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Which Synastry Aspects Would Make Me Run?


North Node Conjunctions

I would look at the North Node, first. The NN aspect with which I am most familiar is Chiron conjunct the NN. With any planet or asteroid which touches your NN in synastry, the relationship will be permeated by the nature of this planet/asteroid and what it represents. If people ask me, can they do anything to change it, I would say no. It will play out!

Other aspects which would make me want to run would be Nessus( abuse) Dejanira( victimization) Algol( evil) Sedna( betrayal by men) Medusa( betrayal by woman) Saturn( a strict, unrelenting parent) Pholus( major unrest and chaos) andUranus( abrupt, jarring change such as abrupt beginnings and endings to the relationship). Uranus could be a divorce aspect or a Liz and Dick kind of breaking up and getting back.

Other aspects I would avoid include Cupido( fake love i.e someone fooling you that he loved you when he didn’t), Cassanova ( a guy who could not be faithful. This could apply to woman, too) Lucifer( pride and arrogance, particularly of a spiritual nature, but canbe annoyingly arrogant, in general), Narcissus( a narcissism), Echo( co-dependency), Nemesis( a hiden enemy), Maniac( this one seems to be exactly what the name implies, awild and out of control behavior), Prey( this asteroid does seem to show up when a person is being used as prey),Lie( this seems to show up when there are lies), Swindle( this seems to show up when someone wants to swindle )

Saturn square or oppose Venus

The Saturn person may put a damper on the sensitive love nature of the Venus, which is a pure and innocent love. The Venus person may shut down and feel unloved.

Saturn square or oppose the Moon

The Saturn person may be very critical of the tender emotions of the Moon person. The Moon person may shrivel under the critical scrutiny and demand to “grow up” by the Saturn person.

Chiron conj the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars

Chiron will bring pain to what it touches. This is not, always, bad. Sometimes, Chiron conjunct a personal planet, in synastry, can bring great healing, but Chiron is a strange wild card that can blow up relationships, for seemingly silly reasons. Once a Chiron relationship blows, it does not seem to get back. I would watch these Chiron aspects like a hawk, if you are thinking of marriage.

The Ascendant

Anything that is abusive or painful touching your Ascendent would make me stop, drop and roll.. Your Ascendent is a very personal point, such as your underwear, not to be silly about it, but it is a very sensitive and vulnerable part of you. That is why Chiron conj the ASC in the natal is one of the hardest Chiron position, in my opinion. Pain hits you in the face, literally. So, if any of the abusive asteroids, such as Nessus or Algol are conjunct your ASC, in synastry, you will feel it and it will hurt. I do not think this can be overcome.

I think it will run the course of the relationship. Hence, if a man’s Nessus is conj your Ascendent, I think he will be abusive to you and it will run the course of the relationship. If someone’s Chiron is conj your ASC, I think they will bring pain to you and it will not stop. The type of pain may vary by the signs involved.If there were air signs, it may be mental pain. If there were earth signs, it may be physical pain, but pain it would be , in my opinion.

The type of pain with Nessus would vary with the nature of the signs involved, too. With air signs, Nessus would bring mental pain. With earth signs, Nessus may bring physical pain. With Cardinal signs, the pain may be more aggressive. With mutable signs, it may be less. There is an asteroid called Nemesis. If a man has his Nemesis conjunct your ASC, I would run. You get the sense of the ASC and what conjuncts it, I hope.

The Descendant(DSC)

With a partner, his DSC will show what he wants/craves in a partner and yours will do the same. If his DSC shows that he craves a victim( Dejanira conj the DSC) I would run. If his DSC shows that he craves a pure love(Venus), I would stay. If Chiron conjuncts his DSC, he will look for partner who has had a painful life. He could be a caretaker kind of person. This may not be a bad thing. Chiron is not always bad. It can be a healer, in that it goes deep within a wound and deep healing is needed. However, again, Chiron is a wild card.

If something like Sedna conjunct the DSC, I would run because the person would look for betrayal and that can never end well. If Nemesis conjunct the DSC, I would expect the person to look for an enemy, in his partner. This happens more than you may think. We play out our childhood dramas with our partners. This is the case, for better or worse.

