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The Nodes–By Sign

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The Nodes are House and Sign dependent. We did an article on the Houses. Now, we will look at the Signs. Remember that, you will have the SN on one side and the NN on the other. Hence, the SN is a comfort zone and the NN is aspirational.Use each entry as it fits your particular chart. I hope that is clear. Please, tell me if it is not and I will revise it!


Aries represents the confidence of the “I”. Libra represents the compromise that relationships demand. Hence, the theme of this axis is the self vs the other.


Taurus represents grounding in the material world. Scorpio represents the depth of emotion. Hence, the theme of this axis is the material world vs the world of the primal emotions and passions


Gemini represents a thirst for knowledge and unbounded curiosity. However, Gemini exhibits a more “shallow “form of communication.Gemini is the girl who talks too much in class. She passes notes with her friends. Gemini is very chatty, friendly and sociable. She may win “The Most Popular” award in high school.

Sagittarius represents deep, professorial thought and one’s search for God. Sagittarius is the professor. Gemini is the student. Hence, the theme of this axis is learner/student and teacher. It is, also, communication for fun and communication for “serious” purposes.


Cancer represents the home and the mother. Capricorn represents leaving the home and going forth into society. Capricorn represents career. Hence, the theme of this axis is the state of a child and that of the adult. It represents the dichotomy of the comforts of home and leaving that home to make one’s way in the world.

Leo is the sign of the childlike self. Leo embodies all that is the best(and worst) of children. Hence, Leo is both delightful and self centered. Aquarius represents selflessness. Aquarius cares for the world beyond himself. Hence, the theme of this axis is self focus/self expression and other focus.


Virgo represents service on a personal basis such as a nurse, teacher, massage therapist or hair dresser. Pisces represents service of a mystical nature such as those field that deal with bodily energy such as Kundalini yoga teacher. Also, this sign represents creativity that has mystical depth, such as amazing poetry or music. Hence, the theme of this axis is service and it’s many manifestations.

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  1. amiannkristie

    Ami, thus us the best explanation of the nodal axis I have ever read. I have my Gemini Sun on my south node, and I’ve always looked for a good explanation for my purpose in life. Nothing really made sense because the descriptions of Sagittarius and Gemini were too similar (except with air and fire emphasis)…until now! Thanks so much. Your description is very appropriate to me right now and makes me feel I’m on the right path.

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