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The Vertex, Anti-Vertex and Fate

Every time I am privileged to do a chart, I learn new things.Β  In my last professional chart, three new things came up for me. One was the asteroid Circe, which is completely fascinating as she beguiles men as a temptress. The other was the vertex and the anti-vertex and the subject of fate. This article will be a work in progress, as I research this subject.

I can start of by saying that the Vertex is a fated point. The vertex shows what fate will bring you, both by what is presentΒ  in your OWN natal and by looking at your synastry with key people in your life. I already knew about the synastry part of the vertex. I have an article on it. I have seen it play out. For example, if one person is a spiritual messenger to another, the spiritual messenger’s Neptune may be an exact conjunction to the other person’s Vertex. I have seen this in my own life. Find your Vertex on Then, start checking synastries and see what you bring to people and they to you.

The Anti-vertex point in your own chart shows more of YOUR contribution to your life and your fate, in that sense. This is what makes the Anti-vertex more like your ASC than the vertex. The Anti-vertex is YOUR contribution to fate. The vertex is OTHER people’s and life’s contribution to your fate.

Let me give some examples. I want to say that I am a beginner with the Anti-vertex and the vertex’s role in the natal chart, so please add anything to the Comment Section and know that I am writing from the vantage point of a newbie.

One woman had Nessus and Child conjunct the Vertex. She had Venus and Union conjunct the Anti-Vertex. That was one of the reasons that she contacted me for a chart reading. She was afraid that Nessus conjunct the Vertex would make her an abusive person. I did not know how to deal with this issue, so started researching this subject and that is how I came to write this article. My conclusion was that Nessus conjunct the Vertex would make abuse come to HER, rather than she being the abuser. Child conjunct the vertex may make for abused children coming to her. Strangely enough, this is her passion in life i.e to be an oasis for abused children. Again, Astrology hits it on the mark.

From her Venus conjunct Union conjunct the Anti-vertex, my conclusion was that she brought love and the desire for a permanent union to her world. This was the case.

With the vertex and anti-vertex, new vistas of the chart have opened for me. As in all Astrological things, I need your help to tell me how things work in your chart. I await your comments.


176 thoughts on “The Vertex, Anti-Vertex and Fate

  1. amiannJamie

    What if someone’s juno sits on my vertex? And which has more punch: vertex or anti-vertex (I’ve read mixed opinions on this.)

  2. amiannMarie

    Wow! Thanks! I am very interested in the vertex. I found out that my vertex is in Scorpio. I am so excited because I always attract Scorpios for some reason. I am also interested in the juno conjunct vertex and juno conjunct sun in synastry too.Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Juno conj Vertex should mean that you will attract loyal and devoted love.
      Juno conj Sun is wonderful as it would be a soul mate aspect in my opinion.

  3. amiannMarie

    Ok, awsome! Thanks! Yeah sun conjunct vertex in synastry. I was interested in this aspect. I was just wondering what was the meaning. I would love to learn more about the vertex and the different aspects in general. Thanks for replying πŸ˜‰

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are most welcome Marie dear. Who is the Sun and who is the vertex. I would say that the Sun brings confidence, an ego boost and ego strength to the vertex person. I did an article or actually few on the vertex.

  4. amiannJim

    Ami what happens when you have Vertex conjuncting both Venus and Chiron?
    Does this aspect will make love come to me? but since its in a conjunction with chiron make the love that i recieve bring me some kind of pain too?

  5. amiannmaria

    Hi, I would like to know.. does the contacts Venus/Vertex bring physical attraction?
    Specifically.. Vertex trine Venus!
    Thank you, M.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have not dealt with anything but conjunctions with the vertex. The planet person brings THAT planet to the vertex person. With Venus, it would be love. If a trine would do the same thing, I would not do more than 1 degree. You are very welcome, Maria dear. I wish I knew more. Venus does not bring physical attraction as much as a purer kind of love of the person’s way of being imo

      1. amiannmaria

        Thank you! πŸ™‚
        ok.. I was thinking that the Vertex point was similar to the Lilith black moon..
        so, Vertex conjunct Venus … almost like Venus conjunct Lilith, (in a synastry I have both)
        thanks for your answer!

  6. amiannAstrid

    Natal chart – SUN 14’26 Aquarius…CHIRON 17’16 Aquarius….VERTEX 17’25 Aquarius
    My life:
    Two times divorced (love and pain), third marriage (love, but he died)
    two adopted children
    two dogs & one cat
    proffession: business owner: manager….. counselor, teacher, life coach
    reiki master – healer (I can not take money)
    I nurture and heal family, workers, friends, animals and everybody who ask for my help
    hoby: astrology
    I am working 16 hours almost every day

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Astrid. The Vertex is what people bring to you. The anti vertex is what you bring to others. The Reiki seems amazing. Please, tell me about it.

