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The Mental Health Asteroids

I wish I could do the charts of everyone who asked. Since I am one person and a natal chart takes five days, I cannot. However, I try to help people to learn the best I can. When I started in Astrology, I wished there were a website like mine– fun(I hope), easy to understand and interesting( I hope).

In my articles, I give what I would want to get.

In this article, I hope I can help you to use the Mental Health Asteroids, as I call them. They could be called Emotional Health asteroids. I hope you get the point without excessive semantics.

These asteroids show emotional issues such as mood disorders, low self esteem, self hate, depression and anxiety.

I think everyone struggles with these. It is just a matter of how much.

I think the answer to any of these “disorders” is God, more specifically, a relationship with Jesus.

I think He cab heal anything from AIDS to Manic depression.

We are spiritual beings, at our core.

When our spirits heal, it is quite easy to heal the body.

Enough of that because many of my beloved readers do not believe as I do.

I will move onto the topic–Mental Health Asteroids.

I use over 300 asteroids. I add new ones slowly. I use them as I do charts. Little by little, I get to know the asteroids as I do friends. In time, I have confidence in how they will operate.

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