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The Sixth Step to Understanding House Rulers

I think I have given an idea of why one should bother with House Rulers;why they are important and what they offer us. Now, I will go on to more specifics of doing.The point of House Rulers is to see which spheres of life are important to a person and how these spheres of life RELATE to each other. That is the forest. Now, I will try to do the trees.


We know how to take the Chart Ruler and see the House in which it resides. Now, lets look at the 1st house and what it means when OTHER House Rulers are there. I will do these by talking about each house ruler which ends up in the 1st House and tell you what it means. With the 1st House, one wants to WEAR the other houses on oneself, we could say. One wants to USE the other Houses to make one look more enhanced: more elevated in status in the world. The House Rulers which are in the 1st house are used to enhance the ego of the native: they are used to enhance one’s status, in some way.They are like arm candy or prestige candy I will explain more, as we go on.

Ruler of the 1st in 1st– the person has a hard time detaching from his point of view and seeing others points of view.

Ruler of the 2nd in 1st–one cares to LOOK as if one is well off. One cares for one’s car, clothes, jewelry etc to look as they are from a person of substance.

Ruler of the 3rd in the 1st–one wants to LOOK special and unique with one’s manner of expression i.e how one speaks or writes

Ruler of 4th in 1st –one wants ones house to LOOK good, so one can look good, as well

Ruler of 5th in 1st–This one can be a player aspect, as one wants one’s romantic partner to LOOK good on his arm. This could be someone who likes to be the center of attention, as one wears ones role, as a fun person, as part of one’s identity

Ruler of 6th in 1st–one could brag about one’s service or charity work. One may not care about the work as much as how it makes one LOOK, to others.

Ruler of 7 in 1st–one wants one wife to LOOK good to enhance his image.

Ruler of 8th in 1st–one cannot hide one’s deepest emotions or passions. One wears them on his sleeve.

Ruler of 9th in 1st–one may brag about one’s trips or education.One wants to LOOK intellectual or well educated.

Ruler of 10 in 1st — one may brag about one’s career or place in society. One wants to LOOK successful

Ruler of 11 in 1st–one may belong to a group in order to brag about it or be identified with it so one LOOKS as if one cares about group, rather than really caring.

Ruler of 12 in 1st–one may not be able to hide how deeply a mystical and spiritual person one is.


With the 8th and the 12th, the person does not like that these parts of himself show, but he can’t help. The 1st house takes what is hidden and takes it out of hiding, whether the person likes it or not.


5 thoughts on “The Sixth Step to Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannJim

    Ami i know this is a bit hmm we could say ironic ,you describe that if one has ruler of the 12th in the 1st house he may not be able to hide how deeply and spiritual person one , but what happens when the ruler of the 1st is on the 12th house , hmm is a bit confusing , i have both of those , aquarius is my ascendant my uranus is on the 12th and , i have cusp of the 12th on capricorn , saturn in the first house , is even a bit more confusing since … well aquarius co-ruler would be saturn? , i would like to hear what are your tougths 🙂 , thanks again ami

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ruler of 1st in 12th means that the 12th is a “Theme House” for you. You care deeply about 12th House matters. Well, forget the identities of actual planets with House Rulers, as it is a House to House proposition. It is very confusing when you first start. Keep at it. It took me at least a month to figure it out!

  2. amiannJim

    hmmm Theme house for you , sounds interesting , im really trying to understand my chart , ive been reading and reading, many people take saturn as main ruler of aquarius and leave behind uranus , IMO uranus would be the main ruler of aquarius , as far as ive read , 12th house is playing an important part in my chart , thank you so much ami 🙂 ,youve helped me learn a lot about astrology 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are welcome, Jim. I love when people study my website. It makes me feel like I am making a contribution to others. This makes me feel very heart warmed. I think Uranus fits for Aquarius, very well. Do you have 12th House planets? I am sorry if I forgot, as I do many charts xx

  3. amiannJim

    xD dont worry ami, yes i have 3 of em, it was since i discovered the importance of the 12th house when i started reading about it , i have my moon , uranus and neptune in the 12th house

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