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Women’s Venus Signs From Movies, Books, Music and TV

A color girl

I got this idea from my own Venus, which is Scarlett O’Hara–Venus in Gemini, of course. Let’s look at the others. Tell me what you think and add your own. If I am stumped, I will leave it blank and await your suggestions.

PS. The people do not NEED to have that Venus. They exemplify it.

Venus in Aries—–Lois Lane( She chased Superman something fierce)

Venus in Taurus—-The gorgeous celebrity chef—-Nigella Lawson

Venus in Gemini—Scarlett O’Hara

Venus in Cancer—Wendy from Peter Pan

Venus in Leo— Beyonce

Venus in Virgo–Felix Unger( Excuse me for using a guy but when a person fits, he fits)

Venus in Libra—Princess Grace of Monaco

Venus in Scorpio—Rob Thomas( the singer for Santana) OK, he is a guy. Check out “Smooth” on U Tube.

Venus in Sagittarius—–Peter Pan( OK, he is a guy,too)

Venus in Capricorn—Kate Middelton( and she has it)

Venus in Aquarius—Julia Roberts(ditzy)

Venus in Pisces—Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

PPS Don’t hate me because I am beautiful

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