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The Difference Between the Sun and the Moon in the Natal Chart

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The best questions in Astrology are the basic ones. People can be afraid to ask simple questions because they feel silly. However, no one ever learned anything without venturing forth with questions. I hope I can shed some light on this one, which is from Libracorn on

The Sun is something that we show everyone. If one is at work, co-workers can see your Sun. Your Sun shines forth as THE most dominant part of you. However, it is not the most INTIMATE part of you. This is, probably, where the questions arise. What is, actually, the difference, in practical terms? I hope I can explain.

I will use myself as an example because I know myself better than anyone. I am a Gemini Sun in the 9th House. If you don’t know me well, you will know me as a Gemini. Gemini is curious. Gemini loves to learn. Gemini knows a little about a lot. Gemini has a light spirit.

Most interactions in life are rather superficial. Consider your day. You may go to work. You may go to the grocery story. You may go to the library. You may go to the mall. You may call up a plumber for a broken pipe. You may talk with a neighbor. For these interactions, the people would see your Sun.

However, for the few intimates in your life, you would reveal your Moon. Your Moon could be likened to your underwear. Your underwear may be sexy. It may be old cotton, fraying at the seams. People in your daily life do not see your underwear. People you love do, within reason. I hope this goes without saying.

One’s heart is one’s Moon. One’s Moon comes forth when one cries. One’s Moon comes forth when one plays with one’s dog. One’s Moon comes forth when one plays with children. One’s Moon comes forth when one prays. One does not show one’s heart to just anyone because one’s heart is vulnerable. Hence, the doorway to one’s Moon requires a key. That key is love and trust.

Some people are more likely to show their Moons to the general public. This would be the Moon conjunct the MC and the Moon conjunct the ASC. These natives are destined to wear their underwear on the outside, in metaphoric terms. These natives, of which I am one, do not have a choice. We were born to show our hearts. It is part of our journey and we could not be different, if we tried. It would be like trying to alter your eye color. It just IS.

The chart placement of your Moon will reveal how readily you will show your heart. It differs greatly with Moon placements in House and with aspects.

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