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Will You Be Bullied? Markers in the Astrological Chart

399333_488163031227347_229937249_nI think Astrology 24/7( or close) When I have interactions with people, I run to the charts to see what happened. I have never been let down. The charts prove themselves to be unerringly accurate. They are goldmines because they are the personal treasure maps for the lives of each person.

I may have discovered that Chiron conjunct the Ascendent was a marker for severe bullying. I don’t know if I did. I have not read it elsewhere. I put together several factors and proposed a theory that has proven to be accurate. Chiron conjunct the Ascendent shows his pain to the world. It is not his fault. There is little he can do. I took my life experience of seeing people bullied and added the concept that bullies react to perceived ‘weakness”. This seems to be the idea behind why Chiron conjunct the ASC natives encounter severe bullying.

In the case of Chiron conjunct the Ascendent, the orb must be very close. It must be exact to three degrees. Each degree matters a great deal. An exact conjunction is immensely more powerful than a three degree conjunction. This applies to any conjunction but in the severe situations such as this, one can see  the magnification process more easily due to the severe experiences the native encounters.

When a person has Chiron conjunct the Ascendent, he may get bullying from various quarters. It may be from several places. It may be from one place. In one case, the man was severely bullied by his father and his classmates. Many people are “just” bullied by classmates or peers. The nature of the bullying may vary but Chiron conjunct the ASC seems as if he will, always, be bullied. I hate human nature, sometimes. We all have one and it is not pretty. It can be kind and it can be gracious and selfless but it can also be very dark. Bullying is very dark, in my opinion. I hate it. The times *I* have bullied in my entire life are very, very few. My chart make up is such that I would not be a bully. In fact, I am an advocate against bullies. That shows in my chart, too, and part of what I will address in this article a bit later.


6 thoughts on “Will You Be Bullied? Markers in the Astrological Chart

  1. amiannKristie

    You know what is weird about that? Of the three boyfriends I’ve had (with one leading to marriage), they were all abandoned by their fathers. And I didn’t know these things until we were involved. Do you think this aspect has something to do with that? Sorry this question doesn’t relate to your topic. I looked through all of my families charts, and Chiron/descendant was all I had.

  2. amiannLou

    Chiron opposite Ascendant here. Bullied by family members and classmates, and now by colleagues. But I don´t think is only chiron the only factor in the chart. I have Sun conjunct Saturn both opposite Moon. And guess what, during Saturn transits, conjunct Moon, I´ve been bullied the most. Both times. Horrible.

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