  7. amiannADELE

    Hi Ami.
    I cant log in for some reason but i wanted to ask about the vertex in synastry…
    I spoke to you a while ago about this intense reaction i have around this girl, and I was wondering if you could tell me something from the chart like what she thinks of me, and am i wasting my time as I catch her going out her way to look at me, and then shes awkward and rude the next minute which i just find funny. Im a cancer, shes a scorpio.
    Her vertex conjunct my sun in her 8th house.
    My vertex conjuncts her north node in her 5th house. + we have black moon lilith conjunct venus double whammy!!

  8. amiannadele

    ok, is there anything you can help me on with the aspects i mentioned above? like how important is the vertex aspect should i ignore this, cause i feel like its gripped me and shouting in my face this person is important. much love x

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I think these vertex things show a fated relationship. Why don’t you post the charts in my Forum so we can look at everything though as the vertex is one part, only, and one can’t base a whole chart reading on the vertex.

        1. amiannAnderssen

          What does it mean when a person’s planet conjuncts your anti-vertex? Does it mean the same as being conjunct the vertex? Thank you!

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            No, it is quite different, Anderssen. The antivertex is the trait the native brings TO the world. The Anti vertex is what others will bring to him. If your planet conjuncts the Anti vertex, you would bring the nature of the planet to that person and she, in turn, would bring that to her life.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh dear

      It is automated. I could ask my web designer tomorrow or create a new account if you have another e mail, perhaps. Sorry for all the trouble πŸ™

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have been so swamped lately, Adele dear. I have not been able to check out the Forum for a few days. I will be there as soon as I can and I am very, very sorry! I know you went through a lot of effort to post your chart <3

  9. amiannStephanie

    I’ve met someone, his vertex conjuncts my uranus (which is his chart ruler). My vertex conjuncts his Jupiter (which is my chart ruler.) Also his anti vertex opposes my my moon, my anti vertex opposes his sun. Could you please help me on these aspects?

  10. amiannadele

    I know that vertex/anti vertex touching anothers angle/planet has alot to do with transits, ive been hunting high and low to find a ‘first meeting chart’ because i think it would hold alot of answers. EG- Out of the blue (vertex), i first met my crush during sun/venus in scorpio season, opposing her descendant (partner) in my 8th house (sex)! she is a scorpio sun & venus. im still learning though lol…

    1. amiannStephanie

      Our vertexes are actually touching planets, not on transits. How do I do a first meeting chart? We also have vertex in a composite chart. I truly believe that this person is a twin flame…we were destined to meet for a specific purpose.

        1. amiannStephanie

          We have moon trine moon. My moon is in his 12th house which aspect his Chiron. Venus squares venus, but sextiles Mars DW. Our Plutos are conjunct.

          1. amiannStephanie

            He’s is at 24.11 degrees in Virgo; mine at 22.56 in Taurus. Both 5th house moons.

  11. amiannEve.Marie

    Hello Amian
    your articles are always so interesting ! its always a pleasure to come here and read

    Numerous astrologers in France remain asserting that Vertex has no importance….
    HA HA HA Iam laughing ! For I AM the living PROOF that Vertex is something like a gateway through which you have fated encounters in your life (good or bad fate) and this is TRUE

    One day, a long time ago, as I was working in Dublin, I had a FATED meeting with a guy I will name X . He was just there in Dublin for 1 day . I was in Dublin only for one month. We met. The day before, this could not have happened, because he was not there. The day before, it could not have happened neither , because he would have been gone away , back to his country. But it happened. And THIS is Vertex.

    The guy has his vertex in Virgo , conjunct exact my Jupiter , AND also conjunct 3 degrees my Venus ( I have Venus / Jup conjunct in my natal)
    As for me, I have vertex in Scorp . My Vertex hits direct his Chiron AND his Eros , conjunct in natal.
    So his vertex hits 2 things of mine, and my vertex hits 2 things of his
    The day I learnt this years later , I was stunned. Almost died scary . Sort of .
    I ‘m absolutely convinced vertex has a role to play in fated encounters of our lives, with significant others. Even when the meeting is not to be a long-time affair

    More hard to understand , is the Vertex role in natal chart , methinks ….
    For instance I have Moon conjunct Vesta and antivertex (the 3 ) in Taurus, and I have absolutely no idea what it means . But it probably means something , because vertex things always mean something.
    Maybe Vertex is a gate to reach significant others, while Antivertex is a gate to reach ourselves, I mean, to connect ourselves with our own major essential point in the soul ?

