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Venus in Gemini in a Female


Venus in Gemini is the girl men love to hate. She is akin to Mars in Scorpio in a male. Both are legendary placements to those in the Astrological know.

Venus in Gemini is delightful.She does not attract by force, as does Venus in Aries.

She does not attract with sultriness, as does Venus in Scorpio. She attracts by being so much fun that people follow.

Some planets become enchanted in certain signs. Such is the case with Venus in Gemini.

She is a fey. She dances from flower to flower leaving the sense that one, really, did see a fairy.

Venus in Gemini has a terrible reputation for “love them and leave them”.

I suppose I must cop the guilty plea on this. However, she does not leave lovers planning revenge, as does Venus in Scorpio.

If she leaves, it is because she gets bored. She will not slash your tires on the way out, as a Venus in Scorpio.

She will find a man who is a little wittier. She loves words, as Venus in Scorpio loves black silk. Charm her with words.

Sexually, she wants to hear you talk. Your moves come second.

Her worst quality is, also, her best. She gets bored easily.

This keeps her a stimulating companion, but may send her packing when YOU get boring. Boring to her, is the mundane routine of life.

If you see a woman’s Venus in Gemini, check her Moon and Ascendant. If she has a loyal moon, like Cancer, Leo or Taurus, you will be alright. If she has a Fixed sign Ascendant, like Scorpio or Leo, you will be alright.

If she does not have compensating factors for stability, I would say, “Run for the hills”. Don’t look back. Gemini likes nothing more than a good chase.

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63 thoughts on “Venus in Gemini in a Female

  1. amiannNed

    How would it go between a Taurus sun, Gemini venus, Cancer mars, Leo moon… and the man is a Pisces sun, Aries venus, Gemini mars, Scorpio moon! would it work out??

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Grrr Ned
      Come and post the chart on my Forum. That is what I have it for 😀
      Seriously, I would need to look at the actual charts because there are so very, very many layers to any chart.

  2. amiannBob

    my ex is gemini venus. LOVES to talk, to flirt. “language as lubricant” comes to mind. with my scorpio mars we were oftentimes caught betwixt and between. she also has some issues related to being completely forthright…and was made very uncomfortable, knowing i could always tell. but her scorpio ascendant is pretty close to my mars and my venus in libra can be pretty accomodating, sometimes too much so.

    she still believes i don’t know the things that i do.

    love and learn.

  3. amiannBob

    well, saturn in cap sextiles that mars and squares my mercury/venus so there is a kind of “braking” effect in the dynamics. i’ve decided it’s likely for the best with mars in the 5th, adds some needed discipline and maybe a wiser voice when the impulse is to…well, you know what the impulse is. it IS a refined venus, though and, added to a virgo moon, i don’t like what i feel to be crass or vulgar, though i’m no prude by any means. but an element of class goes a long way with me. the ex is also mars (and sun) aries, so with that added to the “light” venus in gemini, things – like sex, for example – could be a little quick and sometimes too detached for my need for depth and intimacy. and i’m sure my silences and “heaviness” were a bit too much for her tastes too, sometimes.

  4. amiannsina

    How do you know what your moon and ascendant are??? I am a Venus in Gemini born June 15th…but i have no idea how to look up what your moon and ascendant are??? Please help 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Sina. Go to and put in your birth info. You will get a chart wheel. There is no charge. If you save it to your computer, you can come and put it up and ask em questions.

  5. amiannAly

    I have Venus in Gemini and I find myself talking to four to five different guys while I’m texting. I never thought of this as an issue until my sister was telling her friend that I was a player. 🙁

    But it’s usually nothing romantic with the guys. Just fun flirting and teasing. I just CANNOT stand to be bored. It feels worse than depression or anger.

    Oh, and I have Libra ascendant with a Libra moon. Which I suppose would make me really fickle since my Venus is trine my moon and ascendant. I accidentally show up late for work at times and completely forget an entire conversation that I am having with someone. It’s incredibly hard for me to focus on one thing at a time since I’m usually multitasking like a mad woman.

