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The Asteroids I Use

1221 Amor

18675  Amianni

1388 Aphrodite (Greek)

2101 Adonis (Greek/Babylonian)

239–Adrastaeia—-When you cannot escape abuse such as a child in an abusive situation or an adult who cannot leave. This could be things that one can’t escape such as not being able to stop drinking, drugs or other kinds of monkeys on one’s back

151 Abundantia (Roman)

291 Alice

390 Alma

1027 Aesculapia

Amalthea (113) Warm, caring, maternal love, particularly for a child who is not yours.

1488 Aura

1862 Apollo (Greek)

99942 Apophis

1912 Anubis

11911 Angel

407 Arachne –where you have a talent of which people may be jealous and criticize you due to jealousy

2174, Asmodeus–Demon of Lust— Asmodeus seems to indicate to have something, hooked, hung, caught, trapped, cornered; fishing tackle; guts (according to astrologer Damian Foor).-

5 Astraea—remaining in a horrible situation when you should exit, feeling unable to move in your own behalf

Astrowizard 24626

111 Ate—being foolish in your actions. Look at reality in a foolish way like think little things are big or big things are little when they clearly are not

163693 Atira

273 Atropos

12595 Balbastre (ball buster)

4425 Bilk

695 Bella


1487 Boda

19029 Briede

2063 Bacchus (Roman)

28 Bellona–Goddess of War. Someone who is not afraid to stand up, confront and fight

7328 Casanova

1 Ceres (Roman)

19521 Chaos (Greek)

4580 Child

192158 Christian

10343 Church

34 Circe (Greek)

8990 Compassion

3528 (Counsel Man/lawyer)

763 Cupido (Roman)

2589 Daniel

511 Davida

3638 Davy

3638 Davis

157 Dejanira (Greek)

9795 Deprez

6583 Destinn

78 Diana

3671 Dionysus (Greek

55555 DNA

12410 Donald Duck

3552 Don Quixote

60 Echo

136199 Eris

433 Eros (Greek)

52  Europa

408 Fama (Latin for fame)

866 Fatme

10891 Fink

19 Fortuna (Roman)

1184 Gaea–The earth mother

2415 Ganesa( Ganesa which is the asteroid for new, successful beginnings.)

3852  Glennford

4955 Gold

4451 Grieve

18824 Graves

5129 Groom

6 Hebe–feeling like you are taken advantage of in the manner of a servant in a relationship or job

100 Hekate (Greek)

1516 Henry

97472 Hobby

42 Isis (Egyptian)

7507 Israel

28978 Ixion

7899 Joya

664 Judith

11518 Jung

3 Juno (Roman)

652 Julilatrix (means phew relief ends well)

4227 Kaali (Vedic)

1387 Kama (Vedic)

114 Kassandra( no one believes you)

3811 Karma

23739 Kevin

2305 King

84–Klio–when the same old story from one’s past goes around in one’s head or if aspected well–can tell riveting stories

73 Klytia–very jealous and the bad things that endue such as talking about people behind their backs etc. Also, someone who is not paid enough attention to when they are in love, feeling like they are not important

10811 Lau (Law)


248–Lameia—-huge grief in many forms, could be great stress and it’s results

4969 Lawrence

82332 Las Vegas

26955 Lie

1181 Lilith

7696 Liebe

3550 Link

9007 Logos

2210 Lois

61342 Lovejoy

1930 Lucifer

775 Lumiere(Light in French)

4386 Lust

19730 Machiavelli

6735  Madhatter

8991 Magnanimity

Manas 3349

228029 Maniac

3698 Manning

2779 Mary

212 Medea (Greek)

149 Medusa

5708 Melancholia

18 Melpomeme( tragedy, great sorrow and great suffering due to loss)

56—anxiety–a great deal of anxiety

638 Moira( what you are fated to do)

7782 Mony

37117 Narcissus

7232 Nabokov: guilty pleasures, forbidden fruit, ill-gotten gains, not necessarily of a sexual nature

128 Nemesis (Greek)

431 Nephele(fogginess) –amorphous sense of self or purpose

7066 Nessus

71 Niobe–extreme sorrow based on losing loved ones

2587 Not

875 Nymphe (Greek)


90482 Orcus

1923 Osiris (Egyptian)

171–Ophelia—-an asteroid that may show drowning

2 Pallas

2878 Panacea

55 Pandora( bad things happen due to being curious when you should not be)

4450 Pan

2791 Paradise

2847 Pavarti( to turn dreams into reality)

399 Persephone (Greek)

5145 Pholus

12927 Pinocchio

144752 Plunge

4341 Poseidon

6157 Prey

26 Proserprina (Roman)

16 Psyche

5457  Queens

2581 Radagast( hospitality, being a good hostess. It means “dear guest” in Slavic.

29185 Reich

3972 Richard

18462 Rico

5239 Reiki

15907 Robert

3428 Roberts

335 Roberta

50000 Quaoar

18376 Quirk

Sado 118230

80 Sappho

90377 Sedna

80 Sappho (Greek)

5325 Silver

8992 Solidarity

2815 Soma (Vedic)

37452 Spirit

5264 Telephus

33154 Talent

14917 Taco

586  Thekla( escape danger like Jupiter in the 12th)

20022 Tilly (Tilly means a disaster waiting to happen)

1685—Toro( a bully)

