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What’s the Difference between a Trine and a Square, When Chiron is Involved?

What’s the difference between a trine and a square, when Chiron is involved?

Got this question from Naomi, one of the lovely ladies in the “Guess My Ascendant” group. First of all, I am student of charts, those of my clients, friends, family and myself. I observe and question. From that, I develop theories. I am putting forth what I have found about Chiron.

Chiron is the planet of pain. The House of Chiron will be the sphere of life which is the most painful. Aspects to Chiron are very important. Chiron hurts, no matter what. However, hard aspects to Chiron makes this worse. Easy aspects to Chiron make it more possible to USE Chiron to heal others. This mitigates your own pain. The square seems to lock in the pain. The person does not seem to be able to find outlets to heal, as easily. My advice for the person with the square would be to force yourself to do service for others. This will, always, bless the you, the giver. The myth of Chiron tells us that we can never fully heal. This is rather sad and disconcerting. However, we can find some real healing through service.

I can speak from personal experience because I have a Grand Trine of Venus( in the 9th House), a Libra ASC and Chiron in Aquarius the 4th House. My life is one in which I try to take my pain and combine it with love, the best I can, and try to offer it to heal others.People will never know how much their little comments of appreciation mean to me. Sometimes, I feel very sad or very stressed, but when someone sends me a few kind words, my spirit lifts. Thank you to all the amazing people I have the honor to share with. You truly make my day! You are truly doing service to someone when you try to lift them up.

I suppose that brings us back to the question of Chiron. One must force oneself to swim out of the depths of one’s pain and reach a hand to another. With the trine, it will be much easier than with the square. However, with the square, one can rely on the promise of God, which is that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Blessed means happy!

2 thoughts on “What’s the Difference between a Trine and a Square, When Chiron is Involved?

  1. amiannWilliam Fields

    I have chiron square venus, chiron trine mercury, chiron trine mars and it opposes my saturn. Plus my chiron is in leo, it’s retrograde and in my 1st house. I will admit these aspects manifested some very painful experiences in my life

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