    I also run away from people when they get too intense because I get overwhelmed with those type of feelings. It’s not me being a jerk. I just think people should handle their own feelings like I do. I just typed a lot of stuff, sorry. I didn’t realize I just did that. Lol.

    Aly xo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Aly! Your post was great. It was not too long at all! I am a Libra ASC, Sun Merc and venus in Gemini with a cancer Moon. It is so weird but I never get bored. I have been bored less than 10 times in my life. I think my 9th House stellium is always studying something so I am not bored. I am an earth void and very high string though.

  6. amiannMaya

    Cancer sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Asc., Mars in Taurus- Venus in Gemini female.
    These are my honest thoughts on the controversial Venus in Gemini aspect:

    1-I’m loyal to the bone by nature, very sensual and loving, yet life threw me in a context where I had painful, failed relationships that seemed to mirror each other in the way they ended and WHY they ended. I was the one who left when those people who claimed they loved me didn’t give me the affection I was offering them. And NO, those were not jilted lovers- I simply could not communicate with them, and I never felt loved the way I loved them. After each breakup I got physically sick for a long time- it hurt in anything but a superficial way. Venus in Gemini doesn’t equal surface or frolicking merrily and irresponsibly; au contraire, it can be loyal, provided that there is a strong mental connection. Leaving love aside, I think we leave when we feel misunderstood, when the other one ‘doesn’t get us”. That is my case, anyways.

    I’d also like to explain that ‘lightness’ associated with Venus in Gemini. I’m actually sensitive and I withdraw at any direct, forward hint, or when something becomes too obvious or vulgar. That’s why we are perceived as inconstant or hard to pinpoint, but if someone knows the art of flirting intelligently and with sensitivity, we can be hooked for life. Yes, I cheated. Does that make me a cheater by nature? Not at all. If any of those people would have acted normally, I would have never left. I would have been with just one man from the beginning to the end. Oh, one more thing. I hate it when men notice me for my physical attributes. I cringe. I stop feeling at ease completely. I want to be loved for who I am not for how I look. I understand physical attraction-that’s beside the point- but if someone tries to win my trust by telling me that his temples were throbbing with lust the moment he saw me, I’m sure the end is near. Or that there is no beginning at all so to speak.

    I’m aware that my Mars in Taurus and Cancer sun do influence the Gemini Venus, but still…I can be as flirty as everyone else who posted here, but when people say they can’t stand being bored I agree only to the extent that the conversation has to be interesting. It can be about anything deep or serious; it doesn’t mean that we’re little cretins who thrive on superficial contacts only to get bored easily and consequently look for change constantly. I get turned on by substance.

    best wishes to all my Venus Gemini sufferers:)*

    1. amiannVoice

      I’m intrigued. My moto is if you cannot stimulate my mind, what’s the point of getting undressed? Give me a reason to get naked other than gender horniness. Very few women speak as you have. Not a diss, just my human experience. Most women love a stimulating conversation but have nothing to contribute in return. I get called deep or told I’m fascinating, I made them wet, etc. Zzzzzz. And I can agree, once bored, I bounce. I can’t do boring. It’s worst than suffocation. How many dimensions are there to a person; and when they show up with a very decorative outer appearance void of any inner exploration, well let’s just say it’s a sinking ship before boarding.


  7. amiannpankaj

    I am interested in a girl who has gemini in venus. The following are her planets:
    Sun Leo Ascendant Libra
    Moon Capricorn II Scorpio
    Mercury Leo III Sagittarius
    Venus Gemini IV Capricorn
    Mars Leo V Aquarius
    Jupiter Aquarius VI Pisces
    Saturn Scorpio VII Aries
    Uranus Sagittarius VIII Taurus
    Neptune Capricorn IX Gemini
    Pluto Scorpio Midheaven Cancer
    Lilith Taurus XI Leo
    Asc node Taurus XII Virgo

    I would lile to know about the stability of this girl since I am looking for commitment.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, P. You can come put her natal chart on my Forum and ask the question and I will be delighted to take a look. This list does not show me the aspects so I cannot answer for you, my Friend!

