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Venus in the Signs

A flirt

My last article was on Venus in the Houses. Astrology is about blending. Take your house and meld it to your sign and you will have a picture of your Venus. Of course, aspects will modify this, but you will have something concrete under your belt.

The nature of Venus is the nature of what we find pleasing——our tastes. It is fortunate that everyone has different tastes or there would be one model for all, one size fits all. God, in his wisdom, made us all different. We are attracted to different music, home decor, clothes and people, of course. We have our own image of what is beautiful about ourselves, as well,

Venus in the Signs


Aries goes after what he wants. He is the proverbial caveman a la Fred Flinstone dragging Wilma back to the abode. Strangely, the Aries Venus, ONLY, has a reversal in men and women. The female Aries is the pursuer. The male Aries is the pursued. This is unique to Aries. I don’t know why. I am just reporting what seems to play out with this Venus.

The male Aries Venus may appear to chase but it is not natural to him. Once, he has his female squarely in his grips, he may become passive. This would be fine with some women. Just make sure you are one of them.


This Venus loves comfort. He loves comfy clothes as well as comfy furniture. Give him an easy chair, comfortable pillows and a warm cashmere( non itchy) throw and he will be in hog heaven( a farming term.) Taurus in Venus loves farming.

Taurus Venus will spend money wisely. He will buy quality items. Leave the bargain bin for another Venus, who disposes of old things to buy the newest trend. Can we say Gemini?

This is my Venus. I cop guilty to most of it, but some is modified by my Cancer Moon. The rest of the chart modifies traits for all of us, but for learning purposes we must break down placements. Gemini Venus is a flirt. I am a natural flirt. However, Gemini flirts in a fun way, unlike Scorpio Venus who flirts in a sultry, seductive manner.

Gemini Venus will use her wit. She may bat her eyelashes, but Scorpio Venus will wear spike heels and a black, leather skirt up to……. you know. Scorpio Venus will talk in a dark, dusky, sultry voice which will send Gemini Venus running for the hills with peals of laughter.


This Venus is a warm, maternal type. If you are sick, Cancer Venus will bring you hot chicken soup. She will protect you when people are mean to you. She will love her home, most of all. If you want the proverbial girl next door, keep your eyes pealed for a Cancer Venus.


This Venus likes to strut her stuff. She wants a guy who looks good on her arm. This could go either way, of course. The males want a woman who looks good on theirs a la The amazing Donald Trump, with the beautiful Melania.

This Venus loves glam.If there is a Venus who will buy out the jewelry store, it is this Venus. He loves to give gifts. He loves to surprise those he loves with special gifts, to which a great deal of thought has been given.


This Venus is in the Detriment. Hence, it is not an easy Venus. The struggle with this Venus is wanting perfection. Even the bikini model gets old, as does the new Ferrari. This Venus is as hard on himself as he is on you, so note that.

This Venus seems to value a more down to earth girl than a glam queen. He would rather wear jeans than a fussy suit. He feels the same way about you, so dress down and be natural. That is his kind of girl.


This Venus is said to be one of the best places for Venus. I don’t like it myself, but we all are different. Isn’t that the point? This Venus may be the most refined Venus. She does not like anything coarse, from jokes to too tight clothing. She is the Grace Kelly of Venus signs. The males are the same way. Keep your humor cerebral, my Friends. Leave the coarse jokes for a Gemini Venus.


This Venus suffers from the Detriment position. Many won’t admit the failings of their Scorpio Venus. There is a real pride in all of the Scorpio placements but that is what makes them so fiercely loyal, so one takes the good with the bad. This Venus is the original sultry girl( or guy) They are very intense when it comes to love. They may like clothes in the color black. They have an aura of mystery about them.

The main thing to remember with this Venus is not to toy with them. They do not shrug off pain when it comes to love. It goes deep. Play with the heart of another Venus, if you must, such as Gemini. She will forget you and move onto another, while Scorpio Venus cries herself to sleep, holding a teddy bear she named after you.


This Venus is the original “Love em and Leave em”. The song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” was made for this Venus. If there are no other factors for stability and depth, I would side step this Venus. But Hey,it is up to you.

Just an aside, this Venus loves legs, shoes and boots: particularly boots.


This Venus can be described in one word—quality. This Venus values quality in all things from cars, to education to partners. If you want multiple partners( at the same time) find another Venus, such as Sagittarius. Capricorn Venus values loyalty above all else. Make yourself a person of quality, if your intended has a Capricorn Venus, or any Capricorn placements, for that matter


This Venus has a lovely quality of not clinging. This quality appeals to Air Sign people, such as myself. Aquarius Venus has a true morality, not an ersatz one, which may not be the case with other Aquarius placements who love to be “holier than thou” but that topic is for another day. Aquarius Venus is intellectual. He values the intellect in himself, as well as a partner. If you are a Valley Girl( DUH), you need not apply.


I have come to have great admiration for Pisces Venus. They are the most romantic of the Zodiac. If they love you, they will tell you in the most marvelous ways. They will arrange for romantic dates, such as a picnic at the beach with all the trimmings: wine, gourmet cheese and sushi.

They will pay attention to every detail, so the night will be as memorable as it can be. They have sensitive feelings, so tread lightly. You don’t want to break their spirits.

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    Well I have Venus conjunct saturn as well as Venus in Capricorn, Venus conjunct uranus (Venus in Aquarius and Venus conjunct neptune (Venus in Pisces) , Im a mess

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