There would be many asteroids, I would not want conjunct my partners DSC because he would look for them in ME. The same asteroids I listed in the section on the ASC, I would not want conjunct my partners DSC. To do this for yourself, try to distill down the nature of the planet or asteroid and think if you would want it on various places. Once you can put these two things together, you are off to analyzing your own charts.

The MC

Anything that conjuncts the MC will touch you out in the open, in your relationship with society. If you watch the charts of woman who marry powerful men, the Sun of the woman will conjunct the MC of the man. In essence, he is elevating her, in the eyes of society. I was not surprised to see this in Kate Middleton’s synastry with Prince William. Kate will shine due to her relationship with William.If a man’s Venus hit your MC, you may have a public love affair like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

However, if certain planets or asteroids, such as Nessus, from the chart of your partner hit your MC, you may fall. For example, if a man’s Nessus hits your MC, you may have abuse which would show, publicly. If his Uranus hit your MC, you may have break ups and make ups, which would show publicly such as Liz and Dick.The same asteroids I mentioned hitting the ASC would be what I would not want to hit the MC. The MC happens in public. EEK

The IC

While we are talking about angles, the IC angle is the most personal angle, because it is our childhood self, the little child which lives within all of us. If a man brings an abusive or abrasive planet or asteroid here, it would hurt. It would not show in public, but in private. If a man’s Nessus hit you here, he may abuse you behind closed doors. At any rate, I hope I have made the point to watch the angles in your chart for both good things and bad.

PS I seem to be confusing some people. I am talking about bad aspects. If a planet like the Moon or Venus conjuncts the ASC, IC, DSC or MC, it is a wonderful thing. If Lilith conjuncts one of the angles, it is a wonderful thing, as Lilith is raw sexuality and we all love that.You have to look at the nature of the planet and the nature of what it conjuncts to make your decision of what is good and what is not. Ask any questions, as usual!

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126 thoughts on “Which Synastry Aspects Would Make Me Run?

  1. amiannKristin

    Very interesting!
    My Nessus is exact conjunct my Vesta and they conjuct my DSC with an orb of 3. I am very curious what this make .. I don’t crave abusive partners and never have been in an abusive relationship, but i am very much against abuse. It makes me furious, and i have a strong urge to stand up against it.

    And also what if my partner has his NN conjuct this point ( Nessus/Vesta and DSC) ? I was involved with a person with this, that never got to the point of a established relationship, bus still a strong connection..

    best wishes,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      My Nessus is exact conjunct my Vesta and they conjuct my DSC with an orb of 3. I am very curious what this make .

      Interesting because Vesta is selfless service, so you USE your Nessus for selfless service, I would say. Having this conj your DSC may make you find partners who had abuse and you can help them heal. Does that fit, Kristen?

      1. amiannKristin

        Thanks again Amiann,

        yes that actually fits i think. My first big love had been a front soldier in the Israeli army and i think he had some trauma of that which was a part of our relationship. I also think he helped me with my traumas as well, and our love was very total.
        Also my other boyfried had been bullied as a child and also suffered some losses in his life. My heart opened to his pain and I think this made our love also strong.
        I also seem to end up beeing an inspirator for people to stop using drugs or stop being negative about themselves. I seem always to feel for people that has suffered cruelty and I want to help them. And I know I can, I know that everyone deserves a second chance and find happiness and love in this world. <3

  2. amiannmarina

    Thanks for this very informative article. Reading and testing these asteroids.
    What would a Nessus (her) conj Mars/Venus in Cancer (his) synastry mean?
    Lot of sexual apetite but in the end just plain obsession and emotional abuse? Seing this in a relationship with Mars (her) opposing Saturn (his).

    Just bad?
    Thanks again

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, you should put up the whole chart but since you asked, I will talk about each aspect, as if they are in isolation. Nessus conj Mars/venus may make her the abuser. Mars oppose Saturn may make the Mars person put a heavy kind of discipline on the Saturn person. The Mars person may boss the Saturn person around, is what I am trying to say.

      1. amiannmarina

        Thank you!
        Could think this would fit. She plays the weak but…has Libra Moon and Pluto, but not conjunct, Pluto squaring the point as well.

  3. amiannGrace

    Articles about the so-called ‘bad’ asteroids are always interesting to read since most people want to learn more about the ‘good’ synastry aspects first. 🙂 I have just recently been bitten by the ‘asteroid bug’ and I have found your articles truly informative and enlightening.

