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The Sun Through The Houses

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People seem to like these articles, so here is another!

The Sun is the main thrust of a person. The engine is the main thrust of a car. The car may be pretty( you can tell I am a girl) It may be sporty. It may be clunky. However, what makes it RUN is it’s engine. In the same manner, the Sun is the central identity of the native. That is why it can be quite easy to guess Sun Signs.

1st House

This native may have a natural confidence. He may have a natural manner of self assertion. He may have great courage, especially when it comes to physical feats. If you pick a fight with this native, expect him to fight back or better yet, don’t pick it.

2nd House

This native will, likely, be practical and have good common sense. Good common sense is a trait that is not appreciated enough. Glitter and glamour fades. Good common sense sticks around to nourish the native, as well as others.

Speaking of food, this native may love to eat and, especially, love sweets. he may have secret stashes of Oreos.

He will, likely, have good sense when it comes to buying items. They will be of good quality because he values well made items.

3rd House

This native may love to talk, especially chatting. She will, likely, be friendly. She will, likely, be popular. She may love word games, such as Scrabble. She may have a rapier wit and keep others amused with it’s keenness.

4th House

This native values home and all that home entails such as family and close friends. She may build a warm and loving nest, in which she presides over as the Mother Bird. Don’t betray her, If you do,her soft feathers will turn into a hard beak. Cover your head. Remember “The Birds”

5th House

This native will be a person who loves to have fun. He will make a party out of a trip to the dentist. Well, slight exaggeration from a dental phobic, but he will have a wonderful sense of joy for life that is infectious to others, making him popular and loved.

6th House

This native may be one of your more serious friends. When the party is over and Sun in House Five has passed out, he will stay and help clean the dishes. He will be the rock that one can count on when the fair weather friends have departed (from the party or from your life.)

7th House

This native is not happy without a partner. This is neither good or bad. It just is. This native needs to be part of a duo and she values her partnership very highly. She may be gracious and wont to compromise for the sake of a happy relationship

8th House

This native will not be shallow. He will not have time for shallow people. He lives in the realm of depth. He may have excellent perception. He may have the kind of eyes that seem as if they look right through you and THEY DO!

9th House

This is mine. I had a passion to find God from the time I was a little girl. I can remember standing in the quad in college and thinking that there must be more to life than parties and guys. There had to be a reason we were put on this earth and that reason had to be bigger than ourselves. That is the thrust of the 9th House–who am I and why am I here?

10th House

This native is not content to stay at the bottom rung of the ladder, even though that may be the place at which he started. He will have the ability to defer gratification. He will have the ability to get along in a company until he becomes the boss, which he will. Then, he will be respectful of others because respect is one of his primary life values

11th House

This native may have strong hopes and dreams for which she plans. She may want to go abroad and help those who are less fortunate. She may not be the “touchy/feely” type but will show her care by actions, rather than hugs.

12th House

This native may find that his sense of self is amorphous. He may have an identity crisis, through no fault of his own. He may find it hard to take direct action for fear of looking silly or fear of rejection. His dad may have been absent. He will, likely, be interested in the mystical and the creative.

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