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The Best Aspects To Have In The Chart

Alex gave me a great suggestion for this article, so I will come back and do it. However, to start I would have to put my all time personal favorite, which is Mars in Scorpio in a man

1. Mars in Scorpio in a man is just the most dashing, charismatic, sexy and THE best flirt of the Zodiac. He makes a woman feel beautiful like no other Mars. Mars in Scorpio is a person who can set goals and reach them. Scorpio is Fixed Water. Fixed means stubborn and perseverance. Water is emotion. Scorpio is an animal who knows about the world of emotion. He is the original therapist, as he knows human behavior, from a gut level, not books, not theories, but FEELING it. So, this Mars can set goals, figure out how to go after them and do so. This Mars is a very sexual animal and a very sensual animal. This Mars is a master seducer.

2. Venus trine Moon–pure, pure charm. This aspect is a person who ramps up charm, but not in a creepy way, at all. The man with this aspect will have a million female friends. he loves woman and they can feel it.He is connected to his inner feminine side. He makes woman feel special, adored and loved like no other aspect. Go you, if you are lucky enough to be this naturally charming. If a person has Mars in Scorpio and Venus trine Moon, lock yourself up.

3. Mercury Conjunct the Sun–The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 6-10 degrees. This is a very brilliant mind. Remember that the combust, which is Mercury conjunct the Sun at 5 degrees, is a negative aspect, in my opinion. The person is not detached enough to what others think of him.

4. Cancer Moon. This is a warm, tender person with a lot of empathy

5. Taurus Moon–This person is a sweetie. They are kind and tender. They do not like to hurt people’s feelings.

6. Venus in Libra—This person has a natural refinement and grace. They do not like coarse behavior or jokes, so be careful 😀

7. Moon in Leo–This person is generous, affectionate and loves to give the best presents of the Zodiac. If they care for you, they will go out of their way to get you exactly right present, with great thought for what is just right for you.

8. Eros conjunct the Ascendant or the MC—super sexy

9. Lilith conjunct the Ascendant or MC–super sexy in a more raw way than Eros

10. Sappho conjunct the Ascendant of MC–super sexy in a more refined way than Eros or Lilith 😛

11. An Unaspected Venus–You are forced( or allowed) to find the meaning of love.

12. An Unaspected Pluto– You are forced( or allowed) to find the meaning of power

13. An Unaspected Uranus– You have an out of the box wonderful, magical creativity, which infuses everything you do, such that you, yourself, are a living work of art

14. Quoar conjunct the Ascendant– You are out of the box brilliant. Einstein had it exact.

15. Quoar conjunct Mercury— You are wonderful with words and communication. Paul McCartney has it.

16. Libra ASC– You are beautiful but have a gracious personality, too. You like to have win/win situations where both people get something, rather than run rough shod over people. You are a natural diplomat.

16. Quoar conjunct Mars–You are a fantastic athlete. Mohamud Ali has it conjunct Mars.

17. Vesta conjunct the ASC–This person will help in an unselfish way.

18. Venus in Pisces–This person will be very romantic and artistic. He may write poetry




I will be back


34 thoughts on “The Best Aspects To Have In The Chart

  1. amiannGabby

    Hmmm. I have Saggy Sappho exact opposed Gemini Psyche but it is conjunct DNA in 3rd and 4 degree conjunction to Saggy Neptune, then Scorpio Quoar conjunct Uranus in 2nd….I know it’s not exciting!!! Lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sappho opposite Psyche would make me think that you are a strong Sappho, but you struggle with it, and go back and forth with it, as you are not really comfortable with it. What do you think?

      1. amiannSiya

        You also forgot Venus Trine Mars a wonderful balance between masculine and femenine.

        Direct and assertive without being pugnacious , rough or straight up rude

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      So, you have Sappho conj DNA? If so, you were meant to manifest Sappho. Your erotic writing would be a perfect expression of this. If Neptune were there( the planet of fantasy), it would strengthen it. Go out and write another “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Gurl 😀

  2. amiannGabby

    Literature sounds more like me….I am out of the box, I take and mix all sorts of different things i read that normally are difficult to understand, i seem to have a gift for gathering information and simplifying it, no matter how complicated, i can turn it into a story where people get truly complicated theory’s but dont even realize, stories that teach these things in a way that is easily understood by all! But I do have to use some odd analogy’s at times, whatever works tho! Lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi MP
      Mercury conjunct DNA, I am not sure. I have seen DNA in bloodlines. I have not made a real study of it. Angel conj SN is an indication you are very comfortable and oriented to being an angel in the lives of people. Very nice. Can you relate?

  3. amiannMichael Hristodor

    You are amazing!
    I found Jesus.
    I would like to thank you for all information you share with us. I have many aspects like the ones you mention and you help me understand why my life is the way it is. Understanding makes it easier. Helps finding ACCEPTANCE…
    Just to mention few: Uranus-Mercury square.
    I didn’t lost my minds yet, been very close, yet I discovered astrology and was best therapy.I always said: “no psychologist can help me, I break all patterns.
    There is a strike of genius that comes with the danger of losing your minds.
    I was always very unique. Not in a bad way.
    We can take a look at anything from a unique, invisible to others point of view and amaze the crowd with our sayings and deep truthfull analysis.

    I have Jupiter exactly opposite Saturn while both square Lilith.
    Am a Saggitarius…
    I am not sure how that truly manifests , is like God and Satan perfectly opposite, cutting my chart in a perfect half , and Lilith sitting there between the two trying to challenge both….
    Do you have any idea what that could bring?
    Thank you….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am so happy you found Jesus. Can you tell me more about how it came about, M? The chart is our earth suit. Once we find Jesus, our spirits are made holy and pure like His and we will be with Him forever. Our earth suit can change as we become more like Him, too. Without Jesus, there is little chance of true change, in my opinion.

  4. amiannShuzen

    Hi. I have DNA conjunct MC and Mars in Leo at 1 degree. So.. i want to really become like leo or something? or despite my sun & moon sign, i’m actually more leo-like?

  5. amiannNathalie Neylan

    Combust very bad…. but Mozart has his Sun-Mercury combust. He was a genius at expressing himself through music (Neptune opposite the combust Sun-Mercury). So when astrology experts say sun-mercury combust is very bad, I would rather say nothing is bad or good, just depends how we use the “difficult” aspects. Just a tought, thank you for your post.

  6. amiannPriya

    What about Sappho conjunct Mercury(gemini)? Also vesta(Taurus) conjunct Venus?
    I am a cancer sun, cancer rising and libra moon. Any thoughts on these placements?

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