    My boyfriend and I have a lot of good synastry aspects. When I checked our asteroid placements, I noticed a couple of disturbing stuff like his Sedna conjunct my IC, his Bacchus, Medusa, Medea, Aphrodite, Wisdom and Lie conjunct my NN. On the other hand, my Penelope and Sita both conjunct his IC, while my Freya and Pan conjunct his NN. I admit that I sometimes feel that I am getting the short end of the stick, but that’s because I can’t help but create too much drama. (That’s my Venus in Scorpio/Venus-Pluto conjunction talking. ) He’s more emotionally stable than I am (he has Moon in Taurus), and so far, I have yet to find fault (an actual fact) in him. We’ve been together for almost two years now. Maybe in a few more years all these aspects will become more noticeable. 🙁

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Grace. You are welcome to come and post your charts on my Personal Readings Forum. Many times, deep astrological things are not felt until marriage. There is something about the commitment of marriage that brings out these things, but that is just my opinion.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT question, Lena. I am not really sure. I think Jupiter would mitigate the harshness of Nessus but I have to learn from the people who have it. Do you?

  4. amiannLena

    Yes, actually. My Nessus is conjunct my man’s Jupiter. I’ve never really noticed Nessus to be honest until this year. Never really noticed it…it’s exactly conjunct at a orb of 0!

  5. amiannLena

    Well, it could be the other way around…he helps me not be so mean. I usually am rude or impulsive when I’m angry but with him I really can’t be that “mad” person. I rarely get mad at him. Lol.
    Is Nessus the same for women and men?

  6. amiannmarion

    I started seeing a guy recently. I felt something ‘was not right’ from the get go. For example, i went to a party with him and everyone said i looked pretty in the outft that i wore that evening….everyone except him. That is not all, later in the evening, he casually informed me “What a gorgeous stunner his ex-wife used to be when she was younger, considering that there are no ‘really beautiful women around!”. In essence, he was trying to say i was not beautiful though people said so that evening. Talk about wanting to crush the self esteem of a partner!

    I ran his chart just for the heck of it though it was only my second date, i also ran my chart again with his name asteroid included. WHOA I FOUND THE ANSWER!… His nessus conjunct my ASC in synastry. And in my own chart, his name asteroid conjunct my Dejanira. Both by 2 degrees. Yeah…i have not deleted his number yet. But stepping back. Thanks to astrology and all those who research astrology.

    1. amiannNimi

      I feel I need to add to this. I have recently fell out with a friend because I asked him why he hasn’t said anything positive or encouraging about my new job or when he knew I was going to take up some study. When I pulled him up about it he became extremely defensive which was an irrational response over a simple question.
      I mean if we were meant to be friends he would be happy for me right but apparently I was wrong! I looked at his Nemesis sign and it conjuncts my moon. He disgusts me as I am writing this!

        1. amiannNimi

          You’re dam straight! Sorry I feel passionate about this because it happened literally a few weeks ago and it’s still raw for me! The other thing I asked him was if he was my friend or enemy? to which he never answered!
          I am straight talking person with moon in Sagittarius so this might have thrown him off slightly! But I see it like this he has the nerve to be sneaky with me and yet was supposed to be my friend, so I will pull him up about his deviousness!

  7. amiannmarion

    Yes, Ami you may use the story for illustration purposes.

    The second part of the story (which is ongoing these days) is that the guy has turned more obsessive since i started gradually stepping back. He calls every morning to know my agenda for the day. Then again at evening…sweetly but surely wanting to verify ‘who i am with’. Kind of reminds me of a movie i saw sometime ago….’sleeping with the enemy’. This guy is an extremely wealthy, powerful corporate don with ‘connections’. I am trying not to piss him off. But there is only so much i can do to alter astral promises. (Or curses?)

    Our synastry also has His saturn square my Venus (6 degrees), His saturn square my Sun (5 degrees) and Moon opposite Moon (3 degrees). He has a stellium of 5 planets loading my sixth house of enemies. This is real life astrology in action.

