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What Do You Wear On Your Sleeve?

girl brightI was thinking about this because I have Ruler of the 6th in the 1st. A very sexy Mars in Scorpio man has Ruler of the 7th in the 1st. Is the chart destiny? I think so.



I will be back

8 thoughts on “What Do You Wear On Your Sleeve?

  1. amiannMoonChild

    If Pluto rules Scorpio, then I have ruler of House 2 in House I.
    And I have ruler of House IV (Uranus) in House I (Libra)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You like to dress in a tasteful way and you like high quality clothes etc. You like your house to be tasteful and something you can be proud to show others.

  2. amiannScorpion

    I have a stellium of 5 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Puto) in Scorpio in the 1st house, as well as Juno and the North Node. I also have Mars in Leo squaring my stellium… I’ve never been able o figure out how so many planetary influences in the first house affect my appearance… Any ideas? Also, I have no clue how the Mars squaring the stellium wold play out — no doubt it has a very strong effect but I’ve never been able to pin it down!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Scorpion

      This would make all these HOUSE RULERS be in the 1st house, so you would show all these parts of you to the world. Mars squaring this may make action super hard for you to take i.e lots of conflicts when you want to take action. I have a personal Readings Forum in which you are welcome to put up your chart, my Friend!

  3. amiannLuke

    I’m a little bit confused here but my Ascendant Sagittarius 24’25 degrees conjuncts my Sagittarius Moon which is also in the first house and at 24’54 degrees. The Moon’s ruler house the 4th house has Jupiter in Pisces 21’59 and it conjuncts Pallas 22’42. My 9th house is empty of any planets but is in Leo and has Orcus at 7’50 in it. Back to my Ascendent i have Nessus in Sagittarius, in the 12th house at 22’57 degrees conjunct my Ascendant, and my Moon.
    The Asteroid Gal Center which is in the first house and at 26’50 also conjuncts my Moon and Ascendant.

    I also added the whole list of asteroids from the additional objects section on the extended chart selection on and found my 5th and 6th house, as well as my 11th and 12th house has quite a number of asteroids, especially the 5th house. I will upload an image later 🙂

    As for career destiny i once used this house method and i found it to be quite truthful.
    The 2nd house is for earned income and how you obtain it, the 6th is for your work environment/health and the 10th house is the highest pinnacle of your career.

    You look to the signs of the 2nd, 6th and 10th, for myself Capricorn rules my 2nd house, Taurus my 6th and Virgo my 10th. Then you look to where the rulers of the planets are placed in the chart. For myself Saturn is placed in my 5th house, Venus is placed in my 5th house and Mercury is placed in my 5th house. This is said that my earned income/ work environment/ highest pinnaccle of my career has everything to do with a 5th house career. This includes Politics, the entertainment industry, event hosting, children etc. I guess you could also look at Uranus as i believe Uranus is co ruled by Saturn, and some people i think believe Virgo is ruled by Ceres or Chiron, i honestly can’t remember. Uranus is placed in my 3rd house, which from memory would indicate a career involving communications, sales, writing etc. Ceres is placed in my 5th house and Chiron is placed in my 11th house :).

    Another way is career by the planets and that is where you look at the planets in the 2nd, 6th and 10th and look at it from that perspective. It all was very interesting :).

  4. amiannAnthony

    This is interesting, I have Mercury and Sun in the 1st Libra Ascendant. Even though my Sun in Scorpio it’s considered in the first, it’s before my second house cusp. Rulers of the 9th, 11th, and 12th in the 1st. So I would show the world my secrets, my hidden things? Oh no lol

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