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Which Synastry Aspects Would Make Me Run AFTER Him?

girl leapordThis article will be the companion of the last one, as people seem to want to know the good, as well as the bad( and they should!) A synastry can be a thing of beauty. Soul mate synastry is rare, but good synastry is not. I will talk about soulmate synastry first, as that is everyone’s goal. If you do not have an exact soulmate synastry, you can still have good synastry.

1. North Node Aspects

I would look at the NN first. I am a NN nut, as I am a Moon nut. One cannot overcome these factors, in my opinion, so I go right to them! Just as we do not want a bad asteroid conjunct our NN, we DO want a “bells and whistles” stellar asteroid. We want the kind of relationship where we can walk on air, as if in a musical but are next to our beloved, decades later. I have seen it, so I know it exists. I would go out on a limb and say that they had soulmate charts( or close). So, when you go through the list of asteroids, you can see what would be bells and whistles. It is obvious that the love asteroids bring just that: love. There are many love asteroids. Each may have a slightly different tinge to love, as in the Greek language, which has four words to describe it. If you study the love asteroids, you will see variations in the kind of love. I will make a list for you and come back and put it here. It will not be exhaustive, as there are many thousands of asteroids, but it will be a good start.

A. Eros—erotic feelings. This would not be love, per se, just erotic feelings

B. Amor—-a true kind of love. Love combined with kindness, compassion and empathy

C. Adonis or Aphrodite—worship of the person. This would not be love, per se. It would be the kind of hero worship we have for celebrities.

D. Valentine–perhaps the truest form of love. This is sacrificial love where one would give his life for the beloved.

E. Cupido–this is fake love. This is the look of lover with the attention to deceive the other person

F. Sappho–Eros with a love of any of the arts such as literature, music or fine arts

G. Ceres–I love this one as this is a mother’s love–the most pure and truest love of a mother for her baby. This is nurturing love.

H. Vesta—Sacrificial love where the person will sacrifice themselves for the person they love. A surrogate mother would embody Vesta’s love as she sacrifices her womb and her body for a child for another mother. Think of this when you think of Vesta’s love and you will understand it.

I. Pallas–this is a tribal elder’s form of wisdom. It is a wise person imparting wisdom to another.

J. Psyche–This is a soul mate mental and emotional connection. This is not physical. When it is paired with Eros, it becomes one of the primary pairs of asteroids we look for to determine if it is a soulmate chart. Psyche would be similar to Moon trine Moon. Planets always have more power than asteroids because they are stronger, energetically. However, if you have read what I wrote about Moon trine Moon, you can apply that to Psyche and how it works in the synastry.

K. Child–I put this here because soul mate love is Moon to Moon or child to child. When we truly fall in love with someone, our child touches his child. Hence, the Child asteroid, which represents one’s inner child, should have a place of prominence in the synastry. If not, I would be wary. For example, I would not like to see one person’s Child asteroid conjunct the Nessus asteroid of the other. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. I would not want to see the Child asteroid conjunct any of the dark or angst filled asteroids.

L. Bacchus—This asteroid likes over the top sexual things such as orgies. I would not want Bacchus in a very prominent place in the synastry. It could be in a lesser place and that would be fine. I would not want it conjunct the NN, which would be one’s purpose in life. If a man had a very strong Bacchus, such as Bacchus conjunct the NN, I would not want this, as his life would be consumed with over the top sexual pursuits, which I would not want, myself.

K. Pan is the same as Bacchus

L Nymphe would be similar to Bacchus but Nymphe may want numbers of people, as notches in his belt rather than over the top activities such as orgies.

K. Joya—joy

L. Boda–the Spanish word for marriage

M. Breide and Groom– bride and groom, which would be a marriage aspect

N. Alma–the Spanish word for soul. I would classify this as Psyche or Moon trine Moon. This would be a deep heart aspect such as best friends.

The NN is so pivotal because it is the goal of each person’s life. In synastry, we can see if the goals line up or are averse. We can see exactly what one person will bring to another. Do you want that? That is the crucial question for anyone contemplating marriage. We all want a marriage to last. You will live, eat and breathe what your partner brings to the NN.


