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Scorpio is a delicious sign like chocolate in your mouth. As it melts, it fills your senses.You are taken captive. All is perfection. How does that relate to Scorpio? Wait. I hope I can explain, to your satisfaction. I will try.

Scorpio rules the 8th House. The 8th House rules all matters taboo. If one can’t talk about it at a cocktail party, the 8th House rules it. This goes for the emotions you, only, show behind closed doors to the most intense( and darkest) passions. 8th House professions are the shrink, the detective, the deep sea diver and the surgeon. Some people never touch the 8th House. They are content to skip it, as they go around the Zodiac wheel. You have seen these people. They are the cheerleaders, the woman dressed in expensive , designer clothes with perfectly coiffed hair. Some people really do keep this face on. These people won’t sully themselves with 8th House matters. For others, they live in the 8th House. It is how they are made. One can’t run far enough away if one’s chart pulls them inward and the 8th House is the most inward house that is still centered on the earth. The 12th House is an inward house but it calls you to the ethereal, next dimension.This is not at all the same.

Those who have a strong Scorpio profile(or strong Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet) are a little different than the rest. The sign of Scorpio is enshrouded in mystery. Scorpio seems to manifest differently, depending on which planet(or angle) one has in Scorpio. Scorpios is all of the above: intense,jealous, secretive, loyal, vindictive, revengeful, passionate, stubborn , manipulative,soulful, soulful, perceptive, committed and courageous. How can we have such a mixture of traits and of such a varied nature?

The answer is that Scorpio is the only sign with three possible levels of development. There is the lower Scorpio who is petty, jealous, revengeful and small minded. There is the middle level who is working his way out, to the top. The highest level is a person who understands the inner workings of human nature and who has risen above. His character is represented by the eagle. One must observe, to see the developmental level of each Scorpio. You will see what I am saying if you set your mind to observe.

Scorpio is very different depending on which planet (or angle) bears the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Suns are a fine representative of Scorpio. If one wants a friend who will keep one’s secrets( and I mean ALL), find a Scorpio. A Scorpio sun will stand by your side when the rest of the world walks away. They know how to be loyal. They know how to stand for a friend when others have left. You can trust them, when you are too weak to prop yourself up. In turn, you must never betray them. That is not too much to ask for all they give. You will have a gem if you have a Scorpio Sun friend.

The Scorpio Moon is the hardest place for the moon. The tender moon does not like the intensity of the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Moons cannot help the level of passion which they feel. They tend to get obsessed when they are in love. They tend to want to control. Can we say, think you are having an affair when you run to the corner for milk? If your lover has a Scorpio Moon, never betray him. You will need to earn his trust and his respect. This is true for all Scorpios, but for the moon, most particularly.

The Scorpio Ascendant will wear Scorpio as more of an outer layer. He will be suspicious of new people and places. However, that is not so bad in this age of deception. The Scorpio Ascendant looks mysterious. He is, often, dark, although may be blonde. He has an aura of glamor, as a Jackie O, who was a Scorpio Ascendant. If Scorpio is only prominent in his ASC, he will let down his guard when he knows you. However, for any Scorpio( even the ASC) you best not betray him. Even the highest level Scorpio has been known to take revenge. It is intheir DNA.

Scorpio Venus is it’s own animal. Venus, like the moon, does not like the intensity of Scorpio. Venus and the Moon are yin planets. This means that they are receptive planets, feminine planets( using Oriental philosophy). The Scorpio Venus feels he is too intense. He may feel he is too sexual, and may be embarrassed about this part of himself. This has been my experience in talking to Scorpio Venus’ of both sexes. I have several articles on Scorpio Venus, so will not elaborate here. I will just say that Scorpio seems to be cumbersome when it is in Venus. I am not sure what is the answer to the dilemma, if there is one. When one has a planet in the Fall, as is the Scorpio Venus, one must learn to adapt to it’s unique struggles. Most people have a planet in the Fall. So, we all are in the same position with one planet or another.

Now we come to my favorite placement in men, Mars in Scorpio. Can we say poetry in motion? Picture a wild stallion running, mane flowing, strong and sensual. That is Mars in Scorpio.Mars loves being in Scorpio. It fits like skin on a snake. Did I say snake? Mars in Scorpio is a snake, in the nicest way. He slithers into your heart, or worse. This Mars is the best seducer of the Zodiac. He is the most well versed in the sensual arts, as this is as much his domain, as a Pisces to water. A Mars in Scorpio knows his moves. You don’t have to know a thing. Rest assured, he will teach you.

6 thoughts on “Scorpio

  1. amiannSoraja

    True . . .so true, Ami. I actually have lost friendships and love relationships because I was considered to be ‘too much to take’. I am too intense at times. I guess back then, I loved too much. Now I am trying to follow the Libran way, more moderate and middle of the road. I feel like it’s working for me.

    sun, mercury, and Uranus in Scorpio.

  2. amiannMimi

    Reading this article, it reminded me if a singer who’s ascendant is scorpio, he has scorpio dominant, and neptune and pluto dominant. But I could tell that wen before looking at his chart because just look the way he is and his music. He’s the perfect example of a scorpio dominant I think.

    He’s one of my favourite artists <3

  3. amiannFallon Elizabeth

    The greatest lover of my life was a Mars in Scorpio (I am Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces ) and a Scorpio South Node in the 8th House… (My North Node is in the 8th house). Our entire relationship thrived off of the intense sexual energy we created together. There was never a lack of sexual adventure, mystery and pure bliss. Sadly, mind blowing sex is not enough to make a relationship last.

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