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Where You Shine and Why You Shine—The IC/MC

I have had the MC/IC on my mind. I have Moon conjunct the MC. I show my heart to the world, whether I like it or not. However, what strikes me about this is that one thing I was denied in childhood( the IC) was the ability to show my heart . ( The IC is one’s childhood.) I extrapolate this to all the other people with planets conjunct the MC and wonder if they had the same situation. Is this a valid theory? Please, write and give me your experiences. I have another article on this subject, but I want to bring the subject to the fore, because it seems like an important subject for all of us with planets conjunct the MC . I will give a brief description of what each planet means. Hence, beginners can take part, too.

The Sun– your identity, self confidence, ego( in the best sense of the word), the “I am”

Moon–your deepest feelings, what is known as “your soul”, your most vulnerable self, your self which is kept hidden except with intimates

Mars–your drives for anything, aggression, sexuality, passion, achievement

Venus–what you find beautiful, what you love, social skills,

Saturn–discipline, responsibility, maturity through trials,

Jupiter-joy optimism, adventure

Neptune–imagination, creativity, the arts

Pluto–primal power, personal power

To clarify, if you have a planet which shows on the MC, did you have to suppress it, as a child? To the beginners, go through the list on what each planet stands for. Then, you can answer.

15 thoughts on “Where You Shine and Why You Shine—The IC/MC

  1. amiannlunaeamethyst

    My boyfriend has Sun conjunct his MC and Sirius conjunct Sun and MC… Sirius to the MC and Sun brings you great fame and success in public

  2. amiannKy

    What does Vesta conjunct the MC mean? There is so much conflicting information out that contradicts each other.

    That this could be a narcissistic person who is self-absorbed or one who is entirely immersed in their work and is, thereby, self-sacrificing and devoted to others. Or may have a whore/madonna complex.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Ky

      No. No. No. Vesta is a wonderful asteroid. There is nothing of the dark or negative in it. It is pure self sacrifice from a heart that truly wants to serve others. Tell me about yourself as I bet you have this virtue!

      1. amiannChrista

        Ami, what does it mean to have Vesta in the 1st house? Also what does it mean to have Vesta conjunct another person’s Sun? Thank you! I have trouble finding information on Vesta.

  3. amiannKy

    Thank you for answering my question.

    That makes sense since I gave up my flourishing career to be a full-time mom and wife. I’m working on my little ones to be good to society! 🙂 I even spent some of my years being a home educator to them at the expense of continuing my own education. It hasn’t always been easy (a lot of days aren’t!) but I know the rewards in the end will be worth it. 😀

  4. amiannKy

    Oh and when I did work…I WAS a workaholic. I would work 12-16 hour days–whether it was management or working a part-time job, 7 days a week without blinking an eye about it. A lot of my work revolves around helping others in some way.

  5. amiannChrista

    Ami, I have Neptune conjunct the MC from the 9th. It is an 8 degree orb, so fairly wide, but I think still pertinent, as I strongly identify with the placement! Anyway, my parents loved seeing my artwork or hearing me play the piano, and strongly encouraged me to do so. But I was a bit shy to expose everything. I didn’t mind practicing or playing a piece in front of my family, but I didn’t feel comfortable “letting loose” and composing a song or goofing around creatively. I saved that for when no one was home so they couldn’t hear me. I don’t think they would have minded, I just felt shy or private about the creative process.

  6. amiannChrista

    Also, upon further thought, I think he home/family was an inspirational place for me… they were artist/musicians and spiritual people. They wanted me to be Neptunian, and they knew I had talants, but I was just more private than to put it all on display. I did however become very Neptunian in the privacy of my own room, like writing, drawing, etc. My parents also prayed every night aloud at the dinner table and we would all hold hands. But if they ever asked me to say a prayer aloud I would get shy and say very little or nothing. But I would pray every night privately by myself before bed. I never told them about that either. And they didn’t ask. They were very open about their spirituality/art/music and I absorbed the influences greatly, but kept my own Neptunian world fairly private.

  7. amiannChrista

    Any thoughts on the idea that the IC creates, inspires, or encourages the opposition of the MC energy? I feel like in my case the IC was the root which pushed me to bloom in the world (MC) in that way. Like the IC is the seed and plants the energy in us to expel out into the world (MC).

  8. amiannVivian

    @AmiAmm wow , you are a genius, who wouldve thought. So I guess we can say, our I.C/M.C is us putting out our unconscious desires to the world?

    If so am doomed

    I have Mars on my Midheaven (not conjunct) in Taurus. Guess am putting forth my

    ” drives for anything, aggression, sexuality, passion, achievement”

    I guess as a child Ive always felt a bit controlled, had alot of built up anger, never allowed to be my own person. I mean I have pluto conjunct my fourth house so there is that. Now I feel likes taking everything from the world, expressing my self, my beliefs, my truth, not sure how the sexuality comes in but probably might be expressed in a taurus way no doubt. Im just worried about my anger.

    I also notice that I have way more asteroid conjunctions to my MC than anywhere else.

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