2. Moon trine Moon, Moon sextile Moon, Moon conjunct Moon

I have many articles on this. A soulmate relationship could not be such, without this, in my humble opinion.

3. Pure Attraction Aspect( but no lasting quality)

Mars conjunct Venus. We can add to this by talking about the other possibilities with Mars and Venus. We have the conjunction( which is always the strongest), the trine or sextile( which can be looked at as the same thing for purposes of this discussion), the opposition and the square. Mars conjunct Venus is super attraction. It is like boy sees girl across the room and cupid’s arrow hits boy and girl and cartoon hearts come forth. the trine would be the same easy attraction. The opposition and square would have the attraction but the element of fighting, but it would be fighting with that sexual edge. There has to be squares and oppositions in synastry or else it is like brother/sister. There has to be that passionate sexual tension. The opposition and squares between Mars and Venus would provide that. I hope I explained that well.

4. Electrical Attraction Aspects( but no lasting quality)

Uranus conjunct the ASC, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars

5. Primal emotional and sexual attraction

Moon trine or sextile Pluto

Venus trine or sextile Pluto








I will be back to fill in and add more.


86 thoughts on “Which Synastry Aspects Would Make Me Run AFTER Him?

  1. amiannJane

    I know someone who’s Mars conjunct my Venus but I guess 5 deg is a lil wide because I don’t feel it. His saturn exactly conjunct my NN and you said it’s a bad placement from the other article. Do I need to consider 3 deg for NN conjunctions or too wide? because I read in other sites only 1 deg for Nodal axis. I also knows someone whose Pluto will almost always trine his Moon, from my Pluto generation.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      5 degrees would be more ambient, but felt. I would not want a Saturn conj my NN. You would feel 3 degrees, for sure. He would be “on your case”. It would feel like a too strict parent imo

  2. amiannJane

    Hi Ami, What do you mean by this”You would bring yourself as a victim to him, I think.” means he will still abuse the girl? Thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Armor conj NN would make one person a bringer of love to another. The same with venus. I assume you mean this is synastry. It would be truly lovely!

  3. amianngina

    Hi Amianne, great blog. I’m a novice in synastry and am looking for more info on asteroids. Would you by any chance know if a double-whammy moon-conjunct amor (both very tight orbs ~0-1 degree) is anything significant and what it means? Are asteroids fast-moving bodies like the moon or angles, so depends on accurate birth time?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Gina! Yes, that DW would be VERY significant because it is an Asteroid to a personal planet(Moon). Each asteroid is different, I think. I am not too sure about the movement but asteroid to personal planet or angle is very important, such as you described. Come and put your chart up in my Forum and ask your questions. Hope to see you there, Gina dear.

    2. amiannAprylDawn

      💔He’s about to marry someone else.
      His pr. Venus @22°aries.
      Her North Node @22°aries
      My Vertex @22°aries
      the question of the hour that is my life.
      And my pr.sun conjunct her natal sun.

      1. amiannKathy

        Thank you. He was born about 2 1/2 years before me…would this still count or no? We also have a few more interesting aspects like my vesta conjunct his moon (in pisces) and his psyche conjunct my moon (in aquarius)

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The asteroids conj the Moon would count as the moon is a personal planet. You can research Amor and see how fast it moves. If it stays in the same sign for 3 years, it would not count. If it moves faster, it would. Let me know!

      1. amiannAileen

        But it still would not be as strong though, no? is what im wondering lol, and if there are other much stronger negative aspects such as mars square venus at less then 2 degrees and mars square jupiter at less than 2 degrees, would venus/pluto just take a back seat then?

        I love your quick answers btw, much appreciated!!