42355 Typhon

258 Tyche (wealth/money)

4257 Ubasti (Egyptian)

1585 Union

1282 Utopia

447 Valentine

4 Vesta (Roman)

3402 Wisdom

7707 Yes

7440 Zavist (envy)

5731 Zeus (cheater)

90 thoughts on “The Asteroids I Use

  1. amiannfoglia

    dear ami,
    i ve spent more than two hours in your website. i loved it. so many precious info!!
    astrology is in my life for more than 6 years. trying to keep statistics so that i can share some repetitive incidents etc. asteroids, tertiary progressions, draconic charts & return charts r my fascinations. that’s why i visit lindaland very often. u may lough here: it was this morning that i realized u r asteroids forum’s amianne!
    i wish that forum would be a place like this; a platform where we d share our methodologies, experiences & we d help each other. unfortunately veteran friends keep chatting with each other rarely paying attention to newcomers; newcomers (& some people) keep haunting only some people (iq u answer me!! kind of things) & finally tons of ‘look at our synastry; u see how wonderful it is’ kind of posts!! sorry for saying this but not a welcoming place for the ones who seek some info & support. (please forgive me for saying all those)
    there r many asteroids that we (a small group of astrolovers) follow regularly; we love having some concrete results.some methods, some asteroids, some progressive tecnics seem worth considering. if u allow me i will reccomend u some asteroids & if you find interesting i can tell about our methods later (in only one day i learnt a lot from your website; i should do something for u too 🙂 ):
    1. asteroid saga (for soul connections, ‘long’ stories)
    2. amata, amati and amadora for synastry
    3. asteroids that exactly conjunct a planet or an angle in both charts for synastry (we observed that they play pivotal role for the couple in events (such as meeting day- engagement- break up etc)
    4. name asteroids for geographical places for specific events that happen in certain places

    it was a nice trip that i experienced in your place. have a nice day…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Dear Foglia
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my day 🙂 What is your LL name? I will come back and study your comments as I need to look at them slowly and see what I can add. I am so glad you enjoyed my website. That makes me feel very happy!

      1. amiannfoglia

        it is great to hear that i contibute your daily mood in a positive way 🙂 i will be looking forward to reading new posts on different asteroids.

        i m nastenka; however most probably from now on i will visit that forum only to read the comments of a couple of people; thats all: no posts, no contributions.
        both attitude and content (even the technical circumstances aswell) made me decide that i would only be a passive reader occasionally; nothing else…
        have a nice- pleasant week…

  2. amiannGabby

    Thank you Ami, i will write these down and categorize them by aspects in our charts, to make it easier! Again, Thank you! Right now im going back to sorting(eating) my kids Halloween candy! Thank you so much for your reading today, you really helped me see/understand the direction i need to go and gave me some peace of mind! Your amazing! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you, Gabby. May I write your kind words in my testimonial section with your name Gabby? If so, what location should I use? I am so glad the reading was helpful. That is what means the most to me! you were a delight to speak with!
      Ok, I will look forward to checking out the asteroids as asteroids are like a treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find–for better or worse 😛

  3. amiannGabby

    Yes, definitely use me as testimonial and use wherever you’d like or both! 🙂
    I just got a message, my friend is coming to visit me this summer…the taurus tornado friend! I should call them TNT!

  4. amiannGrimeyGrimes

    My crush’s nemesis conjuncts my north node and my nemesis conjuncts his south node, does that mean we’re meant to be enemies?

  5. amiannAsuka

    Hi Ami, that’s a lot of asteroids! I can’t wait to check each one of them:)

    Anyway, I have Venus conjunct Psyche. How would that manifest?
    Considering Venus was a mean b***h to Psyche, I don’t have a very good feeling about this.

      1. amiannAsuka

        Thank you for your reply, Ami:) It explains why I rarely fall in love. Maybe it would take my knowing a person from inside and out for me to be able to fall in love with that person completely. I do have my regular crushes now and then, but being in love with someone doesn’t happen very often to me.

