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The Child (4580)Asteroid–By House

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The Child Asteroid is our inner child. Each inner child has unique struggles, unique gifts, unique wants and unque needs. Each inner child had a unique, actual childhood experience. The Child Asteroid takes us into the world of the inner child, inside each one of us.

The Child(4580) Asteroid in the Houses

First House
This inner child will show it’s feelings to the world. He will wear his heart on his sleeve, as the saying goes.

Second House

This inner child needs lot of comfort in his surroundings. He needs comfy chairs, comfy clothes, nourishing( and most especially home made) food and lots of affection.

Third House

This inner child needs to talk, talk, talk. If he cannot tell you about his world, he will shrivel up. Chances are he is a bookworm, too.

Fourth House

This inner child may be a Momma’s boy or girl. He loves his home. He may want to help with the housework and cooking, even if it is, just, to lick the bowl.


This inner child is very creative. If he is lucky, his inner child will remain replete with childlike wonder as he grows. The inner child is the true genius of any artist.


This inner child will nurse his wounded animals( stuffed or otherwise) He loves to feel needed. When you are sick and a tiny hand touches your forehead, it may well be a native with the Child Asteroid in the Sixth House.


This inner child will want to dress up as the bride( or groom). If she has a Barbie, she will have the Barbie wedding dress, house and car. She was born to be a spouse.


This inner child will be reading Nancy Drew mysteries. She will want to discover life’s mysteries, even if it is just which bugs live under a rock. She will have a kind of quiet reserve.You may not really know what she is thinking. Still waters run deep with Eighth House placements of all sorts.


This inner child may be obsessed with right and wrong. He may want to find God at an early age. He wants to know WHY he was born and what is his purpose. He may be a natural student, as well, easily excelling in his studies


This inner child may dream of growing up and making his way in the world in a career. He will be attracted to those who are successful and want to emulate them. When children play games, he may be the natural leader.


This inner child may want to go to far away lands and help the poor. She thinks beyond her narrow world. She has big hopes and dreams, even as a young child.

Twelfth House

This inner child may be mystical. She may not be content to play children’s games without pausing to ask deeper questions. The parent may wish the child would not concern herself with such gargantuan issues, but the twelfth House calls one to explore the deepest mysteries, no matter the native’s age.

3 thoughts on “The Child (4580)Asteroid–By House

  1. amiannADELE

    Hello Ami,

    I have been looking for answers now for a long time, I seem to be living out my life in the stereotypical fashion of LILITH…my Lilth asteroid is in Aquarius 5th house conjunct my north node and my child asteroid, and all my other mean/true/dark lilith is in scorpio, conjunct my sun. My sun is in the Scorpio decante of cancer, and i feel like a scoprio most the time. I was wondering your take on this. Alot of the time i feel very misunderstood and i go out of my way to keep my strong sexuality under wraps. Im a Cancer sun 10th ouse, Libra rising. xx

  2. amiannJanay Matthews

    I have Child in house 9. I love God, spirituality, esoterics and metaphysics, Chaldean numerology, angel and fairy card readings, psychology, philosophy, humanitarian and cultural studies, and traveling. I believe in universal salvation of all creation and that God is truly love because he died for us and created us into eternal existence. Ami you can believe in traditional Christianity and that is okay with me. We both love God and everyone has their inborn spirituality to follow. Jesus can reach anybody at their own time throughout eternity.

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