    What do you think about vertex- antivertex in natal, Amiann ?

    “hugs” from France πŸ˜‰

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am so touched by your kind words, Eve. I will come back and study your post when I can devote the needed time as I want to meditate on it!

  12. amiannadele

    …..STEPHANIE!….you can do a first meeting chart by using the basic chart on BUT you can change the date….specifically to the day you first met…..alas a first meeting chart πŸ˜‰ and then compare. good luck. x

  13. amiannEve.Marie

    To Adele,
    What you say about the chart of the meeting day/hour:place is very interesting and I ‘m going to do it and check seriously . Especially how it hits or not the synastry vertex connections . It is probably important to check this. Thank you !

  14. amiannEve.Marie

    So ok, I’ve done it, I’ve checked

    the result : Transit vertex in pisces, opposite natal male vertex.
    That is , the Vertex was in transit opposite our synastry connection male vertex conjunct female venus/jupiter in house 5 .
    OMG that seems very weird !
    So the vertex would be especially active when transiting opposite natal vertex ?
    As I have my natal dark lilith Waldemath in Pisces conjunct natal male antivertex, so there was also Transit vertex on my natal Waldemath !

    For the other aspects transits to the 2 natal themes, for the moment I have only checked for the man.
    Its not in my habits to make long boring lists, but this time I ‘ll make an exception.

    Transits to male Natal chart ( T for transit , N for natal) and only for conjunctions or oppositions, the complete list would be too long

    -T vertex opposite N vertex
    -T Sun conjunct N MC
    -T Sun conjunct N Lilith
    -T Venus conjunct N Lilith
    – T Mars conjunct N Lilith
    -T Pluto conjunct N VΓ©nus
    -T Lilith opposite N Lilith
    -T Chiron conjunct natal Ast Karma 3811
    -T Eros 433, opposite natal Psyche 16
    -T Psyche 16 conjunct N north node
    -T ast Karma conjunct N Pluto, N saturn, N, DEC
    -T Ascendant conjunct N psyche
    -T MC opposite natal MC
    as given by astrodienst additionnal tables .

    now , i’m slightly afraid to have a look at mines

  15. amiannadele

    I feel for ya Amiann!

    stephanie -dont worry even if the dates are not exact you can still find aspects such as pluto transits which are very intense and last a while.
    evemarie- glad you found this helpful, it defo opens new doors into synastry, looks like you got some intense fated aspects.
    on the night i met my crush, venus & vertex were in libra 7th house descendant!!….Our composite ascendant is in libra, aswell as my natal ascendant…..

    it all adds up….. πŸ˜‰

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You can add another chart Adele dear. I will get to it when I can. Would you be interested in helping me on the Forum. You see to do lovely astrological work?

  16. amiannkelsey

    I was told that in the chart of a man i have deep feelings for I am his vertex. the feelings are strong. but what does that mean? im a pisces does that mean pisces is his vertex sign? or does it do more with how our charts compare? if so what is the process of comparing?

  17. amiannChrista

    Ami, I have my North Node, Jupiter (both 3′ orb), and Mercury (more loosely- 5′ orb) conjunct my Anti-Vertex. Therefore my South Node is conjunct my Vertex. Any thoughts on those placements? Also, in synastry, my Sun is exactly conjunct my boyfriend’s Vertex, and his Ascendant is loosely conjunct my Vertex (6′ orb). What does that mean? And in our composite we have the vertex exactly conjunct the descendant, which I read somewhere that it signifies a fateful union, as many couples have reported with that placement that their union felt fateful, as mine with my partner does as well. It feels like we have known each other in a past life or are soulmates, etc. Very familiar and comfortable feeling.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Christa. Jupiter would be the player here and you would bring a positive attitude to others. You would bring joy to others. I don’t know about the SN and NN with the vertex. I could only speak about asteroids and planets. I have not looked at the angles conj the Vertex so thank YOU for your report, Christa dear.

      1. amiannChrista

        Thanks, Ami!!! That is so awesome!!! Do you know about the synastry aspects that I mentioned? His Vertex conjunct my Sun and my Vertex conjunct his Ascendant. Sorry it doesn’t go with the article but I thought maybe you would know.

