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The Nodes—By House

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I got a request from a gorgeous guy to write about the Nodes, so how could I resist?

First of all, there are two Nodes and they are directly opposite. The South Node shows that with which we are comfortable. The North Node shows that which is our goal, but not one which is not easy to attain. One can liken the attaining of the NN to losing two hundred pounds. It takes discipline. It takes focus. It takes an attitude of never giving up. Knowing these two things will take you a long way to understanding the Nodes. I will structure my article using the North Node/South Node accesses.

The 1st/7th House Axis

1st House

The 1st House is the House of self. A person with a strong first house, such as several planets in the 1st House, can have a problem likened to a double edged sword. He may be very confident, yet he may be TOO self focused. When we refer to the NN in the 1st House, we have the SN in the 7th House.

He may be the kind of person who thinks of others before himself to too much of a degree. The modern term for this is co-dependent.The balance between being an individual who puts himself first and being a partner who finds the way to be himself and still be in a relationship is the work/struggle of this axis.

7th House

The 7th House NN native has the opposite problem of the 1st House NN native. In this case, his SN will be in the 1st House, so he may, already, knows the lessons of having a strong ego and sense of self. His purpose is to bend to a partner.

The 2nd/8th House Axis

2nd House

The native with the NN in the 2nd House will need to learn how to manage the material world. He will need to learn how to manage money. His mind may be occupied with other things. This native will have a SN in the 8th House. He may be a person who swims, easily, in the realm of deep emotions and passions, but lets the bills pile up on his desk until the electric company shuts off his lights. His task is to learn to navigate the details of the mundane world, in which bills and money dominate.

8th House

The native with the NN in the 8th will have the opposite problem of the 2nd House NN native. His goal is to, comfortably, swim in emotional and sexual depths. He may have all his bills paid before the due date, but may freeze when intimacy is required.( Oh, how I wish we didn’t have these problems) His goal will be to look within the depths of his soul and make peace with the untamed animal that resides in us all.
The 3rd/9th House Axis

3rd House

The native with the 3rd House north Node will have to learn the lessons of communication. He may have had a stutter. He may have been shy. He may have been reluctant to voice his opinion for fear of rejection or ridicule. His SN will be in the 9th House, so he may have been an excellent student. However, when it comes to expressing his authentic voice, he may hold back. The 3rd House is, also, the House of early education, short journeys, siblings and the neighborhood. In my work with charts, I find that the 3rd House is, usually, communication, although not always.

9th House

The native with the NN in the 9th House may struggle with higher education. He may have been denied the conventional route to college, although he greatly desired to go. Also, the NN is long distance travel. He may need to travel but be afraid. The 9th House is, also, the House of God and spirituality. This native may struggle to answer the 9th House question of “Who am I and Why am I here?” That question may plague him. It may call him and he will not be satisfied until he answers that call. His SN is in the 3rd House, so he may communicate with ease in his daily life.

The 4th/10th House Axis

4th House

The native with the 4th House NN may desire to form his own home, but the goal may seem out of reach. His early home life may have been a struggle, as well. He may have felt homeless or, actually, been homeless. His SN would be in the 10th House. He may thrive in his career, but lack grounding his his home life.

10th House

The native with the NN in the 10th House may desire a career but find that the path is fraught with obstacles. His SN in the 4th House may make him a homebody. He may have had a loving early childhood which provided grounding. He faces the opposite problem of the native with the 4th House NN.

The 5th/11th House Axis

5th House

The native with the NN in the 5th may need to learn to play. The 5th House is the House of creativity. It is said that all creativity is, simply, releasing one’s inner child. I think this is true. However, the native with the 5th House NN may struggle mightily. His SN will be in the 11th House, so he may be gifted in managing groups. He may be blessed with feeling he can reach his own hopes and dreams. He may be gifted in giving charitably to others. However, he needs to learn to let go and give his inner child voice. Think of a great singer like Amy Winehouse. We hear the sadness of her child. We hear the joy of her child. We hear the passion of her child. It gives voice to our soul. Our inner child makes up a great part of our soul. This native may benefit from learning how to sing, dance, paint or write poetry. It will not be easy because the NN NEVER is. That is, simply, the nature of the NN.

11th House

The native with the NN in the 11th may feel that her hopes and dreams elude her, as if they are, always, slightly, out of reach. She may desire to be a leader in a group setting, but it may seem like a daunting task. He SN is in the 5th, so she may play and dance like a child. She may be very creative, but her aspiration is in the realm of the 11th House, which is groups, charitable work and hopes and dreams. Most often, people seem to have an 11th House which signifies hopes and dreams, but not always.

The 6th/12th House Axis

6th House

The 6th House NN native may struggle to keep his health on an even keel. His health may seem like a cast off part of himself. I have seen this with some of my clients. Their health may seem as if it is really not a part of them. They may focus on the intellect or on work, while they eat poorly, sleep poorly or otherwise damage their bodies. The native with the 6th House NN needs to learn to have a positive relationship with his body. The 6th House is, also, service of a mundane nature. This would be any hands on service such as nursing, hair stylist, mechanic, dog groomer etc His SN would be in the 12th House. He would, likely, be comfortable with the spiritual. He may be a mystic or an artist who would rather live in a secluded ashram than to become part of the every day 9-5 work force.

12th House

My request for this article was from two people who had 12th House NNs, so I will try to spend extra time on this. For the native with the 12th House NN, he has a 6th House SN. Hence, I imagine that he feels connected to his physical body. He may work out, eat well and otherwise feel that his body is his friend. He may be gifted in practical hands on pursuits. He may be the kind of person who can fix anything in his house. He may be the kind of person who will nurse a friend. He, most likely, feels at home in the practical world. For him, the mystical world may seem out of reach. He will yearn to touch the next dimension. He will attempt to reach the mystical world. The NN calls us. He may enter the world of drugs, as these are gateways to the next dimension. He may meditate or do yoga, other avenues to the mystical. He may desire to play an instrument, compose music, dance, or do other art forms. All of these pursuits take us AWAY from the mundane world and into the world of the spirit and the world of the creative. This is that for which his soul yearns.

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