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The Importance of the Elements


When I first began studying Astrology, I missed so much. I ignored the little graph on the right side of the chart. This shows the composition of the Elements. I am a total earth void— no planets in earth.

Some people say that earth houses can help with this( House 2, 6, and 10). I do have planets in some of these houses, but I do not believe it is much help, in my personal experience, anyway.

I have a VERY sensitive nervous system i.e am very high strung.

I feel a sense that I really can’t touch the ground.

I feel a sense of not being grounded on the earth.

Most of my boyfriends were strong in earth. My longest relationship was with a Virgo Ascendant, Taurus Moon and Capricorn Sun.

Earth men make me feel safe. I feel like they can handle the DETAILS of life which overwhelm me.

I am overwhelmed when trying to organize things, if they be papers or cabinets. .

The hardest part of the earth void is my nervous system, which feels like an antenna, which is tuned too tightly *Sigh*

I say all this to tell you that the elements are very important to you and important in your relationships.

I am very high in air–the intellect.

I am high in water— the emotions.

I have two fire planets– confidence, zest for life and adventure seeking.

Let’s look at your chart!

The first thing to assess is if there are any voids– no planets in an element.

The second thing to assess is the ranking of the elements.

The third thing to asses is if there is ONE planet in an element. This is known as a Singleton. In these cases, people seem as if they have to PROVE they are competent in this element. I knew a woman with one earth planet–Mars in Taurus.

She could fix any house hold item.

She had a need to prove that she was “good with earth things”

It is my mother.

My father could not fix a thing but she would spend all day on a broken dryer, just to prove she could fix it.

I have articles on Voids. It is one of my areas of special interest.

I have articles on the Elements, in which you can see how the Elements function in practical life.

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