  8. amiannTracey

    My husband of 15yrs has his Nessus conjunct his MC which is conjunct my NN (Cancer H7) which is also opposite his Prey & my Lilith all 1? Orbs, which Pluto is dancing all over at the moment but the abuse doesn

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, Tracey
      That is a long post. Why don’t you come and post the charts in my personal readings forum and ask any questions you have. Seeing the chart is easier!

  9. amiannMarya

    How do you think these lilith would aspects play out?

    My lilith conjuncts his sun, sextiles his moon, squares his venus and mars (all under 3 degrees)

    His lilith conjuncts my IC and north node and trines my sun, mercury and venus and squares my ascendant

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lilith is good, Friend. God made sexuality and Lilith is raw sexuality. I think you and he would be SUPER passionate. This does not translate to soul mate, though. What do the Moons do?

  10. amiannAnya

    Great Article (as always) Ami!

    I`d like to ask you, what do you think about this strange aspect in the Synastry:
    Dejanira/Medusa/Karma conj. the Asc. Who is the victim? Dejanira, or the Asc. person?

    Thanks! <3

  11. amiannAnya

    Aww, thanks for your answer Ami, I`m confused, really, cuz it`s all so complicated my dear:
    The Male`s Dejanira/Medusa/Karma + Juno (etc) are all on the Female`s Ascendant (!)
    Or, is it possible that the female one acts as the destructive force, in some Femme Fatale style.
    I bet, this is something really out of ordinary.

  12. amiannKristin

    Dear Ami,

    what would it mean if a mans venus and nessus (conjuct in gemini) conjuct a womans IC?

    Just discovered this aspect with someone I am about to meet…


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Kristin

      I would not like this at all! I think that he would feel very comfy and homey but abuse may come later. I would be surprised if it did not. Please, keep me apprised of the situation, as it would be interesting to see what happens. You can come and put the charts up in my Forum, too.

      1. amiannKristin

        Dear Amian,
        thank you for your answer. Now I have spent some time with this man in a group of four and I felt very comfortable and at home with him. But it really created big tensions with my very dear friend that also had some feelings towards him and we ended up in a painful situation where we both got hurt. In my point of wiev the situation drove us apart, also because of other reasons, but really this was the major cause as I see it. Now that we parted again I first felt strong pull towards this man to spend more time, and that might happen, but now i see what a extreme mess it all got into and now think that I might be better of without this. But it’s hard to say if it really was his nessus that was the cause for this.. And I wonder if there is a way to handle nessus, also because i think that if it was only his venus that was conjuct my IC (and Amor) and trine my pluto then it would ahve been such a wonderful placement. And would it not be so at all because of nessus? I ahve to find out more about it..
        We do have a lot of other strong aspect, like south node conjuct north node almost exact, sun trine sun with one and half orb and my sun conjuct his moon (I do not know his birthtime so I dont know how exact that aspect is).
        Also his pluto conjuct my venus, and his venus/nessus conjuct trine my pluto…
        I just don’t want any more pain in my life with love and maybe this is too dark for me…
        I will try to post the charts in the forum.
        Thanks again!

        Warm regards

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, all these aspects count BUT the orb must be very small. It should be exact to 1 degree imo. Your Lilith conj his DSC. You both would feel that raw sexuality, I think.

  13. amiannAnony

    What about Nessus conjunct AC I couldnt quite understand. (my Nessus conjuncts his AC & Sun) and HIS Nessus conjuncts my Mars BUT his Valentine also conjuncts my Mars…(all this happens in Virgo)…my Valentine conjunct his MC does that mean love in public? also…His Lilith conjunct my Ascendant and Eros (all in Libra) that one too..How would all those play out? Theres very limited info on these aspects online…theres so much more aspects but those i see as most important for now..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Anony
      If I saw a Nessus conj an ASC, I think it would play out to the Nessus person abusing the ASC person. If a Nessus conj Mars, that would be the Nessus person abusing the Mars person in terms of the Mar’s person’s drive. There are always many factors in a chart. A chart is like a person. It has many dimensions. However, if one has a pimple on one’s nose, one has to look at that, too, in my opinion. You can come and out your chart in my Personal Readings Forum and ask any questions you have, Anony. Thank you for being a part of my website and commenting, Friend!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Emily dear

      SN conjunct Chiron would not be as bad as NN. SN is what one has already mastered, so not what one has to live through and master, as is the case with NN.What do you mean SN person seeking advice of Chiron person?

