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The Ninth Step to Understanding House Rulers

We have studied what to do with the Ruler of the 1st House(Chart Ruler). We know how to interpret it, when he goes in to any House. We know how to interpret, when any House Ruler goes in to the 1st. We know how to interpret the Ruler of the 2nd House when he goes in to any House. We know how to interpret when the Rulers of other Houses go in to the 2nd House.

We will go on to the 3rd House.The 3rd House is the House of Communication. When the Ruler of the 3rd goes in to another House, the native will talk or write about the House. When the Ruler of another House goes into the 3rd House, the native will need to talk while doing the activities of the House. Let me explain.

Ruler of the 1st in the 3rd would love to talk about himself. He may be the type who never stops talking about himself. Ruler of the 3rd in the 1st would like to appear as he has a unique style of communicating. He tales pride in his unique form of speaking or writing. You will KNOW him from his unique speaking or writing style.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 2nd would be someone who loves to talk about money, financial subjects such as stocks and bonds and real estate. Ruler of the 2nd in the 3rd would be someone who lectures about these subjects as a way to make money such as a stock broker giving free classes in order to get clients.In the latter, the person makes money from 2nd house topics such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 4th loves to talk about his early home. Ruler of 4th in the 3rd needs a great deal of talk and communication in HIS own home.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 5th would be someone who likes to talk about hobbies and creativity.He may be talking about his hobby or his instrument, if he plays one, all the time. Ruler of the 5th in the 3rd would be someone who talks as his way of having fun. He may be a comedian. He uses the 5th House in a 3rd house way i.e communication.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 6th loves to talk about service. Ruler of the 6th in the 3rd would USE his speaking and writing skills AS a form of service.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 7th would make one talk about relationships. This is the person who is, always, talking about relationships. Ruler of the 7th IN the 3rd would be the person who needs to talk a lot in his own marriage. This person needs communication as part of his marriage. It is of utmost importance to him.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 8th loves to talk about taboo subjects such as “forbidden” emotions and deep, sexual passion. Ruler of the 8th in the 3rd needs to discuss all these things as PART of their soul mate relationship.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 9th would talk about spirituality, religion and philosophy, including Astrology. Ruler of the 9th in the 3rd would use talk as a way to promote these 9th house subjects. He may be a teacher in Higher Education. He may lecture on philosophy. He may talk about travel in lectures.Ruler of the 9th in the 3rd would be taking the 9th house and making it understandable to others by communicating on it, verbally or with words.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 10th would be someone who likes to talk about his career and careers and society, in general. He is interested in how society works. The Ruler of the 10th in the 3rd would be someone who talks about social issues as part of his career. He may be a Social Psychologist. He may be an anthropologist who talks about different societies, from around the world . He may be a Career Counselor, also.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 11th would talk about groups. He may talk about Green Peace or Doctors Without Borders. Ruler of the 11th in the 3rd may be a group member who lectures about the group. He may be an outreach from the group to the public.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 12th may like to talk about mystical and spiritual topics. At a party, you may find him in the corner in deep discussion about Out of Body Experiences or Near Death Experiences. Ruler of the 12th in the 3rd may be an outreach to the public talking about mystical and spiritual topics. He may teach or write about such subjects.

8 thoughts on “The Ninth Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannDL

    now this confuses me very much…

    i have (on equal house) saturn in 2nd house but VERY close to 3rd house cusp…. so i dont know where to which house it belongs and as it is my chart ruler it is very important for me to know
    if you can tell me what you think if it is in the 2nd or 3rd il be very gratefull

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok, ALL things can be figured out with Astrology, so no worries!. We need to find out which is Saturn’s House. This should not be hard. Look on my website. Study the 2nd and 3rd House. Which House has had the most restriction for you?

        1. amiannDL

          i come from a family where money was few but not in a problematic level (we just cant afford the luxuries of life others could)

          but talking has always been a problem to me….mostly to new people and when i was young…. had no friends till 3rd grade becuse of it and even today i might mumble or say things that people dont seem to understand

          3rd house wins 🙂
          yay for thinking while writing XD

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            LOL 🙂 OK—one house will always win because it will hurt the most! Do you have 12th House planets? I can’t remember?

  2. amiannZ

    Ok, now it confuses me too)
    I have similar situation with the Sun, my chart ruler) it’s like on the very cusp of the 6th house, but still in the 5th (equal houses. In any other system, my Sun has always been in the 6th house). I also have two planets in both these houses plus a NN in the 6th, so it might be difficult to tell the difference, i mean, which house is more significant etc. So i guess it’s not that important which house the Sun might be in, since both areas are quite important anyway? (I might be a fan of exact grades, though, so i’s go with the 5th)

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