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The Second House


I have Saturn in the Second House. I have, always, tried to understand this Saturn placement in the Second House, but could not. I have not had financial worries. I have had financial ease. The Second House is defined as the house of material security: sufficient food, housing, clothes and the other exigences of life. The current point of view on the Second House is that it tells us about the self esteem of the native. I have, always, eschewed this explanation because I felt it was distorting the original definition of the Second House. However, I have been studying the Second House and am revising my thinking. I think that Saturn in the Second House could relate to self worth because self value is something one needs for security in the world.

The Sun

The Sun in the Second House would show us that obtaining and maintaining material security is a central focus in the native’s life. The House of the Sun is a very important house in the chart. The ego/identity of the native is bound up in the realm of that house.

The Moon
These natives may CRAVE material security. The House of the Moon reveals the realm of one’s longings. Everyone wants material security, but for some, it feels like one’s life blood. Look to the House of the Moon to see the realm of life which may occupy the deepest heart of the native.


Mercury is one’s mind. The native with Mercury in the second House may spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to obtain and retain material security. He may work in a field such as finance or accounting. He may follow stocks as a hobby.

The House of Venus reveals that which we love. The Second House Venus may love the feeling of having enough money in the bank. This native may love luxurious items, such as lovely clothing and delicious gourmet food.


The planet Mars reveals that to which we aspire i.e our goals. The House in which Mars resides reveals the object(s) of our goals. Mars in the second House may aspire to financial success.

Chiron is the planet of pain. The House of Chiron reveals our deepest pain, from my experience of doing thousands of charts( by now). I have seen the Second House Chiron reveal poverty. However, Donald Trump has a Second House Chiron and he has not experienced poverty. Hence, this widens the scope of Chiron to pain with money, in general. Perhaps, people tried to use him for his money, which must have happened quite a bit. Perhaps, money brought pain in his divorces, which must have been the case. I was very surprised to see Chiron in the Second House, but if we have the correct birth time, we do know that money may have been one of his biggest pain areas.


The planet Neptune can show us places in which we are confused. It can, also, show areas of creativity. I find that the House which holds Neptune is, often, a realm of confusion. Hence, the Neptune in the Second House native may feel confused about how to navigate the world of money.


Pluto powers up what it touches. It, also, seems to make for great ups and downs in the house in which it resides. Hence, the second House Pluto native may have ups and downs with money. He may have a feast or famine theme in his life.


Uranus is the planet of sudden beginnings and endings. The house in which Uranus resides may have erratic happenings. Hence, the native with Uranus in the Second House may been offered jobs, unexpectedly. He may be fired, unexpectedly. His finances may be great one day and limited the next. Uranus is the planet of shake ups!


Saturn is the planet of lessons. Saturn forces the native to mature and to be responsible. Hence, the second House native may learn life lessons from the arena of money. I include self worth here,as well. The native may have to learn self value through a long process of maturation.


Jupiter is the fairy godmother. He confers blessings in the house in which he resides. Hence, the native with Jupiter in the Second House will,likely, have good fortune with money, the Midas touch, perhaps!

North Node

This native has a life goal of navigating his way in the world of material security.

Part of Fortune

The Part of Fortune shows a place in which the native will have ease and good fortune. Hence, the Second House POF may have good fortune with money.


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