  18. amiannChrista

    Oh, actually it’s a 2′ orb between my NN/Jupiter & Anti-Vertex, and 4′ orb between my Mercury & Anti-Vertex. A little closer, in case that helps.

  19. amiannKristieJenkins

    I am having so much trouble figuring out how to read the graph underneath the natal wheel, is it okay with you if I were to add the chart to this forum???
    If not, I understand. Looking forward to hearing from you, Ami.
    <3 KristieJenkins

  20. amiannSuki

    Hi ami, can you explain for me please, I can’t understand why meeting someone briefly has had such an effect on me energeticly and I can’t seem to shake it off. Would his vertex conjunct my chiron explain this? Thanks

  21. amiannSuki

    Hi ami, can you explain for me please, I can’t understand why meeting someone briefly has had such an effect on me energeticly and I can’t seem to shake it off. Would his vertex conjunct my chiron explain this? Thanks
    One more thing his vesta and Ceres are an exact conjunction too to my chiron

  22. amiannLindleyi

    I have natal Vertex/Lilith conjunction which sextile my Venus/Chiron conjunction and trine my Saturn (that also means my Venus/Chiron opposites my Saturn). So that my romantic life was always like this: falling for someone who showed me their dark sides and hoping that they also could understand my dark side; but it always ended up that they couldn’t accept me (or maybe it was because my Saturn/Venus telling me that). My “romantic life” was not really relationships, since I had never dare to show my whole and true emotions at once, and I hardly ever confessed to them that I liked them. I always stopped at beginning. My Sun is placed at the star Zaurak in Taurus sign (my Sun is at decan 3 Taurus), and let see what they said about it: β€œhas a Saturnian character. Anyone who has this star connected with a planet in his chart should endeavour not to take life too seriously and put too much weight on everything people say. This person should struggle to overcome melancholy. Otherwise, this star could trigger off fear of death and suicidal tendencies.” Saturn is also my ASC ruler and 12th house ruler and then I should stop talking about my melancholic situation here since it will never end. Here is my “fated relationship” with Pluto/Vertex:

    My mom’s Pluto conjuncts my Vertex within 3 degree. I think you can guess what came to me from her. She has Pluto/Moon square and I have Pluto/Moon inconjunction. The first time when I had ever known about this Hades Moon, I was like “what the heck?”; and the second time when I saw her Pluto conjuncts my Vertex, I just rolled my eyes and thought “ok she is my fate”.

    Actually, she’s a good person in society and a responsible mother. She’s strong and she cares to (physical) benefits of her dear ones. I would tell I like to have her as my friend. However, she will never be my friend (she also claimed that to me LOL ). She is my mother, and that’s the cause of all problems. She never tries to listen to the ones with “lower position”, including her children. She said what she meant, what she felt and what she wanted to say. She never tried to listen to my feeling. Even later when I am grown up already and she has become much softer than before, she still considers her “want/feel/need to talk” first. One more thing: she never ever apology for whatever she had done and has done (even though it did hurt me), because she always has reasons to do this and that.

    And, well then, with all of this Plutonian energy from her, I think I have a love-hate complex feeling to her. It’s always running from this side to that side, and never be between (as Pluto’s motto is “all or nothing”). If she doesn’t make contact to me (doesn’t live in the same house or doesn’t talk), I becomes to sympathize with all of her hardships, even to fell guilty that I can’t totally love her after all the life she gave me (love side). On the contrary, if she mixes her life with me somehow, I becomes totally aggressive toward her (hate side).

    Anyway, thankfully my big brother doesn’t have much problem with her personalities like I do. At least his birthchart doesn’t have Hades Moon.

  23. amiannMarissa

    Hey ami,

    Hope your well πŸ™‚
    What do you think circe conjunct the vertex would mean in the natal chart?
    When you read my chart you said because I have pallas on my vertex wise people will come to me so does this mean witchy people would come to me? If so do you think it would be in a good or bad way?

    And then in synastry if someone else has their circe on my vertex & circe then do you think that they will be the one bringing witchcraft to me?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi M!! Well, Circe conj Vertex in the natal may mean that bewitching people will come to you. Would it be in a good or a bad way? I am not sure. This one aspect could not tell than, my Friend. Yes, in synastry, the person bringing the circe will bewitch the other person lol

      1. amiannMarissa

        Ok haha so then even if my circe is there aswell that person would be more bewitching than me?
        I already know that you know better than me, so I might have to just pretennddd that I am the more powerful bewitcher because mine is 1.09 away from my vertex and the other persons is 1.37 away from it haha.
        But I already know that you know dont worry πŸ™‚
        Hows things with you anyways?

