house. And I don’t leave my house without shades because I’m convinced squinting in the sun causes wrinkles, lol!

        I don’t consider myself a fashionista but I do absolutely love shoes, jewelry, purses and other accessories. I am a bonafide shopaholic–Shopping is my sport and I train hard! Besides the beach, the grocery story is one of my favorite places. A beach front super market with a shoe boutique would be my idea of paradise, lol! Somehow, I inadvertently managed to transform a love of shopping into a career in procurement. My job gave me the confidence to embrace fashion as an expression of who I am. After negotiating multimillion dollar contracts, looking fabulous is a cinch!

        Freedom is a big life goal for me (potent Uranus energy maybe?). I believe freedom lies in embracing the truth of who you are and the fullness of that expression. I used to think it meant being able to do as one pleases with complete disregard of anyone else but now I know better–that’s called being selfish, lol!

        I understand from my 6th house North Node in Capricorn that balancing work and strong independent proclivities with family and community responsibilities is my destiny. Interestingly, my mother was adamant about me being independent and being able to take care of myself no matter what. So, I’m independent to the point I don’t ask for help when I really should. I’ll do without before I humble myself to ask for something. I’ve been “handling it” since I was 8 years old and I nearly kill myself to get it all done myself without relying on anyone’s help. Moon square Saturn ensures that I tend to respond rationally to emotional situations. And tell you how I feel, yeah, good luck with that one! None of my planets are in water either, so that really doesn’t help.

        I readily identify with my South Node in Cancer in the 12th house ironically. Under the mask of cool, calculated efficiency lies the soft, loving, nurturing side of my personality. People have taken advantage of my kindness and willingness to sacrifice myself to make them happy. But when I care about someone deeply, that side of my personality manifests itself and I have to work hard not to lose myself. To remedy this, I don’t let too many people get close. Those who do get close understand our relationships are on pause until we meet again because I need space and freedom but if they ever need me, I’ll bust hell wide open to be there for them.

        I’ve had many twists and turns throughout my life but somehow things fall into place and work out. Maybe not as I envisioned but most certainly how they are supposed to. And when they don’t work out, I go to Plan B and keep moving forward. Perseverance and diligence are instinctive so when I make up my mind about something, it’s done. That’s a mixed blessing. The negative: I steam roll over people because I’m so task oriented. No empathy whatsoever, the only thing that matters is the end result (Sun conjunct Mars?). The positive: I always meet my deadlines, always on time and under budget. I don’t always know how to nurture and make it to the finish line together as a team so I just choose to make it to the end. Working on that one…

        So I accidentally discovered and began studying astrology when I read a report based my natal chart that was spot on. I’m hoping that astrology can give me some clues about how I can make the biggest impact on the world using the gifts and talents evidenced in my chart.

        Thanks for allowing me to share…

      2. amiannMeltem

        I have Venus-Mc quintile. MC is Libra. Venus is in the First House in Capricorn and Venus conjucts with Asc Capricorn. What does it mean?

  3. amiannaly

    Hello this is my first post on here, I’m still learning more and more about astroligy , little by little. OK, my moon is in Cancer and my moon is also in the tenth House (thew midheaven) What does that mean?

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