  14. amiannScarlet

    Hello Amian.

    This guy Lilith conjunct my MC at 0 degree. And my Eros both opposite his Venus at 2 degree and Pluto by 0 degree. Does Lilith plays the same role as Pluto does?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Scarlett and Welcome!

      Lilith is raw sexuality. Pluto is all of our primal passions and includes raw sexuality but all the rest too like primal anger, primal greed: all primal wants and needs.

  15. amiannPeter

    Dear Amiann, This is all new to me. I never had time to examine the asteroids, let alone use them in synastry. As I read messages the thought keeps coming up: Do I really need to know this since I (think) I have mastered the planets in synastry with one or two midpoints of sensitive planets thrown in? I mean, there are definite No nos to watch out for as well as the obvious positive aspects. Are the asteroids merely redundant information that will simply confirm the testimony of the classic/standard astrology in chart comparison? Or have you concluded that the classic system of chart comparison is severely limited and in need of fine tuning? Many thanks for this interesting topic. — Peter

  16. amiannLu

    Yes, i have hard aspects in synastry like opposition between my saturn and his venus… 🙁
    Is that conjuction between my venus, my uranus and his neptune in my MC too bad in a synastry as I’m wondering?

  17. amiannRickie

    I have a Black moon Lilith conjunct Venus double whammy with this guy I just met, how would these aspects play out in every day life? Would it be like a guttural feeling to just have sex out of nowhere? Lol

  18. amiannJennyxo

    Hi Amiann!!

    Okay, I have one for you…….
    My ALGOL/chiron ASC both 26 degrees Taurus is conjunct this man’s MC. What would you make of this? And who would hurt who? I feel that I am the representation of his image in a strange way, as if I am the female counterpart of him and vice versa . We both also have sun conjunct asteroid lie in each of our Natals. (Oh boy). Anyways, back to Algols on our Angles- run? Or could we find a strange comfort?

  19. amiannGina

    Hi Ami! This article is very informative. I ran a check and found out we have a conjunction between Jupiter and Sedna. >_< What does this imply?

  20. amiannMaggie

    Hello ami.. I hv been seeing this guy for the past year. I got curious and ran a check and found that we hv Sedna opposed Juno! Should I be worried that Sedna is betrayal by man and Juno stands for marriage commitment. ?

  21. amiannDmietra

    Hey, this is a great article! But I would appreciate it more, if you could provide us with a website preferably online free instant chart with all of these astroids. I’ve searched high and!
    Thanks 😉

  22. amiannLilith mc

    Dear Amiann,
    What would it mean if man’s Mars conjuncts woman’s mc? I could find in other sites only negative stuff like stressful competitiveness ect about it which doesn’t appeal my case at all because the man has much higher position and even older than my daddy.his Mars conjuncts my bml at the same time. Thank you,I really enjoy your site! 🙂

  23. amianncarina figueira

    I Christian i have a question i have chiron conjunct my partners MC and he has chiron conjunct my ic , i have my uranus conjunct his ic and he has is uranus conjunct my MC can You explain this aspects to me thank You

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may bring him pain that all the world will see. It would be pain from your childhood. He would shake you up in your career and you would shake him up in his deepest soul, Carina

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, the Nemesis person is the one who will DO the action to the DSC person or name asteroid person. I don’t mess with Nemesis. It will play out, in my experience, Rvn.

  24. amiannDeja

    What about his nemesis conjunct my MC? (I also had nemesis conjunct his venus. He lied to me and left me high and dry and heart broken and i lured him back in trying to make things right only to do the exact same thing to him…and i truly had good intentions. It sure “played out”) :/

  25. amiannBonnie

    So are any of these negative positions both natally and via Synastry transcendable? I mean- I hope so and hope you can give awareness and positive action strategies. Otherwise, I’m sure a lot of folks are doomed- myself included. Lol! 😭

    I have dejanira exact on my DSC and in conjunction with my Eros. Both conjunct my new partners ASC, Moon, Neptune conjunction. Also my Nessus/Venus/Sun- Moon midpoint and Alma are is on his Sun/North Node conjunction. My BM/ Mars conjunction is on his Venus. Lastly his Chiron is on my moon. Uggh!! Not to mention we have my North Node Pluto conjunction on his Mars Saturn Conjunction in the 5th house.

