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Email Consultation

Words are very, very powerful and if you want to simply email me and tell me what you are going through I will be able to tell from your words what is going on in your life and I will be able to help.

Please write me as long an e mail as you can, but about one situation at a time only.

Pour out your heart in the email. The more you tell me honestly from your heart, the more I feel you by connecting with your heart so do not spare your emotions or words. Write as if you are writing to your mother or your best friend.

My only caveat is that I can only read one situation per e mail.

I can read just one person at a time or one situation at a time, I can not focus on a group situation, as there are too many inputs.

I give each e mail the same amount of consideration as if you are before me for a half hour consultation.

To learn more about my email consultations, please click here.

Each email reading is $25.00. Include your email address below and I will contact you.

email address

If you pay for a reading, know that it is very important to me that I get back with you quickly to set up the reading. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, know that my email has probably gone into your junk folder. I respond very quickly to my valued clients. You honor me with your trust and I take this very seriously, so please look for the return e mail from mo******@my****************.com. Thank you and look forward to talking with you!