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Venus Square the Ascendant in the Natal Chart


Venus reveals how we EXPRESS our love. Some people are warm and effusive, such as a Cancer Venus. Others may hold back effusiveness, such as a Capricorn Venus.

The Ascendant reveals our mannerisms in daily life. It is our external mask. However, we do not choose to don this mask, at will. It is affixed.

In the case of Venus square the Ascendant, the native refrain from showing outward expressions of love.

She may feel silly or uncomfortable with warm expressions of love such as hugs and touches.

Venus is, also, outer and inner beauty(grace and charm).

A strong Venus, such as Venus trine the Ascendant may be gifted in making the most of herself, physically.

She may know how to apply make up and dress becomingly.

She may have a sense of style or panache that others envy.

On the other hand, the Venus Square the Ascendant may not know how to enhance her own beauty.

She may feel unable to make sense of the world of beauty products.

Venus trine the Ascendant may have a natural social grace.

Venus square the Ascendant may feel uncomfortable in social situations. She may feel that she does not know the right thing to say or the right way to act.

The square, always, represents a struggle and a thwart.

6 thoughts on “Venus Square the Ascendant in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannMarc

    Hi Amy … what would you think about an out of sign Venus (Gemini) square ascendant (Libra). The Gemini Venus also makes an out of sign conjunction to the Cancer MC. (Orbs are about 4-5 degrees). After reading your articles, it sounds like we have many similar chart features – Libra Asc, 9th house Gemini stellium, etc. I suspect that may have something do with why I identify with your take on astrology!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Venus sq the ASC is a very attractive person, but in a more edgy way than a bright sunny way, if you know what I mean. Venus conj the MC is another factor for beauty and grace in one’s career/greater society. I am glad to have you here, Marc—another flirty Venus in Gemini!

  2. amiannDemaris

    I slightly disagree. Kim Kardashian has Venus Square Ascendant, and she’s Kim Kardashian. I think the aspect makes it difficult in the beginning but it makes you strive to master it!

    1. amiannS

      Ami never said this was definitive, just that people who have this aspect may have these thoughts/qualities.

      I have this aspect and I have an obsession with my looks. Kim Kardashian clearly does as well given all the plastic surgery. Her face looks different every year. It’s a never ending struggle; You don’t feel good enough.

      1. amiannS

        Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to do normal things that most girls figure out and get on with, like makeup. I feel like everyone had a head start and I’m still trying to catch up. Sometimes I take it too far. It has been a long struggle to figure out my style, what works on my body type, etc.

        If I’m not perfect, then I failed. It’s another thing to pick apart about myself. I’m constantly changing products, styles, etc because it can be overwhelming and I don’t feel I look quite right. All of these negative feelings make me feel uncomfortable around others and really awkward in social situations.

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