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The Nodes–By House


The Nodes are important by House and by Sign. I will divide up articles for the purpose of simplicity. This article will be on the houses. The next one will deal with signs.

The Nodes are in direct opposition, by sign and house, as we said in the last article.

1st House/7th House
If the SN is in the 1st House, one will, likely, be a naturally confident person. However, his struggle may be in the arena of relationships due to the NN in the 7th House, the House of Relationships.

Conversely, if we have the SN in the 7th House, the person may be comfortable in relationships but lacking in personal self confidence and personal assertion.

It goes without saying, I hope, that we are separating the Nodes from the chart for purposes of learning. One must take the ENTIRE chart into consideration when coming to conclusions about the native.

2nd House/8th House
The 2nd House is money. It is, also, security in the material world. The 8th House is emotional and sexual depth. As you can see, each House has an opposite thrust. That is why it presents a struggle. For the person with the SN in the 2nd House, he will, likely, be grounded in the material world. His NN in the 8th tells us that he may, likely, struggle to accept his taboo emotions and sexuality.

Conversely, the person with the SN in the 8th House will be comfortable with his dark impulses but may not be able to balance his checkbook.

3rd House/9th House
If the SN is in the 3rd House, the native may be comfortable communicating, especially about daily matters. The person may be what we call “chatty”. His NN would fall in the 9th House, the House of Higher Education, Philosophy and God. Hence, this native may struggle with finding his relationship with God. He may struggle with higher learning. Conversely, he may have had an easy time learning in elementary school.

I have the SN in the 9th House and the NN in the 3rd. I loved studying, especially in college and graduate school. For me, I had the unquenchable thirst since I was a young child. I would not rest until I found God and I didn’t. The 9th House is the house of the writer and reader, both are activities which I love and which feel like “home” to me. That is the salient characteristic of the SN–home, home, home.

4th House/10th House

In this axis, we have the juxtaposition of the early home with the society at large, including career. Hence, the native with the SN in the 4th House will, likely, be comfortable at home. Leaving home may be harder. Career may be a struggle, as well.

For the native with the NN in the 4th, his early home may have been a struggle. Likewise, establishing his own home as an adult may be fraught with difficulties, for various reasons.

5th House/11th House

The native with the SN in the 5th is, likely, to be comfortable with creativity. He may be comfortable giving and receiving affection. He may be the life of the party, shining in the spotlight while lesser lights look on. He was made to be the star of the show and he knows it. His NN would be in the 11th House, which is the house of groups and helping others on a global basis. Hence, he may not be comfortable in large groups such as those of an organization. He may want to be part of a charitable organization but may feel he does not have enough to offer.

Conversely, the native with SN in the 11th House would, likely, be comfortable as head of the Peace Corps but may not be able to let loose at a party. This native may struggle with his creativity. He may feel as if he cannot “let loose and play”. Creativity is simply the inner child let out to play

6th House/12 House

The SN in the 6th House would, likely, be a native who is comfortable with “hands on” service. Last night, I went to a restaurant. The waitress seemed so happy with her job. I thought that she must have been made to be a waitress. People need to find their calling. We all have one. No calling is too small or insignificant. When you find your calling, you will be happy.

The NN in the 12th may make the native afraid of the mystical. He may feel as if the mystical world is beyond his ken. He may feel as if the mystical/supernatural world is better left to others who know more. This is a salient feature of the NN. One feels in awe of those who are comfortable in the domain in which one is afraid/reluctant.

13 thoughts on “The Nodes–By House

  1. amiannKristieJenkins

    The message I’ve gotten in the area of the nodes is to move away from the South Node and towards the North Node in order to fulfill our life’s destiny. This being the main purpose in focusing on the nodal axis.
    NN in the 12th

  2. amiannLesley Jackson

    You didn’t explain NN in 6th SN in 12th!! That was the only one where you didn’t reverse the positions and that’s mine. Please do NN in 6th. I have NN sag in 6th with SN in Gemini, my sun sign, conjunct Mercury. SN isn’t conjunct sun but in same sign.

  3. amiannS

    My 2nd house of Libra only has my south node. I’m definitely most comfortable with material things, making and saving money, etc. It makes me feel safe. I can do what it takes to be successful. Even if I go through a rough time, I can go back and make up whatever I lost. This hasn’t been an issue for me.

    I have read that I, and other 8th true/north node people, need to learn how to be more giving, not to be money obsessed, be more open, find a more meaningful purpose… This is really hard for me to come to terms with. Being open and vulnerable in general is hard for me to do.

      1. amiannS

        I’m learning to embrace it. I plan on making some drastic changes to my life in the next year. I want to get out of this mental rut that I feel stuck in.

          1. amiannS

            I’m actively working on bettering myself, dealing with my low self-esteem and my dependencies on others. I’m undoing many of the things I was raised as. I’ll make sure not to do it all at once, but I do have to make serious changes to live my own life.

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