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The Fears of Pluto in the Houses

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I thought about this article after having a discussion with someone about “standing up for oneself”. I told him that I never joined a sorority in college because I never wanted to be in a position of being too weak to help someone who was bullied, of having to stand on the sidelines while someone was being hurt and having too much fear of my own rejection to help.

When I said it, I realized that this was my Pluto. I have Pluto in the 11th and I am afraid of being made to go along with a group who is inflicting evil and of staying silent. That is the fear of Pluto in the 11th. Let’s examine the fears of the other positions of Pluto, by House.

The Fears of Pluto in the Houses

First House
The fear of this native is not being in control. Conversely, the First House Pluto is an amazing leader because he has a natural sense of authority. He was born a leader. He does not have to try to be a leader. He IS a leader.

Second House
This native fears financial upheaval. He has had his share and he wants to have a life of material security and the sense of safety it engenders.

Third House

This native will tell you what he thinks. Don’t ask if you look fat in that bathing suit. Hence, the Third House Pluto fears being squelched. He has the innate drive to tell the truth and it would be likened to being imprisoned for him to be silenced.

Fourth House
This native has, likely, had a tumultuous early home life. Hence, he craves a home in which there is order, which allows for emotional and physical safety.

Fifth House

This native may be a powerhouse in the world of romance. However, his greatest desire is for free, creative expression. Having to conform to an external standard in which his creativity was squelched would be tantamount to a prison for him.

Sixth House

This native may have had health issues. They may of been of a serious nature. I am not sure what his fears may be. He seems as if he has a gravity that is unique to the Sixth house Pluto. I would like your input on this.

Seventh House

This native, usually, has shake ups with marriage. He desires marriage but it seems as if rocky relationships follow him like Pig Pen’s cloud. His fears may, likely, be that he will never have a marriage that is stable and not tortuous.

Eighth House

This native is a very passionate person. There would be little chance that this native would be attracted to shallow or superficial people. I am not sure what his fears may be. It may be that he fears he will not find someone with which to share his passions. I would like to hear from the Eighth House people on this one

Ninth House

This native will have a strong desire to find God. He will have a strong desire to find answers to the questions of life, such as “Why am I here and what is my purpose?” Hence, I imagine this native would fear that he may not find the answers in a way that he can have a modicum of peace.

Tenth House

This native may have upheaval in the sphere of career. The father may have been an erratic figure. This native may fear that his life as a member of society may, always, be marked with tempests.

Eleventh House

I am an Eleventh House Pluto, as I said earlier. I think we fear being forced to conform to a social group that is doing evil, while we stay silent. I wanted to be a Social Psychologist but did not pursue this because teaching was the only real professional opportunity. However, the Eleventh House Pluto wants to understand how groups and societies go bad/turn evil.

Twelfth House

This native may have a secret side. This native seems to have some form of double life, whether it be a double life such as in the novel “Finding Mr Goodbar” in which the main character was an first grade teacher by day and a frequenter of the bar scenes by night or, simply, feeling that one’s secrets are too shameful to share. In reality, most secrets only haunt us when they are unshared. However, this native finds this hard to truly understand and hence, likely, feels isolated in his deepest soul. For this native, he may fear that he will be revealed as someone who is “different than others”

7 thoughts on “The Fears of Pluto in the Houses

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “Sixth House. This native may have had health issues. They may of been of a serious nature. I am not sure what his fears may be. He seems as if he has a gravity that is unique to the Sixth house Pluto. I would like your input on this”.

    You might have already clarified this placement, since 2015. If you still want an input, here is mine.

    HEALTH. The four people I know with this placement, myself included, have no health issues and, what’s more, believe themselves to be unbreakable. A fever of 100.4 °F for a week, a suddenly aching stomach, an infection… “oh, nothing to worry about, IT WILL PASS”. Surprisingly, it really does, as soon as we believe. BUT, if we start whining “poor me, poor me”, then the “poor me” condition turns out to be very true, and it is a nightmare. Our healths seems to be a matter of our will.

    In addition, people often say of us that we are working ourselves into an early grave (and we control ourselves now, out of full conscience). Naturally, I am so absorbed in the task (Pluto = all or nothing) that I can easily not eat, not drink, not rest, until the end of the day. “Unbreakable I am, so why bother?”. As you understand, health can easily be ruined this way.

    FEAR. Of being unneeded.

  2. amiannJo Foster

    Absolutely spot on with the 8th House Pluto. I would say that describes me perfectly. Full of passion for what catches my interest and captures my heart but cannot abide the superficiality factor (despite a Gemini stellium haha)

  3. amiannSharon

    I have Pluto at 13 degrees conj, Saturn at 16 in the sixth of Leo. I have had polio twice, TB, cancer – spent 14 months in the hospital with it, had it again, C-Section almost died, staff infections – many, peritinitis twice, gall bladder and bile duct removed, and there is more…I am now 70 and have survived it all…amazing I say !!

  4. amiannTanya Testi

    I am an 8th house Pluto and I believe you nailed it for me. I’m very intense and passionate and do have a fear of not having some deep connections with friends. I desire deep relationships. Superficial can be very torturous to me. I love deep, intense, and passionate!!

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