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Wild Venus Signs——Scorpio and Gemini

When one is an astrologer and a counselor, one is honored to be someone to whom people share their deepest secrets. Of course, I don’t kiss and tell, but I have formed some theories.

Scorpio Venus
Scorpio Venus is a water Venus. This translates to deep, deep, deep feelings. One should never toy with her emotions. If there is one Venus who will exact revenge, it is this one. If you have a Scorpio Venus partner, she will need to understand that and not hurt her. In order for her to open up her depth of passion, she has to know that you “have her back”. Once she trusts you, you will have all the passion you ever dreamed of. She is open to kink, as well. Lucky you!

Gemini Venus

Gemini is an air Venus. She is an intellectual. I am a Gemini Venus. If we do not resonate with you intellectually, you can look like Tom Hardy and we will kick you out of bed, although the lips would make it a challenge. We would rather have a Woody Allen with a great mind( and great sense of humor) than a blank mind and a pretty face.

Gemini Venus likes you to talk dirty. I don’t care if she looks as refined as Princess Grace of Monaco, if she has a Gemini Venus she likes you to talk dirty. If you can’t, then your pretty face won’t help you with this Venus. She is open to kink. I don’t think she would like to get hurt, though. She has a very sensitive nervous system.

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