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Uranus Oppose Venus in the Natal Chart

Hi Ami! I must say “Venus square Moon” is a  very interesting article. It would be great if you could do Uranus opposite Venus.girl wild blue hair

This is from Weird Genius, one of the members of my Forum. I put my Forum on brief hiatus because it was slowing down my website and I do not want my beloved readers to have a bad experience.  I am going to make a shiny new and fast Forum which I will link from there. I am very excited. I want the people honoring me with their visits to have a wonderful experience. I am designing it now.

Onto the question. Uranus is the planet of “out of the box” genius. Uranus is the planet which allows each of us to be an innovator. Uranus allows each of us to step out of our comfort zone and that of society in order  to run free. I have Uranus in the House of Career and if this career is not out of the box, I don’t know what is!

So, find the House in which your Uranus resides and step out, in all your unique and glorious beauty. I am sure you have wanted to do such. It is a burning need in all of us to make our mark. We, each,want to feel that we have made some unique contribution to the world. The House in which Uranus resides will CONFIRM to you what you know in your gut. In this House, you are supposed to break free and fly!

I have  an articles on the meaning of each Uranus in each  House, so I will not talk about that now.

Venus  shows that which we love. We will love the sphere of life represented by the House in which Venus dwells. Mine is in the 9th House and I love teaching. If your Venus is in the 3rd House, you will love communicating. If you Venus is in the 5th House, you will love being creative. If your Venus is in the 7th house, you will love being committed to one partner for life. If your Venus is in the 8th House, you will love exploring all taboos, emotional and sexual. If your Venus is in the 9th House, you will love learning and teaching. If your Venus is in the 10th House, you will need to have a special, honored place in society. If you Venus is in the 11th House, you will love groups. If your Venus is in the 12th House, you may be afraid to show how much you love due to fear of rejection. If your Venus is in the 1st house, you will be lovely and gracious. If your Venus is in the 2nd House, you will need material goods in order to feel loved and safe. If your Venus is in the 6th House, you may love to serve. You may, also, love the field of medicine. I was not going to do all the houses, just a few examples, but once I started, I could not leave out anyone!

To summarize what we have so far. Uranus is your inner  weirdo. Uranus does not like anything that boxes it in i.e routine. Venus is what you love and how you love.  The opposition is a back and forth motion between two poles.So, let’s put this together.  This native will struggle with the normal routines of life, be they in a job or a relationship. It is not a judgement on him. It is his make-up just as one has blue eyes or a pointed chin.

This native will want to be close to others but then will pull back from feeling  restrained and stuck. Hence, he will have the pattern of back and forth in relationships. The closeness of the orb in the Venus/ Uranus opposition is key. The closer the orb, the more this trait is magnified. The wider the orb, the more it is ambient.

When we look at Houses, we combine a love for something with a struggle to commit to that something,  Let me give a few examples. If Venus is in the 1st House, we have a lovely and gracious native. That would put Uranus in the 7th House, as most oppositions are direct opposites. Hence, this native will have Uranus in the House of committed partnership. Uranus in the 7th House will make for great ups and downs in marriage. Hence, the native struggles with wanting love and being very social(Venus in the 1st) with  having these huge shake ups in relationships.

Let’s look at another. If we have Venus in the 6th house and Uranus in the 12th House, we may have something like the following scenario. The native has a great desire to serve. He may wish to be  a natural health doctor, not a traditional one. However, Uranus in the 12th makes it very hard to SHOW one’s inner weirdo. One may have quite a bit of shame associated. Hence, the native may want to do out of the box natural methods of healing such as wheat grass healing for cancer  but may be afraid to go against the mainstream of medicine for fear of looking weird and/or being rejected.

Those are a few examples. People seem to really like my reader’s questions articles, so bring them on! Please, write your comments in my Comment Form, as usual.

11 thoughts on “Uranus Oppose Venus in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannWeird_Genius

    Glad you took my suggestion 😀 That was fast lol.
    I have Uranus in 1st opposing Venus in 8th and I don’t like people getting close to me. I don’t have fear of bonding, I just can’t bond. I want to run away every time when somebody requires emotional commitment from me. That’s real Uranus trait. 🙂

    When you wrote “Weird Dave” were you implying on me or somebody else? I’m so confused.

      1. amiannWeird_Genius

        Lol Ami.
        But, can you change it please? On the other article too – Venus square Saturn? I don’t know why it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d be very grateful to you for that.

  2. amiannGib

    Ami, first I love reading your site – you have such a cool and unique way or describing things.

    I have Venus ♀ in the third opposing Uranus in the 9th.

    It’s a fairly tight opposition. I think it’s one of the worst parts of my chart.

    On the other hand, I have Sun trine Moon, and that’s fantastic – but because I get my own emotions and purpose so well and have a generally charmed social and friendship life, the dynamic you describe seems like a stark contrast to the sun moon trine.

    I love how you call Uranus our inner weirdo.

    I have Venus in Aries ♈, so the opposition takes a not so great thing and increases it.

    But like you said, Venus in the third means I love communication… Too true!

    Thanks for this post because this part of my chart has been on my mind recently.

  3. amiannSift Saini

    I have Uranus and Neptune in 2nd house of Aquarius & moon and venus in 9th house of Leo . My Aquarius is in the sign of rulership(in Uranus) and both moon and venus being in Leo. Can u interpret this ’cause I have Uranus Contraparallel Venus.
    Hope to get answer soon🤗

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