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I love Sagitarius, so you will have to forgive me if I gush. It is my opposite sign, as I am a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus. There is something magical about your opposite sign. It fills you in . The Zodiac wheel is a magical thing. It works on many different levels. It is so complex, again, showing the hand print of God. Check out your opposite sign, and see if I am right. You can study your opposite sign to see what you need to attain. The other place of attainment would be the North Node. This would be more the case than the opposite sign, as the North Node is your personal goal barometer. Study the sign and the house of the North Node and you will have a road map for your life. Don’t be surprised if the NN seems unattainable. It,often, feels this way. It’s traits are aspirational. The South Node is what you have, already, mastered. Here, you can sit on your laurels.

Back to Sagitarius. Saggi is full of life. He is full of fun. He loves to laugh. He is as generous, as he is optimistic. Saggi is like Gemini, in that life with him is an eternal party. Both he and Gemini never grew up. Saggi is the Bachelor of the Zodiac. There are so many adventures( and people) out there. Why limit yourself? At any rate, Saggi is the Ruler of the 9th House, the house of higher education and spirituality. Saggi may seem as if he does not care for anything more than a good time, but that is wrong. Saggi wants to know why he is on this earth. Saggi is deeper than he appears. As much as he loves a pretty face, he needs a partner who can meet him in his depth. Saggi cares a great deal for justice. Jupiter is Saggis ruling planet. Jupiter brings joy,expansion and optimism to what it touches. Jupiter rules justice and the law. Most Saggis are fascinated by the law. However, many of them break it, as they are daredevils. Saggi likes nothing more than a good bet. He is an excellent poker player. I bet many professional gamblers are Saggis, more so than any other Sun sign.

Saggi has wonderful traits and negative ones, as all signs do.. Saggi will tell you what is on his mind. He can be counted on to be authentic with his emotions and his expression of them. That means a lot in this day of political correctness. You will know where you stand with a Saggi. Saggi will not fake well.If he does not like someone, he will be cold, at best. At worst, he will blast them.

If you are interested in a Saggi, know that they detest boredom. Learn to juggle and ride bareback, at the same time. Keep him amused. If not, you may find him eying your best friend. When that happens, leave first. It won’t get better.


6 thoughts on “Sagitarius

  1. amiannstarish

    Hi Ami. Being a saggi myself, this really made me smile. Many of my close friends are geminis or air signs, but I guess that’s because I only have one planet (moon in gem) which is in the 12th house – I feel drawn to air signs! 🙂 Take care and keep up the good work. I always try to read your posts 😉 /StarishXx

  2. amiannJane

    Oh no wonder I get along with Aquarius so well and I love them to the core, it’s my South node so familiar to me. My Rising sign is Sagittarius so I’m really straightforward. I know someone whose sun sign is on the Sag–Cap cusps and Virgo rising, idk but he doesn’t tell what on his mind.

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