        And also could you please please give an example of situations with the same planet transiting the vertex and anti vertex? Like if a transiting planet goes over the anti vertex lets say mars then you would be giving yourself more energy? but then if mars transits over your vertex then people would come to give you more energy is that right? if not could you give an example so I can understand it better πŸ™‚

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I don’t know if the vertex functions in transit, M. I am not really that strong with transits. I do natal and synastry. Honestly, I don’t like to know when I have bad transits because it makes me too paranoid so I don’t really look at transits in general πŸ˜›

          1. amiannMarissa

            Haha that’s a really smart move, when I’m in a bad mood I’ll just pick out the bad ones and research them then feel sorry for myself hahaha x

  24. amiannAnoobis

    Any thoughts on transiting Juno conjunct anti-vertex?
    This started last november and Juno is going retro and then direct again, so all in all 3 contacts with the last one being next May, so quite a long influence …
    My anti vertex is 12th house in Leo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t use the vertex and anti vertex in this way. I am not saying that you can’t, just that I never have. It would be interesting to do a study on it.

      1. amiannMarissa

        Omg ami you will not believe it!!
        I have this ex, lost my virginity to him and for the last 9 years we have been best friends, have been looking at the charts for ages thinking what is this strong bond and because the charts generally only show the vertex and not the anti vertex I didn’t notice before but my sun at 7.57 Capricorn on his anti vertex ready for it….. 7.57 Capricorn!!! Do you know a programme I can use to get the next numbers after the 7?
        I just saw the email notice for this thread and thought I have to tell you πŸ™‚

          1. amiannMarissa

            Hey ami,

            Don’t worry I found it on on printing additional tables, was just how can I get the other numbers after the first two like if it’s 7.57 then how can I get the numbers like 7.57245 πŸ™‚

            Thanks heaps and I hope your going well xxx

  25. amiannAnoobis

    I should add that the last conjunction of three is very special because transiting Jupiter joins Transiting Juno in a perfect conjunction over my anti vertex…. so we have Jupiter and his devoted wife Juno, finishing off this 7 month transit…

  26. amiannJamie

    Hi Ami, question in synastry what means if my Juno conjuncts his vertex and his Juno opposites my vertex? This is synastry. Thanks a lot for your help!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Jamie
      He will bring you all the wonderful traits of a good spouse–loyalty, devotion etc.

      His Juno conj your anti vertex. Not really sure about this. YOU may bring Juno traits to him.

  27. amiannHarlow

    Hi love,
    Could you interpret what a vertex-vertex conjunction might mean in synastry? Less than a degree apart. 8th House Leo.

    Also In my natal I have Aphrodite conjunct my vertex and he has a Jupiter-Black Moon Lillith conjunct his vertex. (All under 2 degrees from vertex). How might you interpret this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not sure about vertex conj vertex. I have never seen it. it may be fated for you to find each other but I could not say HOW without looking at the whole chart. That which conjuncts the vertex, people bring to YOU! So, Aphrodite conj your Vertex would be people bringing you love. For him people would bring hi, joy and positive vibes. Lilith is raw sexuality, so we could add that for him.

  28. amianncatlover

    In terms of synastry if a woman’s vertex and 7th house conjuncts a man’s Nessus does this mean he will only have to offer her abuse in some way?

      1. amianncatlover

        I have this aspect with someone I know from work. From day one he has always looked at me in a strange obsessive way. Isn’t there anything good about these aspects even if his moon is also conjunct my vertex? What could be the fated situation between us?!

        When I think of his Nessus conjunct my vertex I think this may be bad news but if his moon is also conjunct my vertex then would he feel a need to be nurturing towards me?
        These aspects contradict each other. I don’t know if this is good or bad.

  29. amiannfixedTsquare

    Hi Ami Ann! How would you interpret someone’s Nessus conjuncting your anti-vertex?

    What about asteroid Lust conjuncting anti-vertex?

    I only happened to notice these anti-vertex connections due to this person’s Venus conjuncting my Vertex.

    Thank you for such an amazing and prolific collection of astrological insight. Keep up the good work!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! they really lifted me up. The anti vertex in synastry—hmmmm. I don’t really know. I would have to study this and think on it, my Friend. The AV is the point showing what YOU bring to others. If a Nessus touched this, maybe you would abuse him. If Lust touched it, maybe you would show Lust to him but this is a guess. Is there anything on the web about this? Please, link me if you find anything.

