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Ten Aspects for Charisma

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1. Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant or MC

Lilith conjunct the Ascendant lourves the attention. Lilith conjunct the MC does not want to be treated like a sex object. Go figure.

2. Circe conjunct the Ascendant, MC, Sun, Mars or Venus

Circe bewitches!

3. Belelguese conjunct the Ascendant, MC, Sun or Mars

Belelguese is a Fixed Star, which confers honors, prestige, riches and fame on those whom it falls BUT do not act without integrity or all of the above will turn to reproach. Think OJ Simpson.

4. Aldebaron conjunct the Ascendant, MC, Sun,Venus or Mars

Aldebaron functions as does Belelguese. It is a Fixed Star, as well. JFK had it conjunct the Sun.

5. Mars conjunct Venus

This native is the “It” man( or woman)

6. Apollo conjunct the Ascendant or MC

This native will be put on a pedestal by others.

7. Mars in Scorpio

This native can look like Daffy Duck and talk like Elmer Fudd and still be Big Man on Campus.

8. Pluto conjunct the MC

If you like a power persona a la Vlad Putin, you will love Pluto conjunct the MC. Not everyone does.

9. Eros or Sappho conjunct the Ascendant or MC

Eros is erotic vibes, Sappho is erotic vibe with a literary bent. Both ring the proverbial sexual bell to the top.

10. Eighth House Stellium

Sexy vibes and the wherewithal to back them up.

PS Here is my list of asteroids if you would like to look up the numbers.

PPS Why don’t I put them in myself?

I’m lazy—-Libra Ascendant

4 thoughts on “Ten Aspects for Charisma

  1. amiannI have three of your nine

    which example do you find more attractive, if at all? Example One: The power of Jesus is such that it is inevitable that all religion will die and all will become one flock with Jesus the Good Shepard. Example Two: The power of Jesus is such that he as first a nameless Energy Field works indirectly for every person of all faiths in the Highest Power of the universe that goes by any name, ie Allah, Ultimate, Brahman, Allmighty, Donald Duck.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The first lol

      Also, one of my clients wanted to see the gorgeousness of Lilith conj the ASC. Could you please send me the pic of you with the low cut pants. That was my fave. She asked for you by name, too, so you are famous 😀

  2. amiannIngrid

    Once again,great post,Ami!
    There’s so much interesting info here,wow!

    What’s your take on the following?

    1. Circe opposite Venus
    2. Belelguese conjunct moon and north node
    3. Aldebaran conjunct Venus
    4. Mars conjunct Aphrodite ( I’ve been wondering how it compares to Mars conjunct Venus ?? )

    Couldn’t find anything specific about them.

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