  4. amiannMe

    My past relationships have been nuts and every chick had a Venus conjunct or square my pluto (sometimes going both ways). This new girl was an old crush, I was excited because I figured no Venus Pluto meant no insanity, boy was I wrong. She got mad at me and had me false arrested. I’m not sure what’s causing the intense emotions. For whatever reason, I can’t let her go and I’ve forgiven her. Her venus conjuncts my uranus by 0.09 degrees – I’m not sure if that’s the cause. If it is then… Venus is very mean to Uranus, even though Uranus isn’t even doing anything that bad…. In terms of Venus and Pluto, me being Pluto and them being Venus… Venus is also mean to Pluto for trivial matters. Why is Venus so mean? Or am I just reading this astrology stuff wrong. I’m frustrated because the sex is too hot to leave but the girls either explode or provoke me to explode – and they really do a lot to provoke me. Someone should give advice on how to make high passion relationships work. Like why Venus gets mad over stupid stuff.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Friend
      You sound like a tres interesting dude 😀
      I have a Forum and you can come and put your charts up. If you don’t do that, I can venture that your own chart has a great passion in it and maybe some of the abuse asteroids like Nessus. I would bet you are a super passionate intense person. You sound like you have a lot of Scorpio and /or Pluto. You sound like a Mars in Scorpio. At any rate,we can look at your charts or talk on here and Welcome 😀

  5. amiannMe

    To whoever is running the site… I didn’t know my face would be in the comments. Could you do me a favor and block my comment or delete it?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Friend
      That happens automatically because you have an avatar. My friend showed me how to make one and mine shows up in most places but not here, for some odd reason. Howver, change your picture with Gravatar, I think it is. You can just put an image on and not yourself, if you want. One cannot see you, though. The pic is too small.

  6. amiannSonia

    What about his bachchus conjunct my sun and merc in synastry by 0 degree both? What would it mean? Who does and feels what? We have some exact Lilith conj too..but wanted to know about this in particular

  7. amiannSonia

    LOL.. YES!

    We haven’t done anything.. but I don’t know what to tell him..
    I want something more then just sex..

    Also where can I find MORE about Bacchus and Lilith in Synastry?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Bacchus is kind of wild, wild sex. Lilith is raw sexuality. With your question, one would need to do a whole chart on you.

      I don’t say that to get anything from you because I am all about giving as much as I can when I can BUT for a question of what should I do about a relationship, that is kind of a serious question and would need a complete chart imo.

      If you can’t do this or don’t want to, I have articles that may help you do your own synastry

  8. amiannSonia

    Hi Amian,

    I totally understand.. I will definitely do one, but not now, as I am short of cash as of right now.. cuz.. believe it or not.. its because..
    I just had a reading, but it was Magi reading..

    It was over the phone. Which I didnt like, because I wasnt able to ask questions about specific aspects, they mostly account for chiron.. and I couldnt understand what was going on… lol..

    Have you had a magi reading done before? what do you think about it?

  9. amiannSonia

    Hi Amiann

    Magi astrology is like another part of astrology, which deals with timing, like when is the right time to meet someone or make love, or marry.. etc…
    If you are interested let me know..

    I did that, it cost about $250 for an hour reading.

  10. amiannSabrina

    Hi Ami,

    My Mars conjunct his NN/Valentine conjunction.
    My Alma conjunct his DC, and his Alma conjunct my Moon/Jupiter conjunction.
    What do you make of this?

    Thank you!

  11. amiannBonnie

    Do Trines by sign and NOT by aspect count- like Gemini Moon 0 degrees to another’s Aquarius moon 12 degrees count for something?

  12. amiannB R

    #306 Unitas is interesting – my partner & I each have it 1 degree from the other’s NN. Looking at charts of my ancestors, I’ve found this in a number of synastries. An ex of mine has his saturn cj my Karma, and my Saturn is cj his Karma too. Then his Chiron on my Sun. Am I right in assuming that there were fated, painful lessons to be learned? My nodes, however, were squared by his Venus exact.

      1. amiannB R

        Yep, it’s a fun one! I’ll have to go back & review who had which aspects with it. I know there were a number of nodal contacts. My great great grandparents had Unitas opposite Unitas, one of which was conjunct with their already conjunct Auras. My Unitas, incidentally, is exactly conjunct that great great grandfather. I’ll have to go through the others again.

