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What Drives Each Sign To The Shrink?

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I know we are in a politically correct climate in which one cannot call a spade a spade. That does not stop us here. We plow ahead with truth. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. 😀

The question is “What Drives Each Sign To the Shrink?”

Aries—He goes to the shrink because he has lost all his friends as a result of bragging

Taurus—He overeats for comfort and cannot fit into his pants.

Gemini–She has driven off all her girlfriends and is now onto the guys.

Cancer—She makes every man her mother.(Don’t start)

Leo—Leo talks about me, me, me, me, me, me…………………………

Virgo–She thinks everyone smells.

Libra—-She is so put together that she makes other people’s low self esteem come out.

Scorpio—-She wants intensity, intensity and intensity.

Sagittarius—He does not go to the shrink. He has a one night stand.

Capricorn–She spends all her time working. She tells the company shrink that she has no problems because problems look bad on the resume.

Aquarius—She is the “Queen of Holier Than Thou. No one likes her.

Pisces—-She has found recreational drugs. No shrink needed.

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