  6. amiannMax

    Hi AmiAnn, Could you tell what astroid Manning means. I can’t find the meaning any where and it’s prominent in my chart. Manning Astroid conjuncts my sun squares my moon and trines my ascendant

  7. amiannYazmine

    I love your content I came across the astroid graves and found that it is conjuct my moon and ascendant what could this indicate
    Thank you?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Perhaps, you will have to endure many deaths in the people near you, Yasmine. Does this ring true? Thanks you so much for your kind words. They make my day <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This could be bad with mean,power plays but it is one aspect so we could not define the whole relationship on this.One would need to see the whole chart, my friend.

  8. amiannKirsten

    Hi Amiann,
    Loving your site so much! Thank you!
    It’s this. I would love to see more asteroids in a chart than will allow. I do several charts to cover the ones that interest me, but it is tricky cross checking from chart to chart to see how they interact, even for natal, let alone synastry, let alone natals vs composite….
    How do you show many asteroids (like 20) at once?
    Much appreciated!

      1. amiannKirsten

        I see. Wow! Maybe there is, or will be, an app to handle this. Once you get into asteroids you can’t stop, the detail is astonishing. It would be so good to see everything at once huh!

  9. amiannarcturus90

    I don’t know if Christian is a well-known first name in english (but I think it is) but it’s in french. You can use asteroid “chretien” for christian religion. “chretien” means “christian”

      1. amiannMegan

        Thanks, Ami. Yes, I saw it on your list. It seems to be an asteroid that’s related to intuition. I’m trying to understand my own intuition better, so I was looking up some of these asteroids. Telephus and Poseidon are both in my 10th house and Telephus makes tight aspects (within 2 degrees) to my Moon, chart ruler, and Ascendant. I did some research, but it seems like there are different views about its meaning.

          1. amiannMegan

            Thanks! Yes, definitely 🙂 They really help me get a clearer picture of things. I enrolled in a professional aromatherapy program and I feel so happy about it! It seems to fit my Circe conjunct the MC perfectly.

          2. amiannMegan

            Eucalyptus is wonderful. I love how clean and clear it is.

            My favorite right now is Helichrysum. It’s been supportive while I’ve been doing deep, inner work. It feels healing to the emotions. I was drawn to it a lot while I was looking into some of the painful asteroids in my chart, like Chiron and Sedna. Helichrysum has a deep, empowering scent.

          3. amiannMegan

            I started using oils by diffusing them. Each evening, I would take time to see which oil I was drawn to and then diffuse those in a blend. I used a lot of Cedarwood (calming) and Rosemary (purifying) at the beginning. I was really anxious and over-stimulated, so the Cedarwood calmed me down. Vetiver was another one that really helped me calm down to sleep.

            I started studying essential oils more and found a few others that I liked. I made a roll-on type roller with Lime for digestion – it’s gentler than some of the other oils for digestion. I also made a Frankincense roller that has really helped my menstrual pain – frankincense helped reduce the pain caused by inflammation.

            I took a class last year that taught us how to combine oils, stones, color, and astrology for healing. It was a great course! I started making blends that addressed certain emotional issues that I was working on and then I started making blends that were inspired by different types of animals. I roll some on my feet at night when I journal. Having that theme in the aroma seems to help me be able to focus on the emotion or thoughts that I’m journaling through.

            My key verse for aromatherapy has been Ezekiel 47:12 – “Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail…Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine.”

      1. amiannMarisol

        Okay. Thank you. I found several like overwhelming synastry aspects so far. Like his mars conjunct my sun/moon midpoint. Hylonome conjunct juno.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I don’t use Hylonome. What does this mean, Marisol? However, asteroid conj asteroid is not as important as things conjunct personal planets such as the Moon and Sun.

  10. amiannAaron

    Hi Amiann,
    I was wondering what retrograde asteroids cause? In particular, what a group of retrograde asteroids closely conjunct to one another cause? Some people say that nothing changes and others say that the energy is internalised. Thanks, your input would be most appreciated and if possible, it’d be nice if you’d be able to make a post about it in your journal.

      1. amiannAaron

        Hi Amiann,
        By internalised, do you mean that the energy only affects one personally and cannot be felt by other people or that the energy is more closely felt by oneself but also can be felt by other people.

  11. amiannL0RY

    I hope my experience with this is useful.
    Just saw my unfortunate asteroid placements and aspects.

