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Uranus square Moon in the Natal

girl black goth roseThis is for Rod, my Chilean friend. Let’s get down to basics. The Moon is one’s deepest heart. It is the core of any native. If you want to know who a person is at his most intimate, look at his Moon. We must  look at the Moon by Sign and  House. The House tells us the sphere of life in which  the native has a  particular longing and connection. For the Fourth  House native, it is his early home. For the Tenth House, it is his career and his place in society. For the Fifth House, it is his creativity, romance and perhaps, children. So, we look at  both Sign and House to see the interior landscape of any native.

Then, we look at the House in which Uranus resides.  He may rebel against the traditions inherent in this House. He may have the spark of innovative genius in the House in which Uranus resides. If it is the Tenth House, he may be innovative in his career. I have this. If it is the Sixth House, he may be innovative in natural health. If it is the First House, he may have a mohawk haircut, tattoos  and piercings.In other words, he may look like a freak 😀    If Uranus is in Second House, he may make money in an unusual way.

Now that we have done a brief review of the Moon and Uranus, lets put them together in the Square. Moon square Uranus will be a native who finds it hard to let himself be innovative. He has an inner weirdo, as we all do but his  inner weirdo is at war with himself.  For example, the native may be  a man who yearns to be a ballet dancer but has a father who wants him to be a truck driver. He may want to dance his way to  the Boston Ballet but the square to Uranus may make him feel he cannot  be on other than the proscribed male career paths.

Also, Uranus square the Moon makes the native very  wary of commitments. This person  needs a great deal of change. Hence, any relationship or job that limits his freedom ( and most do)may strike fear into his heart akin to the  vampire with the cross.

If the square is close in orb, these traits will be magnified. If it is wider, these traits will be diminished. A very close orb is a highlighted trait of the personality of the native.


9 thoughts on “Uranus square Moon in the Natal

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is an interesting question, N.I think he would have super deep passion and fight with that and the wariness to make a commitment. Who has this, N?

      1. amiannnany

        Ami dear, I know someone with this placement…. And I also wonder that if there are contradictions in natal chart- placements that argue for stability and commitment on one hand and restlessness and infidelity on the other- what would actually dominate… For eg if moon squre uranus could suggest boredom, Venus in Scorpio says ’till death do us apart ‘ when in love… So what would such a man do?

  1. amiannWeird_Genius

    Hi Ami! I must say it’s very interesting article. It would be great if you could do Uranus opposite Venus and Saturn square Venus. (I have it both O.O)

    BTW Why the forum isn’t working? I want to thank Dave for spending 2 hours for writing me such an awesome reading. I really appreciate his effort! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi WG I would love to do this for you. Guess what? I am making a Cadillac Forum. It will look pretty and run really fast. I hope to have it up very soon and you can link it through this Forum. Dave is amazing and so sorry for the delay but Dave will be a Moderator there, so we are in business. The forum on here was really slowing my site down and I want all my precious visitors to have a great experience so I had to get the Forum off this website. That is the back story lol

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