  30. amiannSujin

    Hi Ami Ann! I love your insight and knowledge regarding astrology; I can always sense your passion through your posts and the blog in general πŸ™‚

    I was just wondering what it meant to have my vertex exactly conjunct my sun moon midpoint (in Sagittarius, sixth house); I could never find an interpretation on this online πŸ™

    Thank you again for your knowledge !

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, S! I don’t really use midpoints, so cannot say. My guess is that this would not mean a lot. The vertex shows what people bring to you, so THEIR planets conjunct your vertex is what they bring to you. The Anti vertex is what you bring to them, S. Thank you for being a part of my website. I am honored to have you!

  31. amiannCarina

    Hello I have a question my vertex conjunct my psyche and my eros and That 3 things conjunct my partners ascendant VΓ©nus and mercury can you explain to me what That means thank you

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That would mean that people with the erotic and with soul would come to you. I can’t follow the second question, my Friend, about your partner. If you ask it again, I will try to help, C

  32. amiannCarina

    Sorry my english iam portuguese. My partner ascendant mercury and VΓ©nus conjunct my vertex psyche and eros is that thank you

  33. amiannAshlee

    I was wondering how could I look for the synastry between two people that includes vertex, all sites I use that compare natal charts only tell me a limited amount of aspects and I have not been able to find an extended version everywhere, but everything somehow can and it’s frustrating me! Please direct me to a sight or a way for me to find them if possible, thank you!!!

  34. amiannMaria

    His Vertex is 11 degrees 20 minutes in Pisces, my Descendant 16 degrees 15 minutes in Pisces , the asteroid Amour is conjunct my descendant at 18 degrees 43 minutes Pisces. His Anti-vertex is 11 degrees 20 minutes in Virgo conjunct my Mars at 8 degrees 7 minutes and my Venus at 14 degrees 49 minutes both in Virgo.
    His North Node 2 degrees 21 minutes conjunct my South Node 5 degrees 35 minutes Aries. My North Node – 5 degrees 35 minutes Libra conjunct his South Node 2 degrees 21 Libra conjunct his Sun 6 degrees Libra.
    My Eros – 6 degrees 23 minutes Libra in my 1st house is in the same sign as his Psyche 12 degrees 1 minute Libra in his 12th house.
    My Chiron is conjunct his Juno, trine his Venus, sextile his Jupiter, trine his Chiron.
    His Chiron is in opposition to my Saturn, trine my Neptune, in opposition to the Galactic Center.
    Any advice on these aspects? Thank You.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      How about choose one simple aspect, meaning one asteroid or planet making one aspect to something in his chart. Your question would take me hours, Love.

  35. amiannnatalie

    Hi my vertex and ceres is conjunct nessus. there was physical abuse by both parent when i was young and one of my first relationships was physically abusive. i rationalized that coming from a home that physical abuse was ok made me stay. i thought i was just sensitive but the more i look into my past i remember that i was always the butt end friendships as well. ive been working on setting clear boundaries w people now. also all this is in my 8th house in cancer, does that reaffirm my mother has a problem w me. i never had a good relationship w her, as i grew older i tried to connect w her and spend time but she basically rejects my love. it is such a bad relationship i wish i knew how to make it better.

  36. amiannRosi

    Hi, Amiann! It is so interesting to deep dive into that Vertex-Anti Vertex ocean!

    I am trying to figure out what would be the possible notions in two relevant matters:

    1. In my natal chart I have Anti-Vertex conjunct Venus. What do you think would the general possible outcomes for myself be?
    2. In synastry – his Uranus (his 7th house) conjuncts my Vertex (in my 5th house), 2* orb. Would his presence bring me excitement, abruptness, unexpectedness?

    Best of regards!

      1. amiannRosi

        Thanks, Ami!

        If in synastry Vertex of Person 1 conjuncts Desc ot Person 2 would that be considered a perfect match?

        Best of regards!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          No way could such a broad statement be made from this one aspect, my Friend. The vertex person would see the ASC person as a match but the chart would show if it could work, imo, Rosi.