  8. amiannJo

    Hmmm I have Venus in Gemini but in House 7 and Cazimi conjunct my Gemini Sun. Add in Scorpio moon and Sag Asc. Def not a flit person to person kinda gal. Quite the opposite in fact but definitely need a partner I can have deep conversation with.

  9. amiannCrazy BB

    I’m a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, Venus Gemini and a Rising Libra. He’s a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Venus Libra and Cancer Rising. Wow is there a connection! Crazy chemistry! But what a frustrating relationship. He is always holding back… he’s in and then he’s not. He loves and then he’s retreats. This man is completely confusing the hell out of me!! What is it that he wants. Is he a player or is he into me. Do Venus in Libra always have a string of women?
    It seems like we have so much in common and would really enjoy each other’s company. But I have no idea how to figure out were he really truly is coming from. I call him Mr Mysterious! He says I’m funny, and make him laugh. He says I’m sexy and thinks about me. But he never calls and I always need to make the first move. But oddly I get this sense that he’s got it all planned out in his head and is just waiting for me, and the right timing?
    Am I completely nuts?!
    Is this a good combination or should I run and never look back?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Crazy!
      I would have to see the charts to tell what is going on. Venus in Libra does not like to chase, in general. I do know that. I think I have an article on Venus in Libra, which talks about this.

  10. amiannRose

    My Vernus&Moon both are Germini and Asc is Sagittarius. Help me about an advice in love because somehow I can not realize myself ! I have never been in a relationship, its like I rather have a good time then some ppl take serious for a commit that I am very scared of loosing my freedom so badly. Ppl love me then hate me then love me again then hate me. I wonder about my personality for a married in the future? Could I stay possible? Sometimes I can not understand myself and make others in always confused situations. I always have a conflict inside my mind , I want to be loved loyal staying with partner but also I have deep desire seeing all the world with different things different ppl in doing anything what I want……

  11. amiannJeff

    I was born when venus was in conjunction with my ascendant in Gemini….lol…also venus was in conjunction with “saturn”. Boooooooo!!!! I finally get it after all these years the monkey wrench in saturn thrown into a good recipe. I have never had a stable relationship. I need to utilize the moon, mercury and mars all in fire signs.. To top it all off I have my sun sign in Cancer. That water sign isn’t the problem it’s that Gemini saturn conjunction to venus…. Dione a few natal charts with different sites and there is no aspect between saturn and my ascendant.. I thought that was odd since there both in Gemini.. I guess it only to takes 1 conjunction to do it.. Anyway I’m a male and my female friend has sun in cancer and venus in gemini like me but her other inner planets are all air except her mercury in cancer… It’s weird having a woman for that deep friendship.. Nobody in our family or friends get it… But they accept it and laugh. They are use to it. Forgot to mention she has venus in the 1 st house also under Taurus and I know Taurus is ruled by venus but the 5 natal birthchart websites I used for comparisons all showed the planet venus itself is in her 1st house .. Men constantly stare at her and women stare at me ..she has a Libra moon and Libra mars .. Maybe that adds to the venus.. By they way her birthday is july 20 the and mine is july 21st…… The crazy and lunatic of all Cancers. That’s why we also can understand and get it and accept each other….. Never want to lose her as a friend and never want to sexually be with her… I’m not gay or anything remotely in that whole thing… It’s kind of like a sister brother who are fraternal twins??? It’s the only way I can describe it…….. Never ever ever ever get bored with her…. We can talk for hours about anything…. Even it’s the same junk from a month ago .. We just come up with new theories or approaches to that month ago talk … Lastly…. Lol we met 4 years ago .. I’m 45 and she is 38…..

