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What Does Uranus Do In The Natal Chart?

SW worms My articles on sexual attraction sparked me to consider Uranus.

Uranus is the planet I like the least.

I will tell you why.

In my opinion, Uranus causes trouble in most conjunctions and all hard aspects—the opposition and square.

I will explain how and why, in detail.

Uranus is the planet of electricity, which includes electrical shock. Uranus is the planet of the erratic, which could include erratic emotions such as very up and down moods or erratic situations, such as a car careening out of control.

Uranus is the planet of insanity. It is, also, the planet of genius.

Uranus in every conjunction is bad, except for Jupiter. Jupiter is good in any conjunction except for Chiron.

For the people who don’t like the use of “good and bad”, stop reading.

Don’t harass me by writing to me and telling me lol

Moving on, hence, Uranus will make erratic any planet that it touches in conjunction.

I will list some here.

Uranus conjunct the Moon
Emotions can be erratic. The mother may have been unstable. Relationships with women may be unstable.

Uranus conjunct Venus

It may be hard to commit when in love. It may feel very, very scary, through no fault of the person. The person may, simply, want to run when a relationship gets serious.

Uranus conjunct the Sun

This person may be a genius. However, the price may be tottering on the edge of madness. The father may have been unstable.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter

I have this and I would call it a good aspect. It makes for someone who is open minded. I will consider any idea. I will embrace it, if it makes sense. I think outside the box.

Uranus conjunct Chiron

Pain may make for an erratic nature in the native.

Uranus conjunct Mars

This is one of the worst. The person may be accident prone.

Uranus conjunct Mercury

This may be another of the worst. The person will, likely, be brilliant, but as with the Sun, may totter on the edge of madness.

Uranus conjunct the North Node

The theme of the person’s live may be one of instability.

Uranus in opposition and square is very hard, no matter which planets are involved. I will not go over all of the possibilities. I may have an article on it. I am quite sure I do.

Uranus conjunct the Angles could be good or bad, depending on what else is going on in the chart.

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant makes for a maverick. This can be very good because we need mavericks. However, Uranus conjunct the Ascendant may make for a person who tries so hard to be different that he makes his own prison of isolation from others.

For example, consider the person who goes to a formal party wearing a bikini. It is cool. It is different, but it is TOO different and the person would, likely, be an outcast.

Uranus conjunct the IC would be bad because it would show an unstable childhood.

Uranus conjunct the DSC would, most likely, be bad but maybe not. It could show that the native would choose unstable partners. However, it may show that the native was attracted to mavericks.

Uranus conjunct the MC could be good or bad. The native may be unstable and this could show to the world as in an O.J Simpson or the native may be a maverick as in the Bill Gates.

Uranus in trine and sextile brings out the best of Uranus and makes for genius, without the madness. A genius, by nature, is different from the average man. He must touch dimensions and spheres that we cannot reach. With the trine and the sextile, he can come back unharmed. With the hard aspects, it may not be the case.

Let me give some examples of Uranus trines.

Uranus trine Mercury would be classic for someone like Paul Mc Cartney. It would be classic for the amazing Ali G.

Uranus Trine the Sun would be classic for someone like Donald Trump who is a business genius.

Uranus trine Mars would be classic for an amazing dancer or sports player.

I hope I have helped you to learn to use Uranus in your charts. That was my goal.

28 thoughts on “What Does Uranus Do In The Natal Chart?

  1. amiannSugar

    I smell Uranus on you, Ami. You seem very original and simply, brilliant. Your writing infuses life to the dead. Maybe, that’s the Uranus conjunct Jupiter in you. But, I suspect you have other Uranus planets in your natal as well, that make you out of the box and a genius in explaining complex concepts simply.

  2. amiannVivian

    I have sun conjunct Uranus – I am a weirdo and I accept it …after many years of feeling alienated

    And Venus conjunct Uranus- I hate this one although its good for fashion, makes me stand out.

      1. amiannRL

        My son telling me all The Time that I am unappreciated Genius. I have on my mind also many crazy thoughts and I might wake up middle of the night head full of ideas and Even wake up hearing english speaking voices on my head. English is not my native language.

  3. amiannMarie

    I have no aversion to Uranus and i admire those with it prominent in their chart, it shows an ability to rise out of herd mentality. It is also a truth bringer but may come in like The Tower. Which of course we don’t like, no one wants their truth served up cold.

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