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Jupiter Through The Houses

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Jupiter is unlike many of the things I write about such as abuse(Nessus), Victimization( Dejanira), Pain(Chiron) and the like. Maybe, I am too negative 😀
At any rate, we are going to diverge from the angst and go to the upbeat, joyful, warm fuzzies and good vibes. Come take the trip with me, as we study Jupiter through the Houses.

1st House

This native will, likely, be popular. She has a positive vibe. I picture a big Pepsodent smile. If someone makes others feel good, that person will be popular. This is the mantra of the 1st House.

2nd House

This native may be fortunate with money. Money may seem to multiply in a, seemingly, effortless way. I had a friend who was like this. He had many professions. He was a Chicago city drug cop( working both sides of the law). He ended up being a massage therapist, which was how I met him. He had coffee containers overflowing with money. He told me that everyone thought he was rich. He had the kind of confidence that wealthy people, often, have. I don’t know if he had Jupiter in the 2nd, but he sure could have.

3rd House

This native will communicate in a positive way. This would be a wonderful position for a life coach. This native will, naturally, build up others. Jupiter likes to spread his positive vibes around. No complaints there!

4th House

This native may have had a wonderful home life. She may have felt very loved and encouraged.

5th House

This native will, likely, have a wonderful sense of humor. She will, likely, love to give hugs. You know the type of warm fuzzy person who greets you with an amazing bear hug. Check her Jupiter!

6th House

This native may love to give practical help to others. Do you know some people who will pitch in after a party is over. Many people ignore your struggle with a kitchen that looks like a nuclear bomb strike.

I had that experience once. I had a couple over for brunch, for which I had struggled mightily to make it nice. The lady took NO hints when I was banging the dirty dishes. *Sigh* She must not have had a 6th House Jupiter.

7th House

You know the people with the perfect relationships? She may well have a 7th House Jupiter because she will, likely, be blessed in the arena of marriage.

8th House

The male native is supposed to be well endowed.I don’t know, personally, just passing it on. The 8th House native will, likely, be comfortable with all things sexual, as well as emotional.

9th House

This native will have good fortune in finding God, higher education and/or long distance travel, all 9th House domains. The 9th House is Jupiter’s home, giving this native an extra pinch of fairy dust in the aforementioned arenas.

10th House

This is mine. This native will be fortunate in career. She may, also, be fortunate with a wonderful father, both of which I have had. I have been extremely fortunate with career. When I would look for jobs, I, usually, am offered several and have had wonderful experiences with them.

11th House

This native may be blessed with hopes and dreams, which come true. She may be fortunate in being able to help others through charities and/or missionary work.

12th House

This native is said to have a a guardian angel. This native seems to have many near-miss accidents but come out of them, virtually, unharmed. I have seen this again and again, making me really believe that this happens.

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