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How Do I Understand the Big Graph Under The Chart?

kristie chartKristie wanted me to explain the big graph under the chart not the little one. OPPS. Now I did both 😀   It is all good and we are on to the big graph under the chart. I will use Kristie’s chart for an example.   On the left side of the graph we have the listing of all the planets( and asteroids if one is using them). We have the exact degrees. We, also, have the Ascendent(ASC), MC, and IC listed by sign and degree.

On the right side of the graph are the planets and asteroids, if one is using these. We have the same kind of graph we had in Geometry. We can see every aspect made by each planet if we go down and across. The computer program tells us which aspects are made by each and every planet and asteroid. We, also, have the aspects to the NN.

The figures are too small for me to look beyond this. I have asked Kristie to find me a pic with the magnified chart and then  I will personalize this article to her chart but until then, I hope this article has helped explain some of the basics to the precious newbies struggling with the mechanics of Astrology.



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