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The Child Asteroid in the Houses

I love the Child Asteroid. It is akin to a mini Moon. I love Moons. The Moon is the heart of the natal chart because it is the heart of the native. In synastry, the Moon is the soul of the relationship. Likewise, the Child Asteroid mirrors the function of the Moon.

Let’s discuss the Child Asteroid in the Houses. I have not studied the Child Asteroid in all the Houses. I am writing this article, so we can help each other. I like to share information. I am a humble student of Astrology, as are we all.

First House
The First House is the House of the Self. It is a very intimate house, although we do show it to the world. It is very personal to us. Hence, when others touch it, in synastry, we feel it deeply. The First House reveals the manner in which one functions in the world. A Libra Ascendant would seek for harmony, rather than self aggrandizement. An Aries Ascendant would be the opposite. If there were a mountain to climb, the Aries Ascendant would scramble to the top, while the Libra Ascendant would be making sure everyone was accounted for( or doing her make-up)

Hence, our Ascendant is a very important part of ourselves, one of the top three focal points in the chart. The Child Asteroid is most like the Moon. Hence, the Child Asteroid in the First House would be akin to the Moon placed therein. The Moon in the First House is a native who shows his heart to the world. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, as the saying goes. In the same manner, the Child Asteroid would show the beautiful heart of the Child to the world. Everyone loves children. Hence, the native with the Child Asteroid in the First House would tend to draw others to himself, in the manner of a child.

Second House

The Second House deals with the practical materials that make up the world. One must live in a house. One must use money. One must eat food. Hence, the domain of the Second House will be the domain of the inner Child. The native may love to grow his own vegetables. If not, he may love to eat. The native may be a banker. He will be someone who loves comfort in his surroundings. Give him a home made loaf of bread and bowl of soup. Give him a comfy chair with a warm blanket and his child will love you for it. His nature is one that does not need to show off his personal belongings. He needs to be able to live comfortably. He is very loyal. He may make up his mind slowly but his decisions will be firm. That is a good thing in this day of plastic bananas and rock and roll.

Third House
The Third House is the House of early education, the neighborhood, short travels, siblings and communication. When an Astrologer sees a full third house, he/she needs to ascertain the areas in which the House represents the life of the client. For some people, the third house will represent siblings. For others, it will represent communication. The latter seems to be the case, most often. However, I just did a chart on a man in which the Third House represented his sister.

For the native with the Child Asteroid in the Third House, he will, likely, feel a great need to communicate. There are those of us who MUST communicate. It is as essential as breathing. It is life giving. I am a Gemini. Gemini is the sign on the Third House Cusp. When I communicate, I feel alive. Hence, the native with the Child Asteroid in the Third House may be very much like I am. His form of communication may vary. He may be a writer. He may be a public speaker, lecturer or just someone who needs to share his feelings and thoughts with others.

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