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Taurus is the second sign on the Zodiac wheel. The first is Aries, the sign of the infant. The next is Taurus. The second house represents the stage of life where the child wants to acquire and manipulate material items from his environment. His motto is “I want.” Just as the child builds with blocks, the adult Taurus builds houses, does carpentry or plants a garden, which are all Taurus’ activities. Taurus is Fixed earth. He is the sign of the builder or any job which works with his hands to construct a product which makes the material world easier. Taurus is the sign of the banker, as money makes the material world function.

Taurus’ are practical people. The Fixed part of his sign makes him both stable and stubborn.However, Taurus has a kind heart and does not use his particular gifts with which to manipulate, as does a Scorpio who is Fixed Water. Taurus does not need glamorous surroundings, as does a Leo, which is Fixed Fire. Taurus may have a functional truck, while Leo will need a Porsche. Taurus does not need to keep up with the Jones.He is not a social climber. One of his main attributes is comfort. He believes comfort surpasses status. His home will be comfortable, with many cozy chairs. His clothes do not need to be designer, as he is happy in natural material such as cotton flannel and other fabrics which are made to feel good to the wearer.

A favorite date for a Taurus will be a home cooked meal and a movie. He loves affection, so expect to be snuggled and showered with bear hugs. Taurus will, probably, bring you a gift of sweets. He has a notorious sweet tooth. At work, he may have a hidden stash of goodies. Taurus is known to put on weight, so it may be a struggle for him to maintain his waistline.

The Taurus Ascendant (or Sun) may look like an actual bull. Keep your eyes open and you will see what I mean. If you see a person who looks like a Bull, I bet he will be a Taurus. The same goes with a lion and Leo. The same thing goes with Sagittarius and a horse. PHEW. Got off on a tangent there, but it is true and interesting to observe. The Taurus Ascendant will look like a solid citizen type, such as a banker or a policeman. He has the stability of being a Fixed Earth Ascendant, so don’t expect him to be the crazy guy dancing with a lampshade on his head, as the Saggi Ascendant may be.

Taurus Sun is a nice placement for the Sun. He is, usually, a solid and stable person. He may work with his hands as a builder or work with money, as a banker. At any rate, he is not your wild and crazy sort.

The Moon in Taurus is one of the best places for the Moon. Taurus uses all his wonderful traits and makes them shine when they touch the Moon light. The Taurus moon is kind and generous. He has an empathetic heart. He does not like to be mean to others. He is stable and loyal. The Taurus Moon is a good friend, as he will allow you to rest on his strong shoulders when you need a friend. He is not pretentious, either. He will not dress or live for other people. He has a good sense of self . This is a wonderful trait in this age of insecurity.

Venus in Taurus wears a flannel shirt, not a black silk one, as does Scorpio. Taurus Venus could camp out, under the stars. Leo Venus would need a five star hotel with maid service. Scorpio would need a play room ( not the kind your children have.) All in all, Venus in Taurus is like Taurus in the other placements : a regular Joe. Before you take offense at this, think about the kind of man you want for a husband and father. Do you want Scorpio swinging from the chandeliers or a man who works nine to five, to bring home the bacon.

Mercury in Taurus may think in a concrete way. He may be suited to working with his hands and figuring out how the objects of the material world come together in such careers as carpentry. He may be a wonderful cook, florist, banker or gardener. He may own a restaurant When he learns, he may put each step in the lesson in order, one preceding the next, in order to arrive at the final conclusion. This would be inductive reasoning versus deductive.

Mars in Taurus will have staying power due to the Fixed quality of Taurus. He may take time to decide what course of action he seeks to take. However, when he acts, he will be determined. He can set goals and reach them.


2 thoughts on “Taurus

  1. amiannferryleaf

    This is, so far, my most favourite Taurus sun description I’ve ever read! THANK YOU!!

    I cannot say how tired I get of all – and I do mean ALL – of the other descriptions of Taurus I’ve read saying that we like the “finer things” or that we are materialistic (in the acquistive sense). I couldn’t give a rip about baubles or fine wine or silk sheets or fancy cars!

    But yes I do like things comfortable. And quality. Why put your money into trash, after all? What a waste! So give me something solidly built, of good, sturdy, quality materials – and nice ones – that will last. Not cheaply made…but not necessarily expensive, either. It doesn’t have to be.

    But yes – flannel shirts, instead of black silk ones! lol! 😀 (I am a Venus in Taurus too.) Comfy!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Ferry. I love Taurus Moon and so know Taurus from the many people close to me with the Taurus Moon. I am an earth void, myself.

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