    1. amiannamiann Post author


      I am very honest, as to how I see it. I do not think people can overcome hard aspects. I think people need to work around them. In time, when people marry, they will find I am right, I am afraid, but then it is too late, usually. If you want to pick 2 aspects and ask me about them specifically, Bonnie, I will try to help. Also, tell me if these are natal or synastry aspects.

  26. amiannMay Jane

    Thanks for your thoughtful writing! XOXO

    My Lilith conjunct his IC, Is this a positive combination?
    Is the expression, ‘Law Sexuallity’ that you say only sexual?
    Or does it mean the attraction of our relationships?

    I’d like to hear your ideas on this. ♡♡♡

      1. amiannMay Jane

        Oh, My question is what you replied itself! I’m sorry for my confusing question. But you exactly answered! Really thanks ☺️

  27. amiannElle

    How will you interpret Venus/Saturn/Mercury conjunct the IC?
    And how about Uranus conjunct IC? Does it bring excitement/creativity to the IC person, or cause instability?

    Do you also count asteroids conjunction to angles? E.g. Vertex/Union/Chiron/Psyche to MC, Priapus to Dsc, Karma to Asc.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, asteroids count when they are very close to angles like 1-3 orb. Well, Venus would be a loved child. Mercury would be a home that was intellectual or valued intellect. Saturn may have been a cold home. No, Uranus makes for an unstable home

  28. amiannTracy

    I am so glad to have found this and you – I am struggling with a synastry aspect.
    I can’t seem to make him out – either he is the sweetest in the world or the worst. I am still trying to figure him out.
    His Dejanira conjuncts my IC. So does this mean he will make me his victim or will he be my victim, so to speak. If he were my victim, most I can see is he would not control the household. If I were his victim, could be anything. But that’s because I know me. I would love to know your thoughts.
    Thanks a million….

  29. amiannHera

    Oh my God! What about a double whammy between both ASCs and Maniac? Would that be enough to put a stop (now, that’s it’s early) in a relationship? In spite of a quite good synastry? And what do you think of asteroid Union conjunct the composite ASC? (same relationship). Thanks in advance!

  30. amiannTinae

    Hi Ami,

    I just find out that sedna conjuct my dsc. My birth time can be 8:25 am to 8:33 am. So it can be 4 or 3 degrees close. My biological father as well as my step father,.. well I always have the feeling that I can´t count on them and relationships with them were and are very complicated. But I know that they love me and l always have very strong relationship with my mother so, how to say, I completely feel the story of sedna, but not to the core, if it makes sense.

  31. amiannTHAAS

    Could you kindly help explain what happen here, please.

    1. My Mid Heaven is 0 degree conjunct with my venus and 2 degree of my uranus and 0 degree opposite with my Chiron and this opposite my partner Sun by 0 degree venus 1 degree Mercury 2 degree

    2. My sun/moon midpoint = her juno

    3. Her sun/moon midpoint = my moon 1 degree, my sun 3 degree. I was born when Sun opposited moon.

    4. My ASC conjunct with her Vesta 1 degree and opposite of her Chiron by 1 degree as well.

    5. Our north node conjunct by 2 degree.

    Many and Many Thanks.

  32. amiannDiving Deep

    I have looked hard for perspective on my Sun in opposition to his MC 1° One astrologer, Nadia Gilchrist, wrote that it deserved it’s own article it was so unique but then they didn’t write one (see
    From the vague inuendos I picked up …. well, perhaps its no surprise i have no career! I run hot and cold on launching a career path; the hot part wants validation and to express my creativity, the cold part is an Explorer which is greedy about my time as I scour the universe for Higher Truths (and i do find them!). As always, lots of other factors (listed below) but really interested in this Opposition Aspect.

    Other Factors: I put lack of career down to my lack of interest in money, status, or ego. I also have a total dominance of Neptune and Pisces in my chart. But even all that head in the clouds stuff I could use in movie making or book writing- Lots of support for those. So it’s not a blame thing…. married too long for that! (28 years) but very curious if the sun opposite MC accounts for part of it.

  33. amiannBrandy

    Can you please tell me what a guy’s Lilith trine my Chiron/Descendant means in Synastry? The orb is 0°.
    Also in my natal chart I have a Venus square Imum coeli orb 7°. Can you explain this to me please?

