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Juno Asteroid

The Juno Asteroid portrays one of the best parts of human nature. Think of grandmothers of days past who took their marriage vows seriously. They may be a dying species:people who value traditional marriage with the old fashioned traits like loyalty and fidelity. My grandmother was an image of Juno. She was loyal, kind and true. The Juno Asteroid embodies all one would want in a partner. Current life seems to be flash and glitter. Flash gets tiring when that is all one has. One gets tired of as an endless diet of cheesecake. One craves more enduring things. The Juno asteroid specializes in more enduring. To those are are fortunate to have her prominent, they will not be satisfied with the glitter forever. They want things of enduring vale. They want love that lasts when the flash is gone. Juno is the asteroid of people who love over the years and hold hands as the sun sets:walking toward it together.

12 thoughts on “Juno Asteroid

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is good.Pluto gives power to the things that touch it. It can be too much in some cases like venus but with Juno, I think it would make you super devoted and super loyal. That is my opinion, anyway. I have not really dealt with it in charts, so it is just an opinion, Shen dear.

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        I sure can be. I want a lifelong and eternal relationship that’s filled with devotion and unconditional love. I love cuddly hugs too.

  1. amiannSunshine

    What does Juno conjunct Nessus indicate in a man’s natal chart? (1 degree orb)

    (in Cancer, 4th house) (opposing his Moon)

  2. amiannSaichan

    I have Juno conjunct a man’s Sun at 0 degree. My Moon conjunct his Sun and Moon too.
    I confirm I can devote my life to him.

    But I don’t know if he feels the same thing, because he has Cupido on my ASC and Apollo on my DSC both with 3.5 degrees. Valentine on my IC at 2 degrees.

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