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Your Chart is Your Blueprint–Know Your Chart and Know Yourself

My charts are my teachers. My clients are my teachers. Everyone who comes on my Forum and opens himself up to me, has something to teach me. The chart is so sacred and so precious. God made each person and gave the chart as a personal map. Why do we have sorrow? Why do we have struggles? Why do we have heartache? I don’t know but the chart shows that there is order in the Universe and YOU were not a mistake. God made you as He wanted you. You can know that, for sure, by studying the charts. I think about myself–my strengths and my weaknesses. They are all outlined in my chart. I have raised my fist, many times, to God and asked WHY. I don’t know why but I know I have wonderful things and very hard struggles and you do, too. Take your chart and study the heck out of it. It will tell you about your uniqueness, just as your fingerprint. It will shine your beauty and your darkness. It is you, in all your glory. Don’t let it slip by.

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