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WHO Are You? Your Various Sides—Answers From the Planets

Who are you?

The Sun

The Sun is who you are when you are in command. Picture yourself as leader of a group, the Sun will be that part of yourself from which you operate. Picture yourself as a CEO. your Sun would be that part of yourself from which you operate. Picture yourself at a job interview. The Sun would be that part of yourself from which you operate.

The Moon
You show your Moon to your dog, children and someone whom you deeply trust. If you are in a defensive situation, you, usually, hide your Moon. By defensive situation, I mean one in which someone is insulting/threatening you

Your mind/Mercury is seen by that which you like to talk about, that which you like to read and that which occupies your thoughts.

What you love shows you your Venus. Venus in Gemini loves words. Venus in Aries loves to compete. Venus in Scorpio loves intensity.Venus shows that which we love and that to which we are attracted.

Your Mars shows how you seek after goals–any goal. This would included career goals, personal goals and relationship goals and desires.

Our Saturn shows our mastery of discipline or difficulty with it. Saturn is restriction, but restriction is not negative, per se. If one were unrestricted, one would kill oneself through overindulgence. If one is too restricted, one lives in the corner of the room in a ball. You can see there is a balance.

Jupiter shows where we are gifted and blessed. Too much Jupiter in a negative way can make us take unneeded risks. Too little Jupiter may cause inertia. Too much Jupiter and you gamble away your child’s college fund. Too little Jupiter and you stay in the house and vegetate.


Chiron reveals one’s pain. We all have it, but it varies in intensity from person to person. Only God knows why, but I know that God is love, so that helps to mitigate the pain.


Pluto is where we have wonderful primal power. It is where we say”Kiss my azz”. Look for the house of Pluto for where you are superman.


Uranus shows the sphere in which we break rules. It shows the sphere in which we don’t mind being “out there”. Check the House for the most information on this sphere of life for you.


Neptune can show the sphere of life in which we wish to escape the world. It can show the sphere of life in which we are creative, as well.

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