  37. amiannrintin

    i think your article is incorrect when it comes to the anti-vertex. the anti-vertex is even a more fated point than the vertex. that person who represents the anti-vertex will be more significant (of course, it’s not anyone with that sign in the personal planets anymore than all people with the same first name will be significant for you but it means that the fated person who is a soul kin, mate or whomever will have that marker so it’s a personal signpost as the one represented by the anti-vertex will resonate/vibrate with your soul qualitatively and vice-versa which signs alone cannot pick up, you have to intuit that). you both will know and recognize eachother. i know as i’ve already experienced it and it has nothing to do with your contribution as i have no signs in natal planets represented by the anti-vertex. the anti-vertex person is in the deepest recesses/subconscious of the soul and in many cases represents your twin flame. from my experience it is not the usual explanations that to look for the 7th house, moon or venus signs for your soulmate. i’ve had many of those and they are a dime a dozen and not significant people. the most significant people were represented by the vertex and anti-vertex especially, the anti-vertex being the pinnacle or once in a lifetime type bond. it seems to be the real soulmates are represented by the vertex/anti-vertex. it’s because it’s the most divine, transcendental point in your chart, similar to a spiritual funnel/portal.

    1. amiannMarie-Eve

      I think I can relate to what you say. I grew up with a man that has a Venus on my anti-vertex, trine my Saturn. I still love him 25 years later, tried everything to get him out of my head. We have also many other conjunctions like moon/Venus, Juno/south node, north node/sun and mercury, but I could not figure out that placement until I discovered anti-vertex.

  38. amiannJanay

    My ex-boyfriend’s Nessus conjuncts my Vertex and Venus in Cancer in house 8, at an exact orb. He used me for oral sex and pretended to be loving and compassionate while we were both inpatients at a psychiatric hospital. He got extremely mad at me when I told the nurses all the stuff that we did sexually in the hospital. He got in trouble and they gave him a needle injection. He screamed at me harshly and it sounded like demons were condemning me all the way from hell, like I was at God’s great white throne judgement. I believe that he has bipolar 1, narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorder. Astrologically, he has moon conjunct mars, mars square pluto, and Apophis conjunct northnode. I do have Algol conjunct my descendent. Why do I feel as though I have to give unconditional love and forgiveness to people who treat me horribly while they show me no love nor mercy whatsoever. He and many others thought that im a fake/phony christian, I act bad, and get so called good people in trouble, I’m called two-faced, and that my apologies and hugs mean nothing. It’s like I’m cutting bread with the devil anyways, not that I’m faultless either. I used to think that I was one of the worst sinners who exist and I deserve to be condemned and treated badly. According to others, that would so called humble me and change once everything good leaves my life. Anyways my ex-boyfriend and many others think that I’m genetic trash and I’m not worthy to have anyone or give birth to good children. Sometimes, I would question my existence feeling that If I’m one of the worst people every, why was I even created anyway. This is how awful toxic people make you feel.

    1. amiannAthena

      Dang girl that’s intense. I been impatient more than 5 times in my life, it’s too normal in this sad society but it will change…. I am do sorry you were used and you don’t deserve that. I hate my personal placement of Mercury conjunct nessus and I feel like all I can do is ch0ange the meaning to neccessary and jessus or something so I don’t drive myself insane with evil thoughts or words so I would never hurt anybody in that way ever and a0ll the times I ever did were by accident unconscious and now I have more consciousnesses the nexus…. idk but I wish you peace. Turn Algol into allegory or something in your ow0n willpower to change the fate cuz its possible, its Your chart no one elses and it’s your lore once u realize the connections of name and do the work to take your gravity back from greek regime.

  39. amiannAthena

    My moon is conjunct my anti vertex and my vertex is conjunct my current partners NN (so moon and his SN)… I’m trying to und were stand how my emotions impact my fate, doesn’t that happen for everyone though?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You bring your emotions to your world. Your bring your heart to people. Your partner brings his purpose to you and you prolly help him get to his purpose.

  40. amiannAthena

    I’m a lil confused cuz I have anti vertex conjunct my moon but don’t everybody’s emotions effect their fate? My partners NN conjunct my vertex do hos SN conjunct my moon too…

  41. amiannNighta

    Wow. I had no idea the role of the vertex anti-vertex axis until now. Very enlightening! Thank you Amian.
    In my natal chart I have tyche, fortuna and Sappho (all retrograde) conjunct my anti vertex all within a degree in the twelfth house scorpio. Does that mean I bring to people a sense of luck, fortune and a brilliant mind? And does the interpretation change as a result of these asteroids being retrograde?
    Sorry I’m always up on your forums asking for interpretations. I am learning.. slowly lol.

  42. amiannIrisiel

    My antivertex is conjunct my ASC, so I guess what I bring to the world is doubled. I just discovered Aphrodite is conjunct them both??? Made much more sense when a saw Sappho a few degrees away; I’m a writer. And a loner. And not particularly pretty, just distinctive, I guess.

