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To the Dear Person Who Writes me from the Sea off the Coast of England—–How to Deal With Depression

How does one deal with depression? This question plagues you, dear Friend. I will try to address this subject. I will bring all I have to the table. First of all, my studies and my own experience has shown me that depression is rooted in faulty thing. Basically, we think we are worthless. We were told we were worthless by parents.If not told, we intuited that we were. Hence, our cognitive make up is programmed with our own worthlessness. This is the fact. This is the situation. We feel we are worthless. Talk from others does not help. What do you do?God is all there is, dear Friend. Find out how much He loves you. He made the Heavens and the Earth. He made you. He knows you. He knows you inside and out.I have a song for you.



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