  13. amiannMike

    What about #1585 Union?
    I haven’t seen you write much on Union, but I’m getting this impression this is a significant asteroid.
    I recently met a woman with whom we share a double-whammy of Union – North Nodes.
    Her NN is conj my Union in Sag @ 0 deg 19′ 5″
    My NN is conj her Union in Aq @ 0 deg 32′ 10″
    It stopped my heart for minute. I’d like to know more, if you can shed some more light on this.

    Also, her MC is conj my Vertex in Leo @ 1 deg 23′ 58″
    …plus a bunch of other really, really nice (venus/mars/moon) stuff.

    Trouble is, she’s considerably younger than me and don’t know what to think.
    Thank you for your input and sharing your wisdom to help us all learn and grow.
    I LOVE your site!

  14. amiannAnn

    Great article! I like venus-mars conjunction in synastry when I am the venus person. I had few relationships with this aspect (2-4 degree orb) but i knoticed that when the orb is too tight the connectin is not going anywhere. The passion is too intense maybe. I had two crashes with zero degree orb but none of us made a move. I have venus in scorpio so I don’t like to make first move. What is your opinion?

  15. amiannkani

    Hi Ami Anne,

    do you consider parallels in synastry?

    I have Eros Lilith double whammy parallel with someone plus his Eros exactly conjunct my Lilith in synastry

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I never really studied parallels. My intuition is that if you put too many ingredients into the soup, you may get an unintelligible mess. However, I may be wrong lol

  16. amiannRami

    Me and someone have Moon trine Moon, Moon trine Mercury, Venus trine Venus etc., but his Medusa and Prey conjunct my NN. And other bad asteroids that conjunct my planets.
    No wonder we didn’t end up together. I guess.

  17. amiannKim

    Wow, I don’t know which aspect it is that I have with this guy that makes our attraction this crazy..we have a bunch of these aspects but I’ve had those before, and this one is different…not my type at all.

  18. amiannamelia

    wait his nessus sextiles my sun trines alma, dejanira, and squares my amor

    his amor and pysche trine my sun tho?

    his psyche square nn/sn
    mine trines both of him

    are we that doomed?

  19. amiannElle

    What does Psyche conjunct Pluto in Synastry mean? And who feels what?

    And does Amor conjunct Jupiter in Davison means the couple has overflowing love & kindness for each other?

  20. amiannAnonymous

    Me and my ex have a crazy chart…. All our angels are conjunct , my NN is conjunct his moon, his NN is conjunct my sun…. We have several great harmonious aspects, Inc moon trine moon…. Is this the grounds to call it a soul mate connection, bxz it more than feels that way….

  21. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami. Me and my friend have Moon trine Moon at a 9 degree orb. My Moon is in Scorpio and her Moon is in Pisces.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        It is wonderful. It feels like we are soul mates and twin flames. Lots of astrologers think that we are. We are so close and love each other a lot.

  22. amiannMolly

    Hi. I have a question, but first want to mention I’ve learned so much from your blog. Thank you for publically sharing your knowledge so accessibly. One of my favorite astrologers has strong feelings about the quincunx being a highly beneficial aspect. I have lots of soulmate/karmic indicators in the synastry chart with my partner and our moons are quincunx. I’m curious how this fits into your note under number 2. Moon aspects that indicate soulmate/karmic ties

  23. amiannSerena

    ich bin aus Deutschland und habe ihre Seite übersetzt. Vielleicht können Sie mir in der Synastrie mit Asteroiden helfen.
    Was ist z.B. der Unterschied zwischen Amor und Valentin.
    Wir haben auch eine Sonne Quinkunx Alma. Was heißt das?
    Ich würde Ihnen unsere Daten senden. Wären Sie so lieb und könnten sich die Asteroidenpaare anschauen.
    Ich komm irgendwie nicht los, kann mich aber auch nicht ganz einlassen? Woher kommt das?


    Herzliche Grüße

  24. amiannMaja

    So with Adonis or Aphrodite, it’s the planet person/angel person that worship of the them? The planet/angle person does not get anything in return? xx

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