      1. amiannBrandy

        Thank you so much for clearing that up. I hope I’m asking too much but can you tell me what is maximum orb for Opposition, Squares, Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Semi-sextile? I’ve been trying to understand it this but there seems to be more questions than answers online.

  34. amianntilly

    “If a man’s Venus hit your MC, you may have a public love affair like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward”.

    What if it’s Venus square MC? Does it mean a negative public display?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, the square is not bad enough for this to happen. The Venus person may thwart the career of the MC person somehow but Venus, even a square, is not that bad. You would need Nessus for something really bad, such as what you are talking about.

  35. amiannDavid

    Fantastic Article Amiann!

    What about in Synastry:

    North node conjunct north node? 2.5 degrees orb, this beloved and I are about 83 days apart… does this closeness in age dismiss any of our conjunctions?

    Thank you friend for your experience and expertise!

    Warm regards,


  36. amiannMama M

    Excellent work Amiann!!!

    I am also an astrologer and what you said about Chiron here and in another article you wrote really resonated with me: the immediate closeness, the small dispute, the grudge and especially the hurting. I looked up a number of men I have dated in the past and this all rings true. I have a stellium in Virgo, so I am picky, introverted and often lonely; and then Chiron comes along, with the compliments, revelation of his own pain and finesse, hence the immediate closeness/healing; then comes the hurting, if it isn’t the aggressively rough sex, it is actually being hit out of anger or game-playing, always making me wonder what I did to make this go horribly wrong when it started out so amazingly. Thankfully my Moon conjuncts Saturn in Taurus (7) (so I can easily withdraw and become icy, although I truly never wanted to do so); and trines my Sun/Pluto/Mars/Mercury retro in Virgo (11); my Virgo stellium is sextiled by Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio (1). Then, when I want to address what went wrong or make myself less available as a reaction to a perceived slight, this is when Chiron will escalate the pain with neglect, cheating, lying, etc… because Chiron knows exactly how to hurt you since he knows exactly how badly you want to be loved. My original wound is my parents dying when I was young and that comes up early with Chiron.

    I read and enjoy almost everything you write and I just wanted to thank you and give you feedback. Chrion aspects referred to above are: Chiron conjunct Ascendant, Chiron conjunct Descendant (in Aries, I got hit the face) Chiron conjunct Sun/Pluto, Chiron conjunct Moon/Saturn and Chiron conjunct MC. It has also been my experience that regardless of the level of closeness you achieve, Chiron never completely lets go and will always come back around again, even if it’s been years, to see if you will allow them to hurt you some more; and of course if you do, then anticipate a little more humiliation and pain to devalue you even further, just in case you thought you were over them and had any semblance of control.

    1. amiannMama M

      One more thing, the MAGI Society states, “Chiron has monumental importance for astrology because it is the ‘planet’ that rules marriage, spouses, soulmates and children born in marriage as well as karmic ties.” I can definitely see this aspect of it, as well because not to be trite, love hurts. Not all the time, but you can consider their perception.

  37. amiannLily

    I have Nessus Rx conj my Cancer Asc. His Nessus Rx is also conj my Asc. He’s not abusive at all; is the opposite: very loving, supportive, there for me. I have Narcissus conj my Desc and his Cupido conj my Desc and Narcissus. What does that mean?! I would post the chart in the Personal Readings Forum but I can’t find the link for it.

  38. amiannSira

    Thanks for the great article! So in the last part so wrote that BML conjunct the angles would be a lovely connection. How do I interpret BML conjunct MC, doesnt it mess with your societal image?

    Thanks you in advance for your feedback 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I just use Lilith but if I had to answer, I would say consider Lilith and BLM similar. Conjunt the MC, people don’t like to be seen as sexual. They prefer to be seen for the intellect or inner worth.

  39. amiannR

    I have my Saturn oppose my friends Moon, but we get along quite well. But, my twin sibling (who has the same aspects to my friends) is “friends” with the girl to, but she doesn’t really like her, and she does the thing you said above quite often. I read somewhere that in the charts of twins, some aspects show much more strongly in one twin, even though we both have it. Anyways, my mothers Algol is Conjunct my Moon, and her Nessus is Conjunct my MC.

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