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The Ruler of Another House Residing in the Twelfth —–Does it Indicate Sorrow in the House from which the House Ruler Came?

I was thinking about this, in terms of my chart. I have Ruler of the 5th in the 12th.I lost a child. The 5th is the House of Children.It’s Ruler travels to the 12th, the House of Sorrow, as was it’s old name. Does anyone have a House Ruler in the 12th House? If so, please tell me from which House it came and what you have experienced. This would apply to people with 12th House planets, only.


A lovely woman in one of my Astrology Study Groups allowed me to use her name and to bring you part of her story, related to the Ruler of the 5th House in the 12th House. Gisele Matthews is her name . Here is what she wrote: You know, the ruler of my 5th is in the 12th which is why I chose to never have children.. I did have two abortions when I was in my early 20’s. I had to have them, as I was on heavy medication at the time that would have caused a deformed fetus. And yes, it was very sad.






** In the brief time I have had this question up, the answer seems to be a resounding “Yes”. It seems that the sorrow is in the domain of the House whose Ruling Planet travels to the 12th.


20 thoughts on “The Ruler of Another House Residing in the Twelfth —–Does it Indicate Sorrow in the House from which the House Ruler Came?

  1. amiannErin

    I have this placement. Simultaneously lucky and unlucky… I have Jupiter in 12th House Leo and Sun, Neptune, NN, Saturn, and Venus in 5th house.. (Venus is the oddball in Aquarius while the other planets in 5th are Cap). I have a lot of ambition and passion for The Arts…as well as unique tastes. I love discovering new artists and helping them out (behind the scenes) because I don’t like center of attention.. very creative myself but really shy. After I die I want to be known to support The Arts in a great way…In this life I am learning I Am Who I Am…and sometimes you have to know who you are not to get to that point…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter in the 12th is kind of an exception for a 12th House planet in that it is called the Fairy Godmother. This native is saved from accidents and near death experiences but he seems to get into them, too. Does this happen to you, Erin?

  2. amiannMaria

    Omg there is so much knowledge and wisdom in your articles….I really need to concentrate deeply into all this wonderful info.If I may put in my 50 cents per se, I have the ruler of my 2nd House-Moon sitting in the middle of my 12th House.This has up to now translated into a very abusive relationship with my mother.She has controlled all my life via finances in a very restrictive way and though at some point she legally passed property on to my name-she kept the rights to 2/3 of the finances that come with the property for life.Needless to say she is still alive.As the years pass, I seem to be struggling for finances more and more.Deeper into the the second House, my mother always rejected me-was not attentive to any of my needs as a child-she abused me mentally,psychologically and physically-she always used me when and if she needed something-she even starved me in the first 2 weeks of my life to the point of needing hospitalization for malnutrition….This malnutrition issue plays over and over in my life leading to an obesity problem that seems to be unbeatable up to date no matter how many attempts I have made.Even a gastric surgery did not fix the problem.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh Maria
      That is so sad! Look up these asteroids and see if they conjunct your Moon–dejanira, nemesis. I will think of others but your mother will show up in your chart in many ways. I am so sorry for what you went through!

  3. amiannMaria

    Yes, she has a Plutonian influence in my life, she has overtly stated that I should not rejoice in the thought that she will die (she is now 87) and leave me behind to live happy ever after…she said “not that I wish for you to die but no one knows what God has in store for us tomorrow-you just might die before me”. Of course she spared me nothing along the years from trying to kill me, calling me a whore since birth because I was molested at age 5 (I knew you were a whore I should have strangled you when you were a baby), ridicule and irony-I would never be as beautiful as her-as competent,as smart, as strong etc etc and as of late she keeps telling me that even my father knew what a disgusting person I am and never Loved me the way he adored her! Same goes for my grandparents and aunts in her opinion.The irony of it all????????? I am an only child, only grandchild and only niece in the entire family!!!!!! Yes, the 12 house Moon is a prison or even worse much like a dungeon!

  4. amiannMaria

    The reason I chose to share all of these issues is far from selfish.If one soul out there, especially young people, is to read this and find some comfort in not being alone or some hope of coping and possibly healing their wound, my pain and suffering will have not been in vain!

  5. amiannMaria

    Lo and behold! Nemesis is conjunct my vertex by 4 degrees in 5th house and Dejanira is in Taurus at the end of my 11th House (only five degrees or so away from cusp).

  6. amiannMaria

    🙂 I forgot to mention that among other things her Pluto is smack between my Sun and Jupiter in my 2nd House of Cancer in Synastry….

  7. amiannTiffany

    I have ruler of the 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, & 12th all in the 12th house. The ruler of my 7th and 11th house are and the end of the 12th so they can be interpreted in the 1st as well. Does this basically mean I have a life full of sorrow and loss?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Tiff. First of all, the only TRUE 12th House planets must be 10 degrees away from the ASC. Then, to answer your question, I would think you would have a great deal of sorrow. I am always honest. Truth is love to me. Truth is integrity, to me <3

      1. amiannTiffany

        Seems the best way to deal with loss is by evolving, becoming more self sufficient, & realizing everything must come to an end & nothing is ours forever.
        I almost feel I have to transcend the ethereal plane to be happy if that makes sense. My true happiness lies helping others and in being a spiritual light to others.
        My ascendant is at 22 degrees scorpio
        My Venus sign is at 20 degrees scorpio
        Pluto is at 6 degrees in my 12th house
        This is all really complicated for me to figure out
        Not sure if my 7th & 11th house should be interpreted in the 12th or 1st , also not sure if venus should be interpreted in the 12th or 1st some people say 12th some people say 1st. I’m confused!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You have venus conj the ASC which means beauty. Pluto is a true 12th House planet. I have that article on it that I think you saw, Tiff. I only look at the 12th house this way not the other houses.

  8. amiannbritt

    Maria!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!!! Your messages really touched my heart. I can feel that you’re a very deep person, you have a lot of compassion, and you’re very sane and mentally stable despite what you had to go through. Some people are meant to live this life as “monsters” in order to achieve a purpose. I believe and feel in my heart that we make an agreement with other souls before coming in to this life; we agree to play out certain roles for each other so that we can evolve.

  9. amiannlala2150

    Ruler of my 2nd house is Venus in Pisces. Venus is located in my 12th house. I can say I have struggled with a lack of self worth that has limited me in many ways. Never really felt pretty enough or good enough to deserve love within my family and in relationships. Alot of the times my lack of “beauty” depresses the life out me. Although, I have come to realize that if I want to accomplish anything in life I have to develop a strong sense of self and be able to care for and cherish who I am. Loving myself unconditionally is something that I pray for but often forget.
    Having the ruler of the 2nd house in the 12th house can be tough but worth it. I think that knowing deeply who you are at your essence and keeping that alive and being able to see the value of the life that you are is powerful regardless of external validation.

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