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Gemini is the consummate intellectual. He enjoys the intellectual realms, as does a fish water. Gemini has positives and negatives, as do all signs. One of his most positive traits is that he can detach. Air can do that.Gemini is gifted with the ability to pull back and reason. If you are fortunate enough to be a Gemini, you can be insulted and still remain standing. This is no small feat. Fire signs may have knocked out the fellow, before asking a single question. Gemini will give you the eye, and wonder if you are the biggest azz that ever drew breath. In the time it takes to do this, Gemini will have gotten his footing. A Gemini Sun is a gift from the gods. It is a terrible thing to see a Fire Sign go into a rage. Gemini will, rarely, do this.

Gemini is a mutable sign. Mutable means flexible. It means that Gemini can let someone else lead. He can take a back seat. In fact, he likes to sit in the back seat and let you drive. He will curl up with a book.Reading is the activity in which Gemini is the happiest.He loves words the way Taurus loves ice cream. Gemini loves word games, so he can use he rapier wit. Gemini may be one of the most fun loving signs of the Zodiac. His motto is “Let’s party.” A party could be you and him laughing about someone’s shoes. Anything is an event with a Gemini. That is why he is one of the most popular signs of the Zodiac. He makes his own party. You are happy, simply, to go along for the ride.

Gemini has a light heart. It is how he was made. He can get a bad rap for “love em and leave em”. However, you have to look at the moon, in these cases. If he has a stable moon such as Cancer, Taurus or Leo, you can have the party and Gemini will stick around to clean up the dishes. The moon is the inner person. You will see his moon sign, if you are his intimate.

Gemini needs communication. The phrase, “No man is an island was made for him” He will have many, many friends. They will be varied, as Gemini is not cliquish. Gemini will invite everyone to enjoy the fun. He is not covetous of his friends. He knows that people will come and go. Gemini has an open door policy. You can go away and when you come back, it will be as if you had never gone.

As a negative trait, Gemini is high strung. He has a delicate nervous system. Anything may jig him up. He gets overwhelmed from too much stimuli. Then, he must retreat into the quiet of his own room. This fragility may be one of Gemini’s hardest struggles. The statement, “Some horses were made as workhorses and some were made as race horses” applies to Gemini. He was made to be a stallion, running free, mane flying.

If you hook a Gemini, you will have a constant party. However, you may have to take care of the details because he pays the bills the way he works the room at a party. He flits from one activity to another, leaving each undone. *Sigh* Gemini needs to marry a person with enough earth to pick up the pieces.

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  1. amiannClare

    Here’s a biggy….. What about premature births when you know for sure you are alot premature? In my case if I were born near my due date, 5 planets, including pluto would be different. I am gemini, but would have been cancer. And, my birth certificate SAYS I was born at 8 months and my birth weight which was low, proves it. I think I was supposed to be born when I was. I am very christian and believes God does thing for a reason. But, maybe God stayed out of it, and said, “This is what’s happening, but it is not who you really are.” And while I am at it, what about people who were induced for poor reasons, like for the convenience of the doctor’s schedule? I am Gemini sun, virgo rising and moon in scorpio. I also have the neat Mercury and sun conjunct at 8 degrees apart.

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