    In my 4th house are inhabitants such as:
    -Nessus: square Moon, square Mars and Saturn
    -Sado: minor aspect Sun
    -Dejanira: minor aspect Mars, trine Neptune, wide square (5deg) chiron and north node
    -Pandora: trine stellium (Sun, Venus, Mercury), square chiron and north node
    Beide this…
    +There is even asteroid Lucifer conjunct my moon, and oppose mars and saturn, square Nessus
    And Sedna conjunct Asc 3deg.
    *Moon in first house – Taurus
    *Mars conjunct Saturn seventh house – Scorpio
    *Stellium Sun, venus, mercury third house – Cancer

    I will pretend I havent seen all of them like this 😉 🙂

    In reality, I have never felt safe at home.
    Atmosphere of fear. Father was abusive, mother just a shadow.Threats of violence, emotional abuse, insults. I was a fierce fighter, always defending both of us.
    I got rid of victim mentality that was imposed on me by my mother, but I never behaved like victim.

    As to sedna, I managed to change my appearance and have healthy life stile when I accidentally stopped eating meat 15 years ago … I did not know about sedna 🙂 And I do feel that I am alone in this world…

    Can you tell me something more about asteroid Lucifer conjunct my moon, and oppose mars+saturn, square Nessus? And Sedna conjunct Asc (Taurus)?
    You can be honest, I am not afraid after all of those things 🙂 😉

  12. amiannRebeca

    Ok, so I have to ask, cause I searched all around but found nothing about it. I found out that the asteroid Lois (2210) is in exact conjunction with my MC also with mars along with lust. Please, could you give me an insight about what is Lois about? thank you (it is on your list)

  13. amiannNighta Day

    Hey Ami, I have the asteroid Atira conjunct Saturn 0.36 orb in the fifth house natally. Will my Saturn return activate this asteroid and what effect will it have on me?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Do I have this asteroid on there? I don’t think so. I am not familiar with it. I don’t really pay attention to returns and transits cuz they can make you crazy. It seems like there is always something stressful out there. That is just me, my Friend

  14. amiannIsabella York

    Could a small sentence or two be written about each of the asteroids listed? That encapsulates that asteroid like nessus abuses

  15. amiannmichaela morgan oh anonymous one

    i love all this information on asteroids. i never thought they were important .. but yowee , i look them up … put them in my personal charts.. composite synastry.. you cant make this stuff up. uncanny . and great there an asteroid for silly old poets and .. love ? thank you for your great work.. and sharing ..

  16. amiannanonymous old fool with time on her hands

    thank you. you have lit up my life.. i found sappho right between my venus and mercury in my tenth house … fine place in a poet’s chart, i think….oh, woe , though i think disaster is conjunct sun in my seventh.. so far, that’s been my experience .. well, i’ll take the fifth venus conjunct vertex in the composite at least. a lovely man. my lovely man

  17. amiannAra

    Hello there! It´s me again and I want to share my list! You are free to experimentate with them!

    Abdulla (22638): It talks about being or feeling oppressed or misunderstand.
    Achristou (9084): Unruly, sinnester, unruly religion.
    Agamemnon (911): Misguided behaviour, self-destructive violence.
    Agapenor (5023): Devoted, unconditional love.
    Amenemhet (5010): To dazzle or impress.
    Andrejka (14040): Facination of evil, being evil or corrupt.
    Atahualpa (4721): Brutality or cruelty.
    Dainity (9758): Delicate beauty, grace.
    Dallas (8084): Wealth, ambition, power, popular or being seen as “cool”
    Deucalion (53311): Tough, cold, brutal, repudiating.
    Fukunaga (11495): Destructive or negative relationships.
    Gaussia (1001): Magnetism.
    Hypsipyle (587): Family loyalty, the voice of the reason.
    Ko (6498): Children, fertility or being/acting “childlike”.
    Kozlovskij (4944): Isolated, “don´t touch me” vibes, “untouchable”.
    Le Gentil (12718): Kindness, gentilness.
    Lempo (47171): Selfishness.

    I have more asteroids, but I´m kinda sleepy at this moment haha, have an amazing day! I send you a big hug!

    1. amiannLau

      Hi, how are you? Where can I find a list of the meanings in astrology for all asteroids? Do you know the meaning for asteroid “Lau”? Thank you!

  18. amiannE

    Oh no, Ami!!!
    I was just playing around with different astroids on my chart and the charts of friends/family and astroid “poor” is exactly on my ascendant!!! Lol that has to be one of the worst things to turn up. Well, I make a good living and dont have poverty as it were, but i have always been obsessed with wealth inequality and the conditions and problems of those in poverty. I also typically do not look/ dress like i have money and could be easily pegged as someone less accomplished or well off. I do like to be underestimated to get an accurate read on the character of whomever I’m dealing with. Maybe that explains it.i would be the millionaire who is shooed off the sidewalk while waiting to be seated in the 5 star restaurant lol

  19. amiannE

    In contrast I have astroid Bim (which is supposed to be MONEY) exact conjunct MC and astroid Midas exact conjunct my Moon which is the center of a stellium in Leo. Any thoughts?

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