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The 23th Step to Understanding House Rulers

We are on the last article in this series. This may be the hardest, as the 12th House is unique. I have to reaffirm, to myself,that I will be honest about what I see, as why should anyone bother to read anything I write, if I have no courage?

The 12th House is the House which opens to the next dimension. It is the House of creativity, mysticism and spirituality. It is, also, the House of addictions and hidden affairs. The 12th House hides from society, as people used to hide a mentally ill relative in the attic. The 12th House is the dissolving of boundaries. Magical things like art, music and fantastical literature can result.However, one can, also, go down in to the nether world of addictions.One may go to the nether world of mental illness, as well. All these as 12th House issues. As such, the 12th House can be called the House of Sorrow.


With the Ruler of the 12th House going in to another House, the key words would be mysticism and spirituality.

R of the 12 in the 1st is a person who cannot hide his deep sensitivity to the next dimension

R of the 12 in the 6 will serve using his deep sensitivity such as work in a hospice

R of the 12th in the 9th may write about 12th house issues such as write a spiritual newsletter.

With Another Houses’ Rulers placed in the 12th, we have the position of Sorrow. In other words, if you have Pisces on the 5th House Cusp and Neptune( the Ruing planet of Pisces) is in the 12th, you may have sorrow with Children. The Key Phrase would be “Sorrow in the House from which the House Ruler departs”

R of the 7th in the 12thmay be sorrow in marriage such as husbands dying or divorces

R of 8 in 12th may be sorrows with one’s deepest passions and sexuality such as betrayal, at a core level.

R of the 9 in the 12th may be sorrow with Higher Ed in that you may have wanted to go to college and could not. You may have not been able to keep up with Higher Educational demands etc


I did not address each house in my last few articles. If you have specific questions, please ask. Thank you to anyone who read my series. I welcome all feedback.

32 thoughts on “The 23th Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannGabby

    Deep hidden things like the subconscious mind….
    LOL…isnt that what we were just discussing! Then regarding my work, needing to find a respected field to get established first, then from there venturing into the more taboo areas…hypnosis and astrology type things!
    You nailed it! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would be a bringing of your most spiritual self and you most hidden self into your home. You may make your home a place where the deepest, mot spiritual things can be discussed and accepted. Does this fit?

  2. amiannclay

    thanks so much for this series on house rulers. i’ve gone through the whole thing 🙂
    what would you say about the ruler of the 12th being in the 11th house? would this mean I try to bring spirituality and dissolution of boundaries to groups? sounds rather daunting… 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so welcome, Clay. Come and join my Forum and we can look at your chart, with respect to House Rulers. Ruler of 12th in 11th sounds right, as you said it!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, I am not that good with Composites. I am trying to get better, though. Ruler of the 12th in the 7th or 8th would be you bring a mystical leaning to your partner( 7th) or you are mystical about your own deep emotions and sexuality

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      The more I think about your question, the more I think Comps would work the same way as natals with the House Rulers, so you could extend what i said to the natal to the relationship, as a whole.

  3. amiannGioko


    I like to ask you about the 12th house.
    I have Neptune in 1st house, but the ruler of 12th (libra), is in 5th house (pisces).
    Is this bad to the issue of children?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you come and put your chart up on my Forum. I don’t really do medical astrology but I will see if I can do a simple answering of your question, to the best of my ability!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I would need to see more than just that question. I would need to see the chart. If you put your chart up, put it attention to me and ask the question there, Friend.

  4. amiannamyren

    Hi all. I’m amyren. I am just discovering this site and it looks like I will be doing a lot of fascinating reading.

    I have 12th House issues. Years ago, the first time I visited with an astrologer, as soon as her eyes fell on my natal chart she said, “Oh, *wow*…. Do you have a lot of frustrations or difficulties communicating with your mom?” It blew me away. I felt like I was the poster child for “Mommy Issues”… (and still do.) I feel like this was just one of the “challenges” I was given, as a gift, to present an opportunity for me to learn and better understand things that have happened to me, and therefore give me tools and understanding to perhaps be able to assist others who’ve had similar experiences. I recognize (with a bit of self-induced nausea from the cheese overdose) that this soooo comes across as all kum-ba-yadda but that’s my story.

    Well some of it. Now I have my own beautiful daughter who just turned 17. She is my only baby girl, and my youngest. On the surface we “get along” but she and I have some very intense difficulties, it breaks my heart. These are not the typical teenage girl/mom issues — I can handle those, and we don’t fuss or fight. Just some kind of… well, hardcore problems, I guess would be accurate. Btw, this situation does not involve, in any way, any physical violence or abuse; she has to my knowledge never been harmed by anyone in that way. If anything, the only one who could have hurt her is me, psychologically, and obviously unintentionally. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for someone to literally weep every day, but I have, for several years.

    I am receiving mental health care but progress is so slow, let alone even small bits of occasional enlightenment. Counseling has failed to address the deep, true needs of the soul. I’m a somewhat spiritual person and I feel like I need more information about this sometimes very painful connection with my daughter. I’d made up her chart and studied it years ago, but it has gotten misplaced in the clutter of 17 years. I want her chart again, something to hold in my hands, to be able to read the sky’s unbiased information and gather what knowledge I might glean, and ultimately, with time and of course the ongoing search for insight from other sources as I move toward hopefully some kind of clearer understanding or even just awareness of what Is. I don’t remember much from her chart that a friend and I managed to clumsily and with great uncertainty put together after her birth, but I would suspect there’s something there that would scream “mommy issue’ as well, or something odd in her 5th house. I don’t know. But my quest begins! 😀

    Whew. A novella. I’ll add that my mom is a Cancer, I’m a Saggie, and guess what my daughter is… another Cancer. The stars love to laugh, perhaps? My dear handsome Leo son (25) is troubled in his own ways, and needs his own kind of mental preening. I hope I have been able to afford him some of that at least. He and I generally have barrels of fun. The dynamic through the family as a whole seems so strained.

    Okay, I’m not going to be that chick who appears outta nowhere and then pulls a book-length drive-by, in a litany of self-concerned whinery, then takes off never to post again… I hope to stick around and learn from reading others’ observations and maybe make some too. I’m glad I found this place. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Bad LOL
      Ruler of the 12th in the 12th just makes the 12th a theme house for you. That is all. You are deep,mystical and care to have deep spiritual experiences.

  5. amiannRohini

    Hi im from foreign country and my english not at good generally.sometimes i could not understand some sentences or use..R of 12 in?what is mean?
    Im gemini rising and pisces is my 10th house.if you mentioned rulers of pisces my jupiter in 2th cancer and my retrograge neptune in 7th saggittarius..what i should understand in this case?
    Uranus in my 12 th house now. (Natal in 5th house )
    Many thanks best regards

  6. amiannJak

    Hi again Ami 🙂 I just made it through your ‘understanding house rulers’ series of articles. I really enjoyed reading them. Thank you for writing them Ami in such an easily digestible and interesting way that I look forward to reading the next one! Just wondering what you would make of Ruler of the 12th in the 10th house? Thanks so much! Jak

  7. amiannJak

    You’re welcome Ami! I love giving compliments when they are deserved! Our society puts so much emphasis on criticising and complaining at each other it feels like it needs balancing. Although helpful/constructive criticism can be a gift too.

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