    1. amiannVictoria

      Whoa my birthday is July 21st (1985) and my venus is in Gemini also… but why are those the craziest of cancers? My moon is Virgo and my rising is Libra… 🙂

  12. amiannzoe

    Sun in cancer moon in virgo rising in saggitarius venus in gemini so hope my loyal cancerian covers my hate of boredom and routine haha.

  13. amiannSarah

    I am a Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo, Gemini rising, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aries, and Mercury in Cancer. I have no trouble attracting partners but noticed they flee fast or I get bored quickly. What kind of natal charts would you suggest for my makeup?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Gemini gets bored fast unless you have other more constant placements like Cancer. I am a strong Gemini but I have a Cancer Moon. Moon in Virgo is mutable. Mutable likes change. Gemini is mutable and likes change. Mars in Aries might like a lot of change and new things, also, Sarah.

  14. amiannmonica

    Hello. Just found this. Very interesting.

    I have Venus in Gemini conjunct Saturn, in the first house. I know Saturn here is somehow good as it “steadies” flighty Gemini. I have a Sun in Cancer (only planet/luminary in a water sign), Libra Moon and Taurus ascendant.

    Any thoughts? Thank you.

  15. amiannNat

    Leo (sun) Capricorn (moon) Gemini (venus, mars, Jupiter and 9th house). Is this a good thing? I’m considered to be an unusual person and very picky among other things.

  16. amiannTom

    So if I’m reading correctly, more fixed signs in the chart help with the boredom and loyalty issues a gemini experiences? I know this girl, she’s a cancer sun, scorpio rising, sagittarius moon, but has a venus in gemini…. what can I expect from placements like this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Cancer Sun is loyal. Scorpio Rising is pretty stable. Saggi Moon can be flaky but we would need to see how Saturn does cuz Saturn in good aspect is stability and Saggi Moon needs to be studied more in each chart, so i can’t really say just on these, my Friend.

  17. amiannlili

    Sun in Gemini 23° 22′ 19″
    Ascendant in Cancer 23° 56′ 58″
    Moon in Aries 1° 02′ 37″
    Mercury in Cancer 14° 04′ 55″
    Venus in Gemini 7° 50′ 44″ Rx
    Mars in Pisces 21° 10′ 28″
    Jupiter in Capricorn 25° 49′ 56″ Rx
    Saturn in Aquarius 1° 04′ 16″ Rx
    Uranus in Taurus 9° 10′ 49″
    Neptune in Pisces 20° 56′ 13″
    Pluto in Capricorn 24° 27′ 40″ Rx
    Chiron in Aries 9° 06′ 15″
    Black Moon Lilith in Aries 15° 32′ 03″
    North Node in Gemini 29° 08′ 49″ Rx
    South Node is in Sagittarius.
    Part of Fortune in Taurus 1° 37′ 15″

    Vertex in Aquarius 27° 42′ 45″

    Midheaven in Taurus 13° 32′ 09″
    Is she a double trouble ?
    A question from parent.
    whats the link to your forum?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I had to close my forum due to it taking too much time.I would need to do a chart to address all of these. If you would like to choose 2, I will try to help

  18. amiannSela

    I am a cancer sun(1st house), Scorpio moon(5th house), Ascendant in cancer, mercury in Leo(2nd house), venus in Gemini(12th house), Mars in Leo(3rd house), Jupiter in Scorpio(5th house), Saturn in Leo(2nd house), Uranus in pisces(10th house), Neptune in Aquarius(9th house), and Pluto in Sagittarius( sixth house). Help? please. Are these good placements?

  19. amiannSela

    I am a cancer sun(1st house), Scorpio moon(5th house), Ascendent in Cancer, Leo mercury(2nd house), Gemini venus(12th house), Leo mars( 3rd house), Scorpio Jupiter( 5th house), Leo Saturn(2nd house), Pisces Uranus(10th house), Aquarius Neptune(9th house), Sagittarius Pluto( 6th house). My Mid-heaven is in Pisces. Chiron is in Aquarius. Help? Please. Thanks in advance!

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