  43. amiannsira

    Ciao! I like youre website, it’s one of the only sources of deep astrology information on the internet. About Vertex: What would you say about a natal NN-Vertex and SN/Chiron-AV conjunction??
    Many thanks in advance πŸ™‚

      1. amiannsira

        Thanks for your answer! So are you saying that people tend to take advantage of me or that I should never stop helping people because it will bring me peace?
        I have been used and hurt, yes, at the same time I still love humans and never want to stop seeing the good in them and I just know that there is something big out there waiting for me.

  44. amiannAnna

    I heard the other day someone say that the Vertex conjunct the other person’s anti-vertex (ie vertex oppose vertex) could indicate soulmates (which definitely sounds fine) but she specified it is a trait for TWIN FLAMES which I don’t even believe in. Then I ran charts and found a guy I just met has this with me, within 5Β°. The aspects are some wonderful and some yuck. Doesn’t feel twin-flamish. Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      5 is too wide. One could not say how the relationship would go based on vertex–antivertex unless something terrible was there like Nessus(abuse) or sado( sadism) or something like that

  45. amiannAndries H. Cats

    Hitler has Vertex in 17 degrees Taurus and conjunct his Mars/Venus in 17 degrees Taurus.

    I have Anti Vertex in 2 degrees Libra conjunct Chiron in 2 degrees Libra.
    My Ascendant is in 1 degree Libra and my MC in 1 degree Cancer.

    I rectified the Hitler horoscope: Ascendant 21 degrees Libra; MC 27 degrees Cancer.
    And put the results in 4 books.
    Incl,the Third German Reich horoscope which has MC in 27 degrees Capricorn, opposite Hitler’s MC.
    TGR Ninth house cusp is in 9 degrees Capricorn conjunct Hitler’s Jupiter in 9 degrees Capricorn.
    Hitler’s Chiron in 7 degrees Cancer is opposite his Moon in 7 degrees Capricorn.
    The Moon is ruler MC.

  46. amiannAdrienne

    Hi, I had posted a question another way and feel confused about the answer. Here, you say that Vertex is what others bring to us (I have Lilith and Nessus conjunct Vertex), and in synastry with love interest, his North Node is conjunct these for me. Wouldn’t that mean that abuse might come from him to me, if anything, rather than the other way around, potentially? Also, I’ve read that North Node conjunct Vertex is a great marriage indicator. We both have Plutonian charts, he has a lot of Scorpio including sun and Venus and Mercury conjunct my Scorpio ascendant etc, and natally I have Pluto opposing my Venus and Mercury etc.. Have read other indicators we would help each other work through past abuse we’ve been through. Thanks for your writing etc~!~~~

  47. amiannElise

    Hi there!
    What do you think about my sun and anti-vertex conjunct a guys asteroide Karma?
    (By the way,we also have a conjunction between my Karma and his Destinn)

    Thanks in advance!

  48. amiannDianne

    I have Nessus sextile vertex in my birth chart. I know that what that would mean for conjunction but not sextile. Could someone explain that to me please?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It doesn’t mean anything on it’s own. It is what TOUCHES it.So, if you have Juno conj your vertex, people who are loyal will come into your life. If you have Nessus, abuse will seem to come to you etc

      If you have Juno conj the AV, YOU will be loyal to others. If you have Nessus, YOU will be abusive to others.

  49. amiannStartoucher

    My VX, his Mars on Algol. Anyone who gets closer to him, goes bananas. Serious mental damages. The guy is malignant covert narcissist. Ruler of the chart in 8th, literary destroys everything he touches. I stepped away. But i can feel the damage. Can’t understand the lesson, i just want to erase that nightmare

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Algol conj Mars must be bad. I never met one but Mars would be one of the worst places for it cuz his actions would be evil. Glad you survived, S!

      1. amiannStartoucher

        I hope i did. It takes time to reinvent myself. Doing ok so far. He is a surgeon. One would think that he fed that thirst but seems kike it’s not enough. After some blood on his duty, he wants souls. But amazing energy!! Creative to the hell and back. Pity he can’t carry it.

  50. amiannsj

    Vhat is the Vertex conjunct Pluto in synastry?

    Im the Pluto, on his Vertex . ( He got Narcisus conjunct his Vertex Nataly, what is this mening? How does this play out? would this make him a Narcist , or would this bring souch persons to him/ via the Vertex ?)

    Thank you

  51. amiannElise

    Do you have any idea what it means when someone has their asteroide karma conjunct my sun and anti-vertex? ( orb around 2 degrees, applying)


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