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The 22nd Step to Understanding House Rulers

I think I have lost all but an intrepid few. One must force oneself to stick with House Rulers, as it may seem like too much unnecessary trouble. It is worth it, as dear James taught me. We are on the 11th House. The 11th House is the House of Hopes and Dreams. It is the House of Groups. The 11th House is a House which looks outside of oneself, to the world. It wants to help those who are far away, and those to whom one has no relationship. The 11th House rules global charities. The 11th House person sees beyond skin color and race to the humanity of the group. The 11th House person may love humanity but not people, as the saying goes. The 11th House person may be aloof, personally, but can care about a child half a world away. Such is the nature of the 11th House and the sign of Aquarius, to whom it belongs.

As with all our pairs, it is easier to understand the House putting it’s House Ruler IN to another House. With the 11th House, think of the key phrase “Helping Others Globally”

The R of the 11th in it’s own House makes the House a Life Theme

R of the 11th in the 1oth, may make a person who wants to have a career which helps people, on a global basis.

R of the 11th in the 9th may make a person who wants to help the world though going to the actual location and helping, as the 9th House rules long distance travel. The person may want to write books about global concerns such as world hunger.

R of the 11th in the 8th may want to help the world by lecturing about Reproductive Health in poor countries. He may want to help people with mental or emotional illness on a world wide scale

R of the 11th in the 5th may take his love for humanity and sublimate it to his own passions or he may bring joy and creative pursuits to those who have little of such things.


Now, we will look at the other side of the equation. When other House Rulers reside in the 11th House, our key words could be “USE the Group”.

R of the 5th in the 11th may use the group for his need for fun and romance. This person may join a group as a way to meet partners and not, really, care about the work of the group.

R of the 4th in the 11th may use the group as one’s home. He may feel at home in faraway places.

R of the 8th in the 11th may use the group to deal with his own repressed emotions and passions. This may not be nefarious. It may be a person who goes to support groups and group therapy

R of the 9th in the 11th may use his intellect as a means to be a group member. This person may be a writer about the group, so as to allow others to learn what the group is about.

R of the 3rd in the 11th may use the group as means to further